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  1. tho with they way AS play with words it could have been something like this: Moraine to Lan: I wish I could be with that boy, or Send someone to him. Verin to herself: I wish I could study that boy (overhears Moraines wish) Moraine: Where is Verin riding off to? tho got to read tGS
  2. you are correct with you assesment of ancient sex. Also remember this it was considered better to do a boy or a prostitute than have an affair with another noble in Greco-Roman society. I could make some modern jokes about this but for those who are sensitive to current events I will refrian. Also this might have also been brought up in the books when one of the Mains finds out about preferences of someone else, I might be mixing it up with another series tho. But either way they just kinda shrug and say what ever floats the boat and the story goes on.
  3. not true oh snap i just broke one oh noes the world is ending, I.... Broke.... A..... Nail.... dies. lol, to funny.
  4. It would be highly unlikely that her father would be a merchant gaurd, she is from, what would equate to, a High House, they would try to marry only from other HH's, keeping the line back to Ishara purer, remember that that is what counts how closely you are related to her, (Bryne is from a lesser house). She went to the tower when she was 14 and took the Rose crown when she was 16. From things that she has stated in conversations (and some of her actions that confirm) before fleeing from Ravin she had never lived "rough", even when she was in the WT life would have been hard but not rough. With the known timeline she very well could have met Tam when he was either one of the Leaders of the Illianer army or shortly after the Aiel war, this still being in her youth (she being in her late teens-early twenties) edit: this situation being more likely seeing how part of the Aiel war happened in Andor.
  5. this theory has merrit due to what we know of Tam's past, he being the Second Captain of the Companions in Illian, probly the time they met was at the end of the "Aiel War" while he was making his way home- huge war hero ect, probly a party was thrown in his honour, blah blah blah.
  6. well that could happen in the main books, we still dont know how the seanchan woman will help her. btw should i make a post whith the things that i have found in book one in the BUT or on a new post? probly do both after i finish it.
  7. so did I, I happened to chatch a husband there too, but I went to get a degree. Now High School thats a different story......... ;D
  8. Rand or some one with Rand would have reconized that being the same person, Jordan does use the same name a few times through the series, i.e Suains uncle (Huan) who died shares the same name with a river trader captin, and the voice of a seanchan hight lord, there are also 4 people named Hu aswell. just to name two examples.
  9. IMO the two best *angrels that she has so far figured out is the the books and the music box- heck maybe the "missing" song is in it (lol we alredy *know* that Rand has knowledge of the song that the tinkers are looking for) ok make it three that dagger that she gave Eylane is probly what helps Rand in TG.
  10. do you think that the blue stone root-like ter was for making/growing the ways or maybe gateways for traveling? here is the discription Blue Stone Root-like Carving A ter'angreal in the form of blue stone root-like carving. It is for growing something. Not plants. Something like holes but not exactly. Activating it requires only singing the right song well? also she found what equates to telephones so that might be a help.
  11. ??? what event? what series, im lost ???
  12. that would be activly and only if the person was trying to eather learn or a sparker, the test that taim gave right? going to have to read loc to be sure at that. yes seeing how it does seem that it runs in families it very well could be that he could have been a learner, seeing how at least one of his sisters is a sparker (he has 6 poor boy) but hum wasin't there something that we all missed that was pertaniant for the winning of TG? hum Mat kills the DO.
  13. tho this brings up another point: with all the plot threads that need to be tied up can it be done in 2 more books with out feeling rushed and leaving us unsatisfied? btw i think that it is loial who is narating the story anyways (i got that feeling from the start, expecialy with some of the 4th age excerpts and tiny bits of old 3rd age stuff added in)
  14. did i just catch an unused plot devise, maybe something that Rj started to explore and then discarded? In tDR Mat get the shivers and goosebumps that male chanllers get when a woman is holding/using saidar when Lanfear then Suian were in his room after the healing session. was the unused plot devise that Mat could have been a learner? hum makes me want to read faster and see if there is another hint at this in the next book, maybe this is what we all missed, lol.
