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  1. That might be possible except for the fact that in KoD he said "Let the lord of chaos rule". Which we have seen said several times by forsaken and I assume is some sort of mantra.
  2. Word


    apparently it took Mike 18 days to think that up. kudos.
  3. TheDiceMan: If you have read GRRM's a Song of Ice and Fire, you should go over to Westeros.org and check out their forums. When Phantom came out I think they filled up 4 or 5 threads of 17+ pages making fun of TG and SoT it was pretty humorous to be honest. I read the books when I am bored, but I would have to agree that from a literary standpoint GRRM and WoT blow SoT out of the water. Just something to read while I am waiting for ADWD and AMoL :(
  4. Junior, computer engineering undergrad at University of Dayton. Superhero in my spare time.
  5. "The boring part" ???????? The Silmarillion does not have boring parts, you just need to go into it with the mindset that it is more of a history book than a story book. I think every part in it is interesting, including the beginning when Iluvatar creates the world "ea" and the only things alive are the Valar and what not. I only wish Tolkien had lived another hundred years so I could write full stories about all of it.
  6. Since most people believe that Theon will be the POV comeing back from earlier books, I was wondering who besides myself hopes Theon dies in ADWD? Personally he is one of my least favorite characters in the series after Cersei and Sansa.
  7. I wouldn't believe Jon=Aegon ever, purely based on the fact that Jon looks more Stark than any of the other children. I would be very very surprised if Jon did not have a direct link to Stark blood, basically either Eddard or Lyanna. I do think there is a possibility of Aegon still being alive, but I have no idea who he could be if he is. Oh, and if Samwell Tarly turned out to be Aegon that would be probably the biggest disappointment ever, IMO. Just my two cents lol.
  8. Give them a break if their memory is off, I mean it happened in CoT, and you don't really want to read that book anymroe than you have to. (I say that, but still I have read it probably 4 or 5 times, just like every other book in the series).
  9. Word

    Knife of dreams

    November 28th, damn! Didn't KoD Hardcover come out like October 18th or something? Thats a lonnggg time.
  10. Just about to say that. Renna died....remember she tried to escape and got shot with a couple of arrows and fell into that river. (CoT so I understand if you don't remember it) Bethamin and Seta are the ones learning to channel. I think Renna was the super strict mean one, so I do not think there will be any problems.
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    Your first time

    I consider myself extremely lucky to have found this series. Basically... during my Junior year of high school (2002-2003) I was bored in my English class because we had a substitute teacher that day, and I had already finished the work assigned to us. So I walked over to the bookshelf, grabbed Return of the King, and started reading it for the eight thousandth time. My substitute teacher (who happened to be like a 22-23 year old guy, fresh out of college so only like 5 years older than me) was like "oh you like Tolkien? if you really like lord of the rings, you should try out Robert Jordan books, hes my favorite." I was bored, I love to read, so I was like what the hell sure. I hit up the library the next day, and end up reading all the books as fast as possible. I hadn't read them since CoT came out, so when KoD came out I read that, then bought the first 10 books, and reread them. Then reread them again. Thank god my teacher was sick that day.
  12. I also voted for Matt based on the fact that he defeated Gawyn and Galad handily WHILE sick. Both of those two are extremely good fighters, Galad is technically a blademaster now due to the fact that he killed Eamon Valda. What I can't understand is how people voted for Perrin. The only reason Perrin didn't die to Aram was because of an aiel arrow. Are you going to tell me you think Aram is better with a sword than Rand, Lan, Galad, and Gawyn? I think Perrin is the weakest on the list. If I were to rank them I would probably go... Mat Lan Rand Rhuarc Galad Tam Gawyn Perrin I'm not going to include Birgitee because she fights with a bow, and using ranged as a reason is just stupid. Besides, who is to say that Perrin, Rand, Tam, and Mat aren't as good with a bow as her, remember two rivers bowman rock your socks off. I notice that the people who picked Perrin didn't post their comments, if possible can you please give me some sort of insight into your mind? Also, the reason I put Lan above Rand is because when Rand fought Toram Riatin in CoS, at the end of their battle he was mostly defending and I think that there is a good chance he would not have won. Lan kills Toram pretty quickly in Winter's Heart, so therefore Lan > Rand.
  13. Think about it...If your army is comprised of only warders, t hat means they have a bond to Aes Sedai. That means that when warders die (which a lot of them will), it could very well incapacitate the Aes Sedai as well. Who knows what the effect of say..one Aes Sedai having 10 warders die successively is. The shock might even kill them.
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