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  1. It wasn't a Dream. Egwene experienced that moment with her Keeper (Bonwhin?) during her third Arch. Also this was an instance that alluded to the circle of 13 turning someone to the dark. It might be a good twist if Morraine, Verin, ore even Cadsuane was turned with a circle of 13... I can't believe that Verin would be black, it's just too simple to fit. I think she is serving the role of misunderstood Saviour in that regard. She deduced that he was going to be born seventy years ago and has been working at her plan since then. Verin is the shiznit! NEway, obviously the Dream that she Egwene did have about the Ravens and the Lamp shows us that the Seanchan, and more specifically Tuon will rescue her when it seems like she has lost/is losing the White Tower and they will rock the very core of the Tower with their passing (ie. the Amyrlin Seat, Flame of Tar Valon) Padan Fain might meet up very shortly with Galad, knowing his propensity for meeting out justice within the Children...
  2. Nothing more needs to be said I suspect. Puts Taimandred in his place and explains Asmo's Death all in one neat package. I suspect Bela had something to do with the Bore as well. Maybe she was Lanfear's horse in the AoL?
  3. Taim may be a new Dreadlord, but Forsaken? I doubt it. Also when the BT splits, not if...when. When it splits Logain will have the majority and I doubt that Taim or even most of his camp will die. Most likely they will flee before they can be taken. Live to fight another day and all that. Also Lan's armies will be HUGE! The Golden Crane flying again? It might even draw away the Borderland armies that are encompassing Andor's Northern borders. Could be bad for Elayne, but she'll make due without. Besides we'll need those men in the Borderlands when the Trolloc armies start pouring through every nook and cranny of the "retreating" blight.
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