  15. remember fain has been using the name Ordeith from the start of tDR, tho one does wonder what that little bugger has been upto for the past 2 books. Has Slayer (Luc/Isam) managed to find and kill him? can Slayer kill him? would Fain kill slayer? also not only does he have the ability to sense DF's, he can tell if a person had even thought of swearing to the DO. He can command Fades ( the man keeps one as a pet!), and scares trollocs, he is super strong, and one sliper little devil to catch. Has the power to create illusions. as of aCoS he calles himself Jeraal Mordeth. so that might be our answer right there.
  16. then i guess when i make it i must fucous on all the little details?
  17. though it kinda fills me with sadness that a series that has been with me for so much of my life is comming to an end i picked up EotW when I was 10 now im 25. It was one of the few series I could pick up any time and wisk myself away from the situation that I had found myself in. gah now I realy do need to create the darn holideck from startrek so we can all live in Randland. ;)
  18. If there is a difference in rarity between the heron marked and non heron marked it is probly due to who had gotten the heron marked ones in the first place, lol. Remember that the heron marked blades went orginaly the battle leaders, and then to any secular leaders, the non heron marked blades, which at one time greatly out numbered the heron marked ones, went to the regular soldir, who would have a higher chance of facing a blade that could damage/destroy the blade. It was some time between the end of the War of Power and the Trolloc wars that the craze for them realy started, and their worth sky rocketed, because it was at this time that the 2nd oath was added and no more were made. in the current time those who do have a power made sword are either blademasters or ruling elite- tho a note on this not all blade masters have a power made sword, also their might be more of them in Seanchan than there are in Randland just due to the size of the place, no wonder it took Hawkwings line 300 years to conquer that land.
  19. Lans sword is one of the plain soldier power made swords. You must have an old uncoreted copy of tGH. the referance to him srapining his sword was a type mistake, it was corected to "Lan sat under a tree sharpening his beltknife;". there is a full list of corrected mistakes up through KoD here- http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ under the Errata and Corrigenda link. Justice is more than likely another one of the plain soldier swords just like Lan's. he now one could now draw some parilells with Lan and Rand. lol. also we have seen power made knives- Thom's, they happen to be his best knives. Though it does seem that swords were the most pervalent power made wepon, weither heron marked or not.
  20. well you can go and say that there is no purple in nature- true it only a shade of blue, and the color silver is just a shade of grey- also true. everything is based on apperance.
  21. not saying your wrong but could i have that quote from rj?
  22. lol, breaking restarted the calender for ab year 1 troloc wars happend in ab year 1000, lol. maybe with his partial trapment he could (hate to say this word but) astral project from his sleep to influence advent as well, hince why some reports report of flikering flames, ect. when i talking about the 40 year thing, it is when he is almost fully free of the prison, and can physicaly manipulate the world around him, his body has substance ect. during the other times he can only use proxies, and because we have seen him in TAT he could have also manipulated the mind of people making them commit suicide. If that were the case he could correctly boast that he threw Jarna into the ter'angreal because he worked on he mind.
  23. but in the books it is stated several times that and those AS didn't know what they were trully for, the AoL AS studied them this study brought about the making of the ways. So that means that chanelling would have had to been re-discoverd and the Portal Stones made way long before the end of the 1st age, for chanellers to have forgotten the true use of them.
  24. I dont have my book handy right now but.... is the reswering following the form of a rasing cerimony, ie some one else is powering the rod or is each individual person powering it when they retake the oaths? the raising situation the one swering only holds the rod and then swears the oaths, with(from our only example) the current Amyrlin powering it. also can one weave of say water be distinguished from another of say fire by the same sex chanaler? cant remeber to tired.
  25. Black Eyes- put people to the question Far deris mai- scouts Stone dogs- rear gaurd Red shields- the police force well thats confirmation of 4 of the 12, lol. the rest we can only speculate.
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