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  1. Dude.. I haven't forgot you guys here. I have acess to a comp for about a month at least. So please tell me that you are somewhat still active. If not hit me up on facebook. You can find me by searching Mossberg420@live.com there.

  2. I+want+to+see+how+the+Seanchan+and+Rand's+%22countries%22+will+be+united+in+peace.+Also,+I+definitely+want+to+hear+more+of+the+Black+Tower.+Is+Taim+Demandred+in+disguise+and+the+army+he+spoke+of+Taim's+private+students+or+the+entire+Asha'man+force.+And+of+course+I+absolutely+cannot+wait+for+Moiraine's+return,+maybe+she+can+help+Rand+fuse+the+nations+together.
  3. Thank you. I'll do better on the word count from now on.
  4. OOC: Sorry it took me so long guys but ny internet got shut off the Monday before Christmas. And I just moved back to Flint. Only took 11 hours from Lake City Tennessee. Toram did as instructed, lifting stone walls into place. Still exhausted from his earlier work, he strained a bit with the walls. Wiping the sweat from his eyes, he strained a little to form the proper weaves. The hardest part of it all was leaving an empty space for the windows and such. Working with Dazar was making it a little easier after a while. Having to use most of his available strength to push up the walls. His coat was soaked in sweat in no time at all. Taking a moment to set the coat down by his feet he rolled up his shirtsleeves. Getting back to work he wiped the sweat from his eyes and continued. OOC: Sorry for the short post I'm at a friends house on his comp and I have to go. EDIT: I added a bit to it.
  5. As Tai showed Toram how to cut the trees and how to form the planks, Toram assumed the void and grabbed ahold of the One Power. Taking just a moment to study the feeling of holding Saidin, Toram thought back to when he first grabbed hold of it and sicked up all over his boots. Now he was able to suppress the feeling of the Taint to where he could use the Source without getting sick, although thinking about it too long would likely make him want to sick up. Actually feeling the raging heat and the freezing cold, Toram was glad he had the void as a buffer to help him in the battle to control Saidin. Cutting the trees into neat columns for the walls and beams for the roofing, Toram lost himself in the monotony of his task. That wasn't to say he wasn't paying attention. One wrong move with the One Power could destroy not just him but it could level this entire clearing. Maybe much further than that. Making sure he was careful he let himself be absorbed into his work. Working with Saidin was exhilirating, but tiring also. So he wasn't too surprised when he had to wipe sweat from his eyes to be able to see what he was weaving. After a good while of cutting wood Toram was finally finished. This time instead of using the Power to get a drink Toram just kneeled down and used his hands to lift water to his mouth. He didn't know if he could channel enough to fill a cup right now. Looking around at Dazar to see how he was doing Toram seen that he was progressing really well. Then his head jerked back to where Tai was sitting. On a throne of fire! How is he doing that without burning his backside to a crisp? Then he looked closer and seen the Air and Spirit within the Fire weave. That was very clever. Studying it closely Toram thought maybe he could do it if he could have seen the beggining of the weave. Not realizing it while looking at Tai and his new chair, Toram's mouth hung open in amazement. Then he shut it with a loud clack.
