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  1. I can't believe that Darth Vader is Luke's father! ;) WHAT?!!?? :o Next thing you'll be trying to tell me Princess Leia was his sister!
  2. Confirmation, no Ogier named Andrew. Ogier named Bob. Bob, the Builder.
  3. Robert Jordan probably intended this series to be targeted to teens; more explicit sex might be too mature for them. Or perhaps what's included is there to give the characters a sense of human realism, acknowledging that such things are part of their makeup, without either detracting from the primary storyline, nor turning it into porn for bookish-types... the characters are quite often "normal" people in extraordinary circumstances... Makes for a good blend IMHO...
  4. Re-read the part ofThe Fires of Heaven leading up to, and including the scene at the docks last night, and knowing (of course) how it was going to turn out made it even more poignant, especially Moiraine's point of view in the chapters leading to it. It made me resolve to savour every last nuance of the remaining books, as there's not doubt that it's all in there. Great writing.
  5. wasn't there a line describing the gholam sliding under Fel's door?
  6. Mine's neither profound nor clever, but in the interests of contributing... I like the Aiel. Really like the Aiel. A people who treat instruments of music as an instrument of war strikes a chord with me... Scottish ancestry... and a society dominated by tall shapely women who own everything and call the shots sounds a bit like the reality of married life, me-style. And the idea of starting a large-scale fight involving entire clans for generations over a glass of water or runaway goat gives me the giggles. That, and they're badass, not-to-be-fu.. er, messed-with... Their
  7. I only stumbled across this sad news by accident this morning, and felt compelled to add my tuppenceworth. Like many of the respondents so far, David Eddings was my gateway to sci-fi/fantasy. A girl for whom I carried an unrequited torch, left a library copy of Domes of Fire laying idle at my place once, and I started reading, out of a lack of my usual material... it was only a recent release at that stage, and so, being an urchin of means (at that stage) and much spare time, I trolled the back catalogue, initially working through the Elenium{/i] (since I was already into the Sparhawk sa
  8. The Fires of Heaven "Doesn't he know how to play anything livelier?"
  9. wouldn't the inscription (thoought it the arrow of time/memory never fades)on the ashanderei suggest that it's linked to his memories? That and post-Rhuidean, he knows it for an ashanderei, rather than merely "wow, look at the cool stick with a knife on the end that the foxy dudes gave me!"
  10. recent events (book 11) would suggest that it's getting more difficult for Rand to ignore Lew Therin though... given the
  11. My two cents' (please don't ask me for change...)... For me, it's more important that the remaining story be told in the manner that Robert Jordan would've wished. I hadn't heard of Brandon until it was announced that he would pick up the torch and carry it to the end, and the announcement didn't send me running off to scour the bookshops for his previous work. For me, it's enough that Harriet and Tor felt him worthy. Depending on what I think of the remaining volumes, I might go looking for his work... but as far as WOT goes, I just want to read on to the conclusion... as it was desig
  12. Which is short for PADAN FAIN. Since he and Moiraine are obviously one and the same, and the Eelfinn and the Aelfinn are skewing Moiraine's reality, tune in for the prologue of Book 12, where the Peddler becomes the Amyrlin Seat, devalues the Tar Valon mark on the basis of a Global Financial Crisis in a world accessible only by Portal Stone - which have unfortunately all been retrenched due to the GFC. Shaidar Haran resigns due to the plummetting value of his superannuation portfolio, and the Tinkers ship all their pot repairs off to Shara, where the labour rate is much cheaper.
  13. so... where does Bela fit into this?
  14. But isn't severing (stilling) a different kettle of silverpike to burning out? Be interesting to hear the fundamentals from the Learned Ones here...
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