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  1. I started reading rhe WOT books at about the age of 17 and I'm now 30, however I have found that characters I liked back when I was 16 were those characters that were around my own age, eg Egwene, Aviendha, Rand. However I have found that as I have gotten older my character preferences have gotten older too. When I was in my mid-20s I liked Nyneave, now I am 30 I am gravitating towards the more mature characters. I often wonder if our preferences for heroric characters are based on what we would aspire to be, however when a character is a teenager and we are older it feels like that time is past and it is something we could never be because we are now too old. Due to the length of the time period that the books have been released over, the characters have barely aged whereas readers have aged (if you started reading from the early 90s) almost two decades. Has anyone else found age to have changed their enjoyment and interpretation of the WoT series?
  2. I always quite liked Rahvin. I would have liked to have seen Nyneave have faced him one on one without help.
  3. When Egwene was being tested for Accepted, she saw a vision of the future with Black Ajah and Mydraal about to turn her to the shadow. Pretty creepy as she was apparently naked at the time too.
  4. The one that is a leaf, is that Nyneave's? And the staff one is that Moiraine? There is also a tree for some of the Two River's scenes. I am not sure which is which can someone enlighten me? I think the dream ter'angreal would best represent Egwene, as she has a particular talent for dreaming. The white flame of Tar Valon would also be good, but since this represents Aes Sedai in general, it's less specific to Egwene.
  5. lol. If Universal think my movies are competition then think how dire the 'real' movie may turn out to be.
  6. I guess the thing that irks me is that Mat is admired for being a playboy and lovable scoundrel. However if the girl characters were to behave like he does then it then they would be labeled a 'chit' and the readers would most likely hate her guts too.
  7. Perhaps infect shadowspawn with bird flu, which can easily be passed from trolloc to trolloc etc. Give the Dark One cancer by surrounding Shayol Ghul with tanning beds and mobile phone masts?
  8. Not fond of Mat He is the kind of guy who sleeps with a girl and leaves her the next morning. Shame Mehlindra could not kill him.
  9. yikes from what you have said above, I can see my WoT videos being removed from youtube at some point. I have not portrayed the characters in the best light on a couple of spoofs. Egwene swears Nyneave slaps Elayne Lan cremates Moiraine Nyneave tries to hock Moiraines ring Mat has a creepy laugh Tam is overweight Rand has a dodgey hairstyle No money being made though, they were something fun to do and I think WoT fans like them.
  10. I always picture the clothing as being similar to different periods of history. Tear - I think of the Spanish royalty and explorers circa 1500AD. Amadacia - Late Victorian Britain circa 1880AD Cairhien - British Georgian period circa 1750AD Andor - Tudor Britain circa 1550AD Seanchan - Japanese edo period Sea Folk - Pre-colonial India Aiel Waste - I can't think of anything but the Dune mini-series :D
  11. Hmm.. sounds like he saw as the 'ball and chain' then
  12. I am hoping you are right. It would be sad to think that he thought of women as controlling, nagging and basically put on Earth to cause misery to men. :P
  13. I am re-reading the WoT books on my daily commute to London. I just don't understand why Jordan had to write pretty much every female character as either nagging, catty or sarcastic. It almost feels like he had some personal dislike of women that he was venting in his books. Although it's good that there are strong female characters like Nyneave, Aviendha and Egwene, they are just constantly rude to each other and to the men around them, that it begins to be hard to root for them. I am hoping that Brandon Sanderson will write at least a couple of the girls as normal friendly human beings in the 12th book. BTW Thank-you to whoever added my youtube vids to the WoT video section. I plan to make another EoTW vid when I get the time. The first chapter called 'The Empty Road' has had about 5000 hits with mostly positive reviews.
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