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  1. You got it! Go ahead with a new quote please ?
  2. Go ahead and guess - no negative brownie points here! And welcome to the Ogier!
  3. A hint: about some pretty snappy dressers! ?
  4. My son John is turning the back yard into a butterfly sanctuary. He's planting different plants to attract different kinds. The monarchs like milkweed (tropical milkweed pictured). The pics are of a monarch caterpillar, a monarch butterfly and a "queen" butterfly (in the monarch family).
  5. Never quite understood the "why" behind mine though... perhaps all those bikini wearing Ogier beach volleyball games or was it the mandatory Ogier pole dancing lessons?
  6. Looks great - I never have gotten watermelon to grow. This year we have gone all out on butterflies though...
  7. Here you go! *offers Ryrin a tall glass of Ogier Ice Tea*
  8. Hi Taymist!!!! Great to have you back!
  9. I'll have to check it out! Here's one from a movie I just saw last Saturday: "Always remember: the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be, at the moment you're supposed to be there."
  10. They seemed more interested in picking at the weeds we were digging up. They are hen mallards. They flew in while we weeding/trimming and hung around for quite a while. Came right up to me while my back was turned, then they went after my wheelbarrow.
  11. Was doing some gardening the other day when a small flock of ducks landed behind me and began poking around...
  12. OK, I Googled ☹️ Is it: “Rolling Thunder Revue"
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