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  1. I would take it as it was very imminent. She says it. Then it happens. A second before it happens is still before it happens, thus still a foretelling. This is personal opinion mind you, I have nothing to back this up
  2. I picked up the first book in, I want to say, Oct. of 94. I finished the last book the day after it came out. I've since read it 7 or 8 times, as it's the only one I have currently. I've probably read through the rest of the series at least a dozen times.
  3. I started to read tEotW when i was 12 years old. The last book releases just 5 days before my 31st birthday. I have re-read the whole thing countless times. Days and days of my life digging through the various forums on line. Shamelessly cried when RJ died. I got to meet him once when on a book signing tour, one of my greatest memories. I too feel somewhat sad, more then half my life this tale has been a part of it, and to see the end coming, is both bitter and sweet. Thank you RJ, BS and everyone else involved in bringing this enjoyment to my life.
  4. I always read this as a "... Last weeks episode of Two Farmboys Afoot, our hero's adventure took a new twist..." Type flash back, xcept in true WoT fashion it took the last three episodes verbatim to properly describe :)
  5. i read the first book a few years back now. the walk is long, but the results are worth it. i cant even begin to count how many times ive reread each book, i still find new little bits i missed before. the last book is something ive been waiting for most of my life, and at the same time ive always hoped for more and more books, so it doesnt end. its been a long journey, and one that will be sad to see finished. safe travels :)
  6. Male, 29 years old. First read tEotW in 1994. I've read the series front to back more times then i can count. Favorite characters would have to be Mat, and at times Rand. I don't hate any characters, though they have all bothered me at times aside from Mat. edit; sp
  7. this doesnt really count, if you're considering who is playing accepted in this theory. yes, at face value, but when you can call on the power/abilities of a forsaken, you can still use them while disguised. look at moggy as a servent, the cook felt pity and reported what she wanted him too, when liandrin had her beaten.
  8. lets not forget, egwene is no slouch in the OP department either. as strong? no, but strength is not the be all, end all, as we all know.
  9. its been stated in the books that long time sul'dam develop an affinity, that the can "almost" see the weaves when a damane channels. ( i put almost in " because its pretty clear, if not said per say, that almost is they're self denial mechanism ) as fortuona is a trained sul'dam, reasoning says she too can see them.
  10. thats a not hungover clearer way of saying what i meant:) are sul'dam likely to just randomly start channeling? doubtful. but theyre right on the cusp, with enough knowledge of the power, that it likely would take little effort to take the next step i.e. actually channeling
  11. i disagree. look at the former sul'dam still with mat. both of them independantly channeled to make the aes sedai train them. seems to me that they can very easily channel on their own.
  12. many things we know about existed, of which theres not even a hint of in randland, so whats to say there wasnt?
  13. i stared at a candle for weeks after reading that story when i was a kid.
  14. Anonymous appears to be colourblind. minor insanity
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