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  1. I don't know if anyone else has thought of this yet but what if Rand dies, then the DO puts him in a new body thinking that Rand will be under the DO's control but Rand instead breaks free of the DO's control and then defeats him in his new healthy body??? Just a random idea.
  2. Graendal killed Asmo and I believe that the Golam killed Fel. These are my opinions, though I'm pretty sure that RJ subtley confirmed Graendal killed Asmo. Ava
  3. I have a slight theory. What if going through the gateway ter'angreal immediately cut off as much of each woman's power as she was holding when she went through. Moiraine was holding all she could plus the angreal so it severed her but Lanfear wouldn't have had to hold as much to do what she was doing or even to match moiraine.
  4. Yeah, I think you have to use the same binder to remove the oath as to place it in the first place. Keeping records is most like the reason for the different markings as well.
  5. So where did the dice in his head come from though??? I mean it could be because of the horn but I can't make sense of it.
  6. Well we have titles for everyone else. Perrin is a Wolfbrother which gives him all his abilities. Rand is a Channeler which gives him his abilities. Egwene is a Dreamer.... But Mat. He has the dice in his head that warn him and he has all his luck. What do we call that??? I probably sound confusing but I can't really place where his abilities came from or if it is simply something totally new in Randland. I guess his luck could have been from being Ta'veren but what about the dice in his head??????????
  7. Yep, thnx again everyone. just read that part of KoD again. It sux that Vandene and Sareitha died though.
  8. Well its not like he goes into detail or anything, he just writes that there are these girl-girl couples but he never even hints that a guy likes a guy except for a few guys he has mentioned might not feel that way about women. (can't remember which guys this has been mentioned about) But no out right clues.
  9. Since most weaves just dissipate when they hit the gholam, would balefire??? Ohh, and would balefire destroy Mats ter'angreal or would it dissipate???
  10. I've already read KoD once but I must have fogotten since its been almost a year since I read it. I am very forgetful. I wondered why I thought it was Careane. Thx everybody
  11. Has anyone else noticed that RJ has put in a little lesbianism but no gay guys in the series. I mean, there is that sea folk windfinder and the Cairhienin noblewoman who Caddy blackmails that they were pillow friends. We then notice that the windfinder would be charged with breaking her marriage-vows for having a pillow friend. In KOD Tarna reflects on the fact that there are many novices who become pillow friends. How Elaida tells Tarna that her and Meidani used to be pillow friends. How Galina made approaches to Tarna to become pillow friends. There are all these girl on girl homosexuality examples but no gay guys whatsoever that I've been able to find. Why is that???
  12. Does anyone know whether it is Careane or Sareitha that is the DF who killed Adeleas and Ispan and maybe the Kinswomen as well? I have a feeling it is Careane, IDK why but I just do. Or do any of you think it could still be Myrelle? working behind the scenes in hiding or something.
  13. I thought Graendal killed Asmo. and who is Mellisandre?????????? I must be missing something. There was some quote I read earlier that had a person ask RJ why no one could figure out that Graendal had done it and RJ answered with something along the lines of, I don't know, it is all in the books.
  14. Yeah, Idk which edition it was but I just read CoT and it was chalk full of typing errors and grammatical errors and such but no gender or OP mix-ups
  15. I think the female ck was destroyed because it was used to make a funnel for all of the taint to travel through. Saidar has never been tainted (unless somehow there has been a time when it was a female dragon with a hundred female companions who sealed up the bore but anyway) so Saidar isn't used to touching the taine and then it is forced to touch ALL of the taint in one day and it was touching the Dark ball of Shadar Logoth when it all imploded so I believe that this reaction caused the ck to be completely destroyed which also destroyed the access key. We know that destroying the access key doesn't destroy the ck becuase at some point right before the cleansing, all the forsaken gather and talk about how some of them thought all the access keys were destroyed.
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