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  1. Women moan about men. Men moan about women. That's life. Only when you get to his age would you understnd (i suppose:P)
  2. We need to remember that Lanfear was also holding off the Aiel, and torturing Aviendha and Egwene at the same time. She was also enjoying her battle with Rand. She wanted him to suffer before he died. LANFEAR is extremely strong and should not be underestimated. She is the strongest a woman can be and so I feel that she could match ANYONE with the power as long as it is not Ishy and LTT. JR said himself that men were stronger but that women were able to weave better so that the balance was readdressed. Therefore I belive that Mierins knowledges and power would enable her to be in the top 3 forsaken. Nynaeve I believe is above Graendal but below Lanfear. She is strong but not yet to her full strength (which takes many years for women). The fact that mogie comments on her strength and how it would ammuse Rahvin sugests how strong Nynaeve could become. And we need to remember that Nynaeve faced Mogie no were near her full potential, and knowing nothing compared to Moghedian concerning the OP.
  3. If these two were stilled again and healed by Damer Flinn would they be back to their full strength? Do the Aes Sedai realise that if a Woman heals a gentled man and vice versa they restore them to full power? Or havn't they realised it yet? I'd love Suian and leane to get revenge on all those who bossed them around after they were stilled, especially Romanda and Lelaine.
  4. So thor... Demandred VS aginor? My moneys on Demandred. Combination of power AND skill with one power. I always thought of Aginor as being VERY strong in the power. However a strong man can be beat by a slightly less stronger man whos better at fighting. I think this is the case with Demandred and Aginor. And remember Demandred was slightly behind Lews Therin in everything he did. So we can assume that Demandred was slightly less stronger than LTT and Ishy. Demandred>Aginor Btw I'd say Nynaeves full OP potential lies just above graendal. Remember Nynaeve isnt at her full power yet. And she easily matched Mogie. She still has a lot of growth in her.
  5. I'm sure i read that Aginor matched Lews Therin "Blow for blow". I guess i should rephrase my title as "forsaken rankings chosen by OP strength and OP one on one fighting strength" Combine the 2 and this is where i put them :) So for e.g. i think 1 (ishy) would beat all those underneath them, while 2 would beat those underneath them bar 1,and 3 would beat all those underneath them bar 1 and 2..well you get my point :P
  6. These are my forsaken rankings in strength in the OP (Before Reincarnations) 1)Ishameal 2)Demandred 3)Lanfear 4)Aginor 5)Sammael 6)Rahvin 7)Be'lal 8)Graendal 9)Balthamel 10)Semirhage 11)Asmodean 12)Mesaana 13)Moghedian What are your rankings? And where would you put Nynaeve in here at her full potental?
  7. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but i'd like to put it out there anyway. So how strong is Lanfear one power wise? I've read the books and I stil can't put a finger on where she should be in forsaken rankings. For example i've read that she's stronger than all the forsaken except Ishamael. However I read that Rahvin feels he could take her, and also feels that Sammael could take her too. I've also read that Aginor was stronger in the power bar Ishamael also ??? RJ stated that men in general were stronger than women in the OP but how strong is lanfear? Isn't she supposed to be the strongest a female living channeler can be? Seems pretty lame that the strongest female potential is not high enough to match a mans highest potential (LTT and Ishy). I'm all for equality here 8) Is Lanfear second strongest of the Chosen? Or is she behind that of all Male forsaken (perhaps not Asmo)
  8. I would die to see Bela vs Bill the pony from LOTR hehe Or Moiraine VS Suain Suanche (B4 Stilling)
  9. The pattern would of forced someone else to take Moiranes place as shes not ta'veren. Moiraine rules btw And to think what she must of done to survive the captivity of the aelfinn etc shows how epic she is ;D
  10. I think it's because she has stopped a larger more powerful nation invading Mayene by using ANY means neccessary. I think the Aiel respect her because she is not like other wetlander women who they think are soft. Berelain knows her weapons (her breats) and uses them to get her way.
  11. Well I thought it was pretty obvious that the CK were stronger than a full circle ??? Not sure if anyones said this yet (as i havnt read the replies) but if a full circle was the stronger than the CK then why would they bother creating them in AOL if they could just go attack the DO with a swarm of cirles? It's simple. The CK are stronger. If they wern't then the light would never have thought of them as being the last and only chance to win the war against the shadow.
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