  6. When Dazar came crashing into the clearing Toram noticed right away that the man had a silver sword pin on his collar. Congratulations would have to wait until later when they were done. Noticing the smile that the man gave him Toram smiled back in a friendly way. Going over to Tai as he had told them to, Toram watched what he did and memorized the weaves. So that's how you melt the snow under your feet, Toram mused. He had seen the results of other people using it but hadn't seen the weave begin for himself. As Tai pushed a wall of fire accross the clearing to rid it of the snow, Toram glanced at Dazar, "Congratulations on the pin." "Today you will be training with Saidin, we are going to create a shelter here for times like this when we are training." Following Tai Toram was already assuming the void but waited for the moment before he took hold of the One Power. "I want you to use flows of Air to strip the trees of branches, fell them, and stack them over there." Great. Air, my weakest element. Thinking quickly Toram thought of just what flows to use for the cutting of the trees and then lifting them over to the other side of the pond. Grabbing ahold of Saidin Toram started in on his job. Using air weaves that were folded and compressed he sliced the branches off of the tree then cut the tree itself near the bottom of the tree trunk to get as much usable wood as possible, he then caught and guided the tree to the ground away from the other two with more flows of air until it was settled down over where Tai had indicated. Working with his weakest element on the scale that he was, he got tired out pretty fast. But in the void it was another man's weariness and fatigue. Toram could feel te sweat on his face but it didn't matter, all that mattered was doing the job at hand. Concentrating as hard as he could he could almost see the weaves in place before he started to use them. Before he even looked at the tree he was going to cut. Thinking this just some side effect of being tired he neglected to mention it to his teacher. Once Toram had cleared a roughly 25 by 10 foot area he rested for a bit breaking the ice on the surface of the pond with Air and using Water to bring up a little fountain for him to drink from. Once the water coursed down his throat he let go of the void and Saidin catching his breath and looking at how far along the others were coming.
  7. OOC: Sorry you guys I thought that since no one had said anything that we were done with this or something. I don't know much about these things, I'm new to rping. Once Covai had taught them about the game for a little while, he challenged both Toram and Ze'el to a game. Both at the same time, on two different boards. After one game Toram was about ready to give up, but wouldn't be able to live with himself after disrespecting himself in front of the others, especially the Storm Leader. And there was one important thing that the Storm Leader forgot. You can capture more than one stone. Maybe he had neglected to mention it or maybe he just forgot or something, but it put Toram at a severe disadvantage in that first game. For the next game Toram was still decimated. But not quite as badly this time due to Covai's tips along the way. This time he learned a couple more things, like don't worry too much about seeking out the opponents stones, try to take more territory than the other person also. And there was the fact that you had to sometimes sacrifice some stones in order to let some others get an advantage. After a few more games Toram didn't notice much of a difference in his playing. He actually at one point thought he was getting worse, but then some turn of fate had him place a stone at apparently just the right spot because Covai had backed off for a second and seemed to actually think about a move. He learned a few tips and maneuvers that night but didn't think he would be playing stones too often. And going on what he had thought earlier in the night he wouldn't be a great battle leader either.
  8. Toram tried to hurry from his class of Basic Saidin Weaving, so that he wouldn't be late to help Tai with this little project of his. Once he entered the forest he wove a air dome around him to protect him from the branches and things of the forest. It wouldn't do to show up to his mentor looking like he had gotten into a fight with a cat. Since Tai had given him the sword (the Sword of Roses Toram called it in his mind), Toram had practiced with it every day and cared for it every night. Jogging through the snow and trees Toram soon reached the clearing where Tai was waiting for him and Dazar. Dazar was the man who he has seen practicing that one day with Tai when Toram had gotten the sword. And he hadn't seen much of him since then. Walking into the clearing Toram went over by Tai and studied his teacher for a moment before saying, "I guess that we are still waiting for Dazar?" Well he should be here soon enough. Thinking back to that day Toram was wondering if he really had seen some look of aggresion on Dazar's face or it was just his imagination. He hoped it was the second one. Toram didn't want to have problems with anyone here.
