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  1. 10 years since my last visit ... and just in time to take the old girl out for her first drink at the bar ... (if DM was human ... and female ... and would join me for a drink if Jason allowed it). My original name Mazrim Taim, M'Hael of DragonMount. Those who were able to get past the my cranky exterior called me Mazzy. Since my last visit, I've loved and lost several loyal companions (of the K9 variety) and misplaced quite a few human companions. Some of them still wander the halls here ... others have disappeared entirely. I'm hoping to reconnect with those who are still around and dig up a few who might be lurking, so to one and all, Well met. -Maz
  2. I'm here ... again ... for the first time in a looooong time .... I've built 3D printers and used them to print things ... some of those things I modeled myself.
  3. 1) I think I'm only a member of the Tinkers ... but maybe I should org-jump 2) I was cleaning out my gmail and saw old DM emails and decided to try and figure out what my password was. 3) This would be post #3 for the day ... so you figure it out. 4) Married life is pretty good ... officially 2 months as of 2 days ago.
  4. 'allo ... anyone still here from the olden days? I saw that Empy is still making trouble ... who else is here? Can I get a oldtimer role call? Kat? MyrKitty? Seri? BenT? Soria? -The Original Mazrim Taim of DM aka Mazzy aka Rob aka "The mean one"
  5. Empy, why do you have to pick on the peoples? Don't you remember when all you had to say was "Welcome to DM"? Just because you're a crochety old man now doesn't mean you need to pick on people. *Mazzy ... the long ago leader of the BT ... and evil chat admin* :o
  6. Anyone who can help keep you in your place isn't allowed to leave DM, Emp. You should have learned that with the shock therapy. Speaking of being better than Empy ... I got a MyrKitty to come out of hiding and post in my thread before his. WOOT!
  7. *chuckles* How old is DM now? I may still have a copy of parts of the original DM on one of my servers. I'm pretty sure I still have the ICQ conversation of Jason asking me if I'd run the Black Tower for him. Empy ... you think they'll put us in the Hall of Shame? "In October of 1998, Dragonmount opened its doors to the Internet public. The site was designed by Jason Denzel with the help of a number of other people. Our goal back then was to simply provide a place for fans of The Wheel of Time series to come together and discuss the books in a web based setting. There were originally six Organizations (only five of which had leaders), which were intended to be smaller "clubs" within the larger community. The site was not extremely attractive back then and was very slow loading up, but we still managed to get by." 8 years ... I've been a part of this place (in one form or another) for almost 8 fricken years?!? Heaven help me when it turns a decade.
  8. Mazzy


    Empy ... you're too sexy for these boards ... so leave. Andrew, welcome to the boards ... don't listen to Emp. He's had this god complex ever since the 2nd age.
  9. Ouch ... your delusions are so great they must be crushing your peanut sized brain. It's a wonder you can fit that oversized melon you call a head through the door!
  10. Nighteye's ex-g/f now ... but yes ... I seem to recall that conversation in the hottub. Empy was always goading the young women of DM into revealing interesting tidbits of info. Empy ... put your arms down. For goodness sake you're going to melt the eyebrows off everyone in here w/ the stink!
  11. *cries* You told me you liked being saddled and ridden hard ... as long as I didn't use the spurs. You're a tramp ... a long nosed, shaggy horse-tramp.
  12. Sadly Emp ... I'll always be older than you ... and you left your mojo in MY freezer ... I've carried it around for 2 moves and only brought it out for the "good" pornos. Maybe it'll help rain on your dry spots.
  13. Are we not supposed to be here? I'm sure I can find a hottub somewhere to abuse Empy in ... but it's always been more interesting when there is an audience.
  14. *chuckle* Me too! What are you doing here?
  15. but since I can't get my original name back :oops: ... I had to use another that "should" be recognized.
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