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  1. This!! We didnt get one comment from Tuon about this. One of the most Epic events in the last book just...left out??? Why? Hawkwing telling Tuon that she is wrong about almost everything must be one of the biggest events in the Wheel of time and we didnt get to read about it...and what did he say?? She STILL think she needs to leash channelers and so on. Strange.
  2. In my opinion there are more of those moments in aMoL than the entire series combined. Some within pages of each other. It's . . . almost too much actually, overwhelming. Yes, there are just too mutch, too "comprimated" (sorry for my english) In the other books a realy Epic event did take ages to happen. Here they happen in every chapter. One of the biggest events, who should realy stand out, is Egweynes death. Flame of Tar Valon..now we all know why Armylin is called that but the Epic feel for it did vanish in all the other Epic events. We dont know what will happen with the rod and hand in that crystal pillar, the event feels uncomplete. Logain did try to do something with it but..just leave it there?
  3. Thank the light he didnt get his hands on WoT. He would have spent 23 more books just on Rand fighting his own mind before the last battle, driving us readers insane with strange and crazy plots in Rands mind.
  4. So HOW do i buy this? Im from Sweden and i realy want to buy it.
  5. And if Lan dies in the last battle? :)
  6. Isnt /wasnt) "The Eye" a place? The place where the green man, the horn, banner and cleansed Saidin was waiting for the dragon reborn, guarded by the green man, since the age of legends?? I never considered "The eye" to be Saidin.
  7. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading doing a great job. Im from Sweden and i did lissen to the first 9 books (18 in Swe) and after that i did buy the orginal Audiobooks. The different between the English and Swedish version is lightyear wide. The acting, the interesting voices from Michael Kramer and Kate Reading is just a pure joy to lissen to. Sorry for my bad English....like i did say.. im Swedish and Enlish isn´t my native language.
  8. The first thing that comes to my mind after TGS and TOM is...why, oh WHY couldnt BS write them in correct timelines?? I think the two books are at "random order" when you look at the chapters, feels like a audiobook with no tracknumbers on the audiofiles :( We get to know that Perrin and whitecloaks are talking, we get to know about Morgase exposing her identity , Tom meeting Rand and so on, all in TGS. I was wery suprised to read about it again in TOM :O it did feel like the chapters in the two books are mixed up. The biggest enjoyment however was that Mat did feel like Mat again :D BS did miss the right Mat feeling in TGS, but did get im back on track in TOM. BTW...do you feel like the events are stressed in the two last books?? Very strange, 2 mastodont books and i think it goes to fast haha...but i suspect that i dont want the series to end, simple as that. Anyway, good work BS!
  9. I think th next book will be all about solve problems in the lights forces. Rand -> Egwene, BT->WT, Fortouna - > Rand, Mat -> Fortouna .... and so on. One thing though, Egwene and Rand should have done at least 1 meeting in this book. That was the thing i did miss the most. "We must guide Rand, the dragon reborn", i just wonder one thing there... what realy do Egwene think she can guide Rand with? Now he have the memories and skills from all times, he know what works against the dark one, and what doesnt. He have faught him a 1000 times and won them all, now a 20 year old AS want to guide him? The moment all the AS finaly get it, understand that they DONT know how to guide him, or cant guide him and should focus on HELPING him instead, will be Epic :) Egwene need to understand that Rand isnt the woolheaded little boy from Two Rivers anymore though, and Egwene can be a real woolhead about changing that ill think ;D
  10. Dont reay know what it is, but i cant get the "mat-feeling" in this book. In KOD the char was perfect...perfect! its not the same in TGS....he is changed. A little more childish....but still fun. I cant explain why i dont like him realy in TGS, but did love him in KOD.
  11. I must say, after reading half the book, what have happend to Mat? He was my favorite char before...but now he is like he was in the first books. its not the famous "Mat feeling" reading hes chapters anymore...not at all.
  12. I can't find this example... This is the bad thing about audiobooks..its hard to find this examples. i will try to find it. I hope its not a translation issue..i have the english books to so i can compare it when i find it.
  13. Verin is(was) one of 2 who knows where the horn is hidden in the tower. Siuan Sanche is the only one now alive who know where it is. Maby she did tell Egwene where it is..dont know. Amazone did send my copy to :) I lissen to the swedish translation of the books for the 3rd time now, and i was a little chocked when i did hear that Verin did lie in the white tower...and it was Egwene who did