  9. Tai weaved some earth and water to get them both some cups of water, which was like ice sliding down his throat, he was so parched. Once Tai had instucted Toram to practice on the void, he put his coat on and Toram noticed a new addition. A Dragon pin. "Congragulations Tai. I didn't know you were and Asha'man now." Toram felt like he had to do better now that he was being taught by an actual Asha'man. Silly, but thats how he felt. As Tai took hold of saidin, Toram watched what he did intently to learn as much as possible. He seen the silvery slash rotate and knew that it was a Gateway. He watched very intently. I will learn all the weaves that there are. I swear under the light. Realizing that he was just staring at the residue left behind, he snapped out of it and closed his eyes working on the forming the void. He actually formed it and held onto it for a good little while before it slipped away. He immediately went back to forming it. Feeding all of his emotions into the flames. This time he held onto it for a little while longer before it broke into a million little pieces. He flew back to it again. This go around though it lasted less time than the first attempt. Then he sat and just breathed in through his nose and out through his mouth. Deep even breaths. And he focused on the forming of the void much more than before. He felt every hairsbreadth that it grew and solidified. Until he was sitting in absolute nothingness. But it wasn't nothing. It was everything around him. He felt all the trees, the ground he was sitting on, the wind gently blowing on his skin, and he even seemed to be able to feel the tiniest of movements by birds and small insects from feet away. And wonder of all wonders he actually held on to it until Tai had gotten back, and then it was just the shock of feeling a weave being completed that brought him out of it. I guess I should have been sitting with my eyes open. As he felt the weave closing and Tai coming closer he stood up to greet his teacher. Instead of some greeting Tai tossed some kind of long bundle at him and Toram actually caught it. A look of amazement crossed Toram's face. He couldn't have.... Toram unwrapped the cloth from around it and pulled the sword out of the sheath and gaped in astonishment at the work of art that he held in his hands. The blade was climbed by roses and the hanguard was two lions back to back on their hind legs. he looked up at Tai, "I can't accept this. This is too much, it must have cost a fortune." He wanted it really badly, but could not accept such a grand gift.
  10. Looking abashed at shirking his responisibilities, Toram assured Tai that it would not happen again. "Yes sir, I will do my best to become the weapon the Lord Dragon wants me to be." Once Tai was done telling him the duties of a Soldier, he handed a sword to Toram and weaved some Air around the blade. As he crouched a little and held the sword up he said "Begin." "Begin?" Begin what? I dont have the slightest idea what I'm doing here! Toram thought furiously. He attempted to imitate Tai's stance by crouching a little at the knees, but he felt like if he took a step then he would be walking like a duck. Lifting the sword he didn't realize how heavy it was. It weighed a goodly amount even thought it had looked like Tai and the other man were swinging them around like a couple of tree branches. Holding the sword in both hands, he tried to again imitate how his teacher was holding his blade. "Here hold it like this," Tai said as he came over and moved the sword a little bit and adjusted Toram's grip some. "And dont crouch so far down. Bend your knees just a little bit and have your lead foot behind the other foot." "Like this?", Toram asked. Putting his feet as indicated and tightening his grip on the handle of the slightly curved sword. At a nod from Tai he waited for his first, well second actually, lesson in swordsmanship. "The first one that you shall learn is called Boar Rushes Down The Mountain. This is a fairly simple maneuver in which you do a vertical slice from top to bottom." He demonstrated it a couple times with practiced ease. Trying it a couple of times slowly to get the hang of it, Toram tried it a few more times with more force and speed. Now without thinking of waiting for Tai to give him another instruction, he turned a little away from his teacher so as not to hit him on accident, and tried it while pushing forward on his front foot to add a thrust and more force to the strike. Also a little more range even with his long arms could always be handy. After swinging the sword a few dozen times in the form, Tai told him, "Alright that's enough of that one. Try this one now. It is called Arc Of The Moon. It is basically a curving horizontal slash." Once again demonstrating it a few times he stopped to let Toram try it. He moved back a little ways from his mentor and tried it once slowly. Then a couple more times with slightly more speed. Once he felt he could hold on to the sword without it flying out of his hands he started to do the move with more speed and force going fully back to a ready position before attempting it each time. After a while of swinging the sword around feeling like his arms had been holding a heavy weight all day, he lowered the point to the ground and had to catch his breath for a minute. "Sorry Tai, I have to rest for a moment. I'm just an innkeepers son, not any soldier or anything like that." He chuckled at himself at how he must sound like he was making excuses.
  11. "I know you are there Toram, come out. We need to have a word," Tai said to Toram once he and the other man were finished. As he finished what he was saying Toram's tenuous grip on the void shattered. Oh light! Did I do something wrong, Toram thought. Was I supposed to announce my presence or something? Not attempting to form the void any longer he stood up and walked the rest of the way into the clearing and stood before his teacher. He doesn't sound pleased I should be careful of myself. Saluting to Tai he says, "Yes sir? You want to speak with me?" Looking at the other man he noticed that he was a Soldier also by the lack of any pins on his coat. Well Soldier or not, he has had some training with that sword or I am a fool. He couldn't be that good for just recently learning.
  12. Wondering where Tai had gotten to, Toram decided to check the clearing that Tai liked to use, maybe he would be there. The man had said he would give him sword lessons and then disappeared. Well even if he is not there then I can still practice some power moves by myself and maybe try to figure some newer things out. Thinking about his new abilities and what he could possibly do with them, Toram walked in comtemplation. So deep in his thoughts that he didn't even realize he had been hearing some sounds of a struggle fo a while. "Wonder what that could be?" he wondered out loud. Getting closer to the clearing he seen his mentor and some man who looked somewhat like Tai. I wonder if that is his brother or some relation, they certainly look a little like each other. Walking to the edge of the clearing he watched as the two men practiced the forms. The forms were so fluid it seemed as if they were almost doing some sort of deadly dance. Watching and waiting for them to be done, Toram sat on the ground and decided to try and assume the void. Might as well get some practice in, he thought to himself. I don`t want to startle them by saying something and one of them hurt the other. Even though someone could heal it I suppose. Watching and waiting he failed to form the void much more often then getting it to hold. Must need a lot of practice.
  13. Well Davarius I always welcome some "discussion" about WoT... No really though I do like to talk about WoT and am very enthusiastic about it when I do talk about WoT. Can you tell by how many times I have mentioned WoT four times within three sentences? Just kidding. I am part of the Black Tower, so don't mind me too much I suppose.... haha. No really though, it is always good to see a new face around here. Makes me feel like a non-noob. Just kidding. I like to joke around though in case you can't tell. Well on to the subject at hand huh?.. I myself have been reading the books starting with Eye of The World in about I would approximately... maybe like somewhere from 96 to 98...I think.... And I am right now just re-reading Path of Daggers. I just got it from the library two days ago and I am already about 400 pages into it. Yes, I know that I read fast and thouroghly. You do not have to tell me, haha. Great to meet and greet you though Davarius.
  14. Weeelll I don't know much about England other than they gave us some grief back in the day, but I am glad to meet you ZoZo. And am truly sorry that you did not start reading the Wheel of Time earlier. But better late than never I always say. I am currently reading "Path of Daggers" for either the first time or the second right now... I seem to have forgotten WAY too much if I have read it before.. either that or I thought that I read it before and I just actually read a chapter or two and forgot about not reading it all... Anyways glad to have you here! And even if you just join the "boring" forums and not RP then you will still be a welcome addition (sorry you non-RP'ers I had to say it). But I do wish that you will join the RPing part of the community, particularily the Black Tower. HAHA I was the first to request out of everyone. No really though, no matter what you decide to do here on Dragonmount we are all glad to have you here.
  15. Light a fire at a distance without using fire? I haven't even lit a candle sitting in front of me yet! I think it would be best if I just sat this one out and just watched for this tournament, and maybe I will have enough skill to participate in the next one...if there is a next one. Walking up to the Storm Leader Toram says hesitantly, "Ummm sir I think that I will just watch this one. I would like to join it but I don't think that my abilities are good enough yet. I mean there isn't even another Soldier out here. Sorry to waste your time sir." Toram then walked over to the side of the inn and sat down watching and listening to the others that likely would be participating. Light but I wish that I was better at what I am now able to do.
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