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  1. There is no way that Slayer has the power to track and kill the heroes in T'A'R. Remember when he killed the couple hoping they were Rand and Min? If slayer has trouble finding a Ta'veren's dream then he has no shot of finding the heroes in TAR, they only reveal themselves when they want to, theres a reason weve only seen birgitte and gaidal(the once) in TAR, because Birgitte felt the need to aid the girls and sought them out. if she hadnt shed be chillen with hawkwing, rogosh et al in TAR right now instead of ripped out. Dont get me wrong, i think the DO would love to kill off the heroes but if he hasnt managed it in all these eons, i highly doubt that slayer can do anything. Mat will blow the horn at TG, probably at SG itself with Rand. And you must always remember the inscription on the horn: "Tia mi aven Moridin isande vadin" The Grave is no bar to my call, the heroes are already returning from the dead to fight for the horn
  2. I thought it would be a cool turn of events if post TG the Seanchan take control of Randland, and eventually cull the ability to channel, or at least to spark out of mankind. Could be remedied by the lances of fire amosk and amerk supposedly used, causing genetic mutations in the nuclear fall out, leading the human race back to the discovery of the power.
  3. I completely agree. I also think it was the 13th Depository who came up with a similiar thought as well. There seemed to be a big difference between Rands channeling ability before and after the Eye, and to some extent I think the Eye forced Rand to reach his potential sooner then would normally be possible, effectivily jump starting his strength. In a limited amount of time he went from being able to barely channel to destroying armies of Trollocs. well look at nyn she could barely channel (never being able to embrase the source, to throwing suian around like a rag doll. Plus rand could have a lot of talent in earth and fire, more than normal. It is a bit strange we never hear about rands talents (except for the lack of healing talent) He's pretty good at travelling, and using Balefire...
  4. All the Seanchan are is a plot of Ishamael's to split the forces of the light. Yes, they could be powerful allies, but as of right now, they are at open war with the White Tower and the Dragon Reborn, the two most powerful forces on this continent. Rand now has to contemplate a future where he goes to fight the Last Battle with the Seanchan capturing all the way up to Andor. If Rand somehow pulls off a victory at TG, his forces will be so exhausted and depleted he will be crushed in a subsequent war with the Seanchan. That might not be so bad, the Seanchan are nothing but good masters. Would also explain how the power is forgotten by the begginning of the 1st age, as killing all male channellers, and putting collars on the females is a good way to cull the ability out of mankind.
  5. I can buy that he wanted to thin out the numbers of his opposition, but i still think he shoulda thought to bring more than a token force, and 50 AM. The Seanchan could have been ended here, their base is ebou dar, and they were gathering in their forces to take on Rand. If he had brought 50 more AM and 15k spears it might have been enough, considering the Kill/Death ratio his men were kicking up.
  6. Hey all, i'm re-reading Path of daggers right now, and came to an interesting question. When Rand went to disperse the Seanchan, and stop their inasion of Illian h brought 5000 soldiers and 50 asha'man. I'm wondering why a man who can literally summon millions to war brought so few, that army destroyed about 8 times it's number in enemy troops. If Rand had brought a 200k army with 100 asha'men he could have ended the Seanchan there.
  7. it's very possible that she will be either burned out or stilled, but she still may be able to channel. Lanfear was drawing heavily through that angreal when moiraine wrenched it from her, its possible that was the cause of her stilling/burn out. Rand channelled in the other doorway, so its possible moiraine can channel in there. That said she was most likely stilled by the Finns after the doorway was cut, if they have the power.
  8. Hey everyone, just finishing tGS again and i read a passage i missed earlier. Basically, Min Cads and Nynaeve are waiting for the fallout from the Rand/Tam meeting, Min and cads talk callandor, then min views Nynaeve kneeling in grief over a corpse. she shrugs it off as one of the random visions she gets that she cant interpret, but this one seems pretty specific to me. So the question is, which loved one of Nynaeve's dies in the next two books? Lan seems likely.
  9. I would love it if Egwene sent a group of sisters armed with angreal to Tarwin's Gap to aid Lan's crusade. Even if lan gathers 50k soldiers on his trek, hed get torn apart by the dreadlords, and only with aes sedai of their own can they hope of putting up a fight at the Gap. Plus i like the symmetry of the tower making up for their failure at malkier, helping the last king to retake his lands. other than that Egwene's got her hands full, shell need to set up some defenses in case the Seanchan or forsaken attack. andor has enough channellers that the WT doesnt need to worry about fortifying there. egwene only has about 400 aes sedai with her right now, shell need every one of them during the Last Battle, most likely the Aes Sedai and Asha man will be spread throughout the ranks, so each legion has a few channellers.
  10. I'm sorry if this has been discussed already, but has the Taim=Be'lal theory been debunked yet? I remember a RJ quote that the DO could bring a balefired soul back if the amount of power used wasnt huge, Be'lal would be a perfect example of this as hes the only forsaken not balefired in a massive Rand attack, but rather by moiraine, who im sure, knowing the dangers in balefire, would use the minimum amount of Saidar possible to get it done. Taim's coat of arms is the same as Be'lal's, and they would be approximately the same strength in the power. I also think their colours are the same, though all male forsaken sport blood red and black. Only i have is Taim's disdain for swords, noting that Be'lal was a blademaster, though that might be part of his disguise. Taim escaped Aes Sedai custody sometime after Be'lal's death and before the appearance of Taim in LoC, perhaps he was taken by the BA to Shayol Ghul and had Be'lal's soul planted in his meat suit. Timelines fit, as do their character traits, would be a freakin fantastic reentry to the series after 10 book on hiatus.
  11. This would make sense to me, Mierin is always described as power hungry, and if she heard about a doorway that takes her to a place she can get 3 wishes, i think shed go there and request to be the most powerful channeller of Saidar. My question then becomes what else did she ask for? I think it would be something along the lines of, strongest female channeler in the world, most beautiful woman in the world, and able to leave safely. this would also explain why she was one of the most powerful people in AoL without earning her third name.
  12. i sure hope it doesnt come out in december, id be too distracted to study for exams
  13. Unless Rand and Fortuona can come up with a truce in the 1st couple chapters i think arad domon will be seanchan controlled very soon. It would make sense given the west-south, north-east finn prophecy, arad domon is about as west as u can get in Randland. i do agree that rand has a few more loose ends to tie up, notably the Black tower, a bit premature of me to say that he's done.
  14. I'm looking at it more as the most powerful people who cannot channel. Perrin has heightened senses, and loses his shit whenever he sees a fade. plus he has the whole TAR connection, just felt if anyone on the light side could take out SH it would be perrin. I agree that Fain will most likely end up killing SH, he's the only one with nearly enough power to take him out, (if no one can channel around him).
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