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  1. I've been a member of the Dragonmount website for years upon years. I was a member back when Dragonmount offered free e-mail addresses to it's members (I was John@Dragonmount.com). But I've been reading Wheel of Time even before then. I can't remember exactly when I started. I'd say it was probably around 1995 when I was 11 years old. My uncle and aunt read the series and lent me the books. I eventually bought my own copies in 1999 for Christmas. I would repay them the favour by giving them a free copy of A Gathering Storm (thanks to Amazon sending me a slightly dodgy copy 10 years later). But I wasn't a big fan of Wheel of Time at first. I loved Eye of the World, but hated The Great Hunt which is odd because it had travel to parrallel worlds and all sorts of cool stuff that I love. Eventually I would push through the Great Hunt and come to love the entire series (although now I do enjoy the Great Hunt). I've done many rereads over the years. My last one was in 2009 as I prepared for The Gathering Storm. I haven't read Towers of Midnight yet, so my reread will culminate in that (which I expect to devour in a week) and then A Memory of Light. However since I left my last job (where I would sit around for hours, looking for stuff to do), I haven't been a very big reader. I just don't get time to read very much beyond comics (which are nice and short). So in order to ensure I get the books finished in time for A Memory of Light I'm going to have to meet the following schedule: * February - New Spring * March - Eye of the World * April - The Great Hunt * May - The Dragon Reborn * June - The Shadow Rising * July - Fires of Heavan * August - Lords of Chaos * September - Crown of Swords * October - Path of Daggers * November - Winter's Heart * December - Crossroads of Twilight * January - Knife of Dreams * February - The Gathering Storm * March - Towers of Midnight Considering I'm suppose to have finished New Spring by the end of tomorrow and I'm only up to the point where Moiraine undergoes the test to become Aes Sedai, I'm a fair bit behind schedule. So in order to provide further incentive, I'm not permitting myself to buy any comics until I get back on schedule. I give myself a budget of $13 a week to spend on comics (I buy them on the iPad so they're about $2.50 on average, or 5 comics a week), so I expect to save quite a bit of money in this coming year as I simply save my comics money.
  2. I meant to add. The last reread I did was for The Gathering Storm. I've managed to avoid reading Towers of Midnight yet, as I didn't want to do a reread in 2010 after only finishing my last reread in October 2009. It's been 16 months since I read a Wheel of Time book, so I can more fully appreciate them :)
  3. I'm doing "my final reread" (as in, the last reread I anticipate doing due to a new WoT book being released). It should save me quite a bit of money as I'm banning myself from buying any comics while I do the reread unless I meet the following schedule: * February - New Spring * March - Eye of the World * April - The Great Hunt * May - The Dragon Reborn * June - The Shadow Rising * July - Fires of Heavan * August - Lords of Chaos * September - Crown of Swords * October - Path of Daggers * November - Winter's Heart * December - Crossroads of Twilight * January - Knife of Dreams * February - The Gathering Storm * March - Towers of Midnight It is the 27th of February and I've not even a third of the way through New Spring. I never thought to post my thoughts online.
  4. Something I've noticed that seems interesting, is that crimes did happen in the Age of Legends. Prisoners were bound as a result. Its a quote from Book Six or Five (I believe Lord of Chaos but I'm not 100% sure) when Sammael asks if the rulers of Shara also bound themselves like criminals? I never understood the quote until now. He wasn't talking about physical bindings, he was talking about being bound by an Oath Rod. The reason I believe this is because one of the Forsaken (the one who was torturing the Aes Sedai and her warder. Mesaana I believe) thought on how she liked to take people to the brink of death before healing them. And how she was denied this by the Aes Sedai council and was going to be be bound and forever denied her pleasures. The only thing that could do this is an Oath Rod. Her fleeing this punishment is what led to her joining the Dark One. The above I believe is a sign that Aes Sedai never commited heinous crimes before Mesaana (and quite possibly Mesaana only did it after the Dark One was freed. I'm unsure). If Aes Sedai had ever been bound by the Oath Rod, s/he would have aged extremely faster then normal and the aging side-effect the Oath Rod has on women would have been discovered. This would have led to the White Tower knowing about this side-effect IMO. Its possible the Oath Rod they the White Tower uses is simply flawed. But I think if this were the case, it would have been destroyed. What do others think?
  5. Alternatively, you can write down whatever lie you want. This also isn't thought of by the Aes Sedai. Having just read the prequel to the Crown of Swords, I think this is what Elaida's prophecy refers to. The exact quote is "Rand al'Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger." Obviously this refers to Egwene, however I've often wondered what would anger her so much? IMO its the uniting of the Black Tower with the White Tower and Egwene wanting the Asha'man to swear the three oaths. In that prophecy we also hear mention of a small number of Aes Sedai being exiled from the White Tower. I think its the Red Sisters who refuse to give up their hunt for men who can channel. I think the White Tower's hunt for the Black Ajah has revealed that the Black Ajah have the 3 Oaths removed from them in a ceremony.
  6. Except it was the type of song they wanted and they just didn't realise :P Something else I've been mulling over is the "remnant of a remnant" that will be saved. I'm thinking that the aiel will be destroyed, in that most of them will return to what they once were by having the gaishan learn from the tinkers on how to follow the Way of the Leaf. The remnant won't be aiel as such, but will instead be ji'e'toh and the way that Wise Ones are treated. The Cairhien will see the spreading of ji'e'toh while the Wise Ones, along with Windfinders, the Wise Women from Ebou Dar and the Asha'man will teach Aes Sedai how to be a part of society and how to act and behave and be respected. Ji'e'toh surviving while the current practitioners abandoning it/dying out would be a "remnant of a remnant", right?
  7. So in preparation for the final book being published next year, I'm reading the WoT books for what I believe will be the last time for a long time (at least 5 years). Every time I read the series I notice new things that I've never noticed before. So I thought I'd make a thread for people to mention what they noticed the last time they reread (or this time if they're still rereading) the WoT series that they missed the earlier time(s). Tonight I noticed that it was Lanfear who was the mysterious woman in the villages in the Great Hunt when Rand is with Ingtar chasing the horn. I always thought she was some curtains or some past event like the one with the flies that trapped Rand. This means that it was probably Lanfear that devised the trap that did catch Rand in the village where he kept seeing the events right before the Trollocs game. The reason he only saw that one part was probably because that's when Lanfear started casting the spell. Something I noticed this time was that the Travelling Stones have the 7 colours for the 7 Ajahs. Except this thing was created (if I recall correctly) before the Age of Legends. And in the AoL the Ajahs didn't exist like they do in the current Age. AFAIK there were no colors. So either the Aes Sedai took their colours from the Travelling Stones (and/or something written about the Travelling Stones), or they chose them out of thin air. If its the latter, then its quite possible that it is the Aes Sedai of the White Tower who will in some future Age create the travelling stones. Which means they'll probably continue for some time. I thought those were interesting things to notice. Who knows if my conclusions are correct, its quite possible that Robert Jordan hadn't thought about what Ajahs in the AoL were like when he wrote the Great Hunt and so when he decided they were quiet different, he forgot about the Travelling Stones. But its still interesting to think about and hypothesise ;) What have others noticed?
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