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  1. That might be possible except for the fact that in KoD he said "Let the lord of chaos rule". Which we have seen said several times by forsaken and I assume is some sort of mantra.
  2. Give them a break if their memory is off, I mean it happened in CoT, and you don't really want to read that book anymroe than you have to. (I say that, but still I have read it probably 4 or 5 times, just like every other book in the series).
  3. Just about to say that. Renna died....remember she tried to escape and got shot with a couple of arrows and fell into that river. (CoT so I understand if you don't remember it) Bethamin and Seta are the ones learning to channel. I think Renna was the super strict mean one, so I do not think there will be any problems.
  4. I also voted for Matt based on the fact that he defeated Gawyn and Galad handily WHILE sick. Both of those two are extremely good fighters, Galad is technically a blademaster now due to the fact that he killed Eamon Valda. What I can't understand is how people voted for Perrin. The only reason Perrin didn't die to Aram was because of an aiel arrow. Are you going to tell me you think Aram is better with a sword than Rand, Lan, Galad, and Gawyn? I think Perrin is the weakest on the list. If I were to rank them I would probably go... Mat Lan Rand Rhuarc Galad Tam Gawyn Perrin
  5. Think about it...If your army is comprised of only warders, t hat means they have a bond to Aes Sedai. That means that when warders die (which a lot of them will), it could very well incapacitate the Aes Sedai as well. Who knows what the effect of say..one Aes Sedai having 10 warders die successively is. The shock might even kill them.
  6. Selucia can't channel, and Selucia is not a darkfriend. There is nothing more to her than the fact that she is a crazy badass bodyguard/shadow for Tuon. The secret is just that nobody knows she is a bodyguard, except Tuon and obviously Thom after KoD. ("In my old age I see things that can't be" or whatever he says, I can't remember the exact wording).
  7. I agree with luckers, anybody who can't channel would probably be extremely hard-pressed to win in a fight with Selucia, even a Maiden.
  8. "All your dead are belong to us!" -a very confused Ishamael This is on wotmania and made me laugh the first time I saw it. There is a list of quotes there, the link is http://wotmania.com/quotelist.asp. Anyway, my personal favorite quote is probably: "Do you have any idea how long it takes to dig" graves for twenty-three oak trees? -Davram Bashere
  9. In Chapter 6 of The Dragon Reborn, when told that Rand left the camp through a clearing made by his earthquake the day before, Moraine says “Good, At least he has not rediscovered how to fly, or make himself invisible, or something else out of legend." So with you all saying that it is impossible to fly, does this just show the ignorance of the current Aes Sedai about the AOL, or does this mean that RJ originally thought about throwing in flying but then changed his mind?
  10. That can't be right though, because didn't Egwene tell Gawyn she was going to bond him her warder, and as soon as she said it she realized what her one dream meant. So unless you think they are going to meet up, get bonded, and then somehow still end up on opposite sides of the conflict, after they have talked, I cannot see how their story could possibly end with one of them accidentally killing or hurting the other.
  11. I noticed that you mentioned the reference to the royal bloodline of Andor being important to TG. I always kind of assumed that this was just one more reference to the dragon reborn. Rand technically is of the royal blood of Andor, being that he is the son of Tigraine who was the daughter-heir of Andor before she ran away and became a maiden. Is this incorrect?
  12. I'm not sure how insignificant this is, but when I was reading through the series again, I noticed in LoC that Min is talking about Birgitte and she says something along the lines of "Does she really think she is the Birgitte from legend?". Then in book 9 when Rand is getting on Elayne, Min 'meets Birgitte for the first time' and is immediately overcome with awe and says she has more auras than she has ever seen. She also immediately recognizes her as Birgitte because she remembered her from Falme. Oops.
  13. I have been wondering this for a while... When Nynaeve healed Logain he was returned to full strength but Leane and Siuan only regained a fraction of their former strength in channeling. When Damer Flinn healed the three Aes Sedai that Rand stilled, it makes no mention of them being weaker in the power than before. Is this just left out, or does this mean that Women can return Men to full strength and vice versa. And if this is the case, can Damer and pals then reheal Leane and Siuan so they can be top dogs again? I didnt really see another thread on this,so if this is a question that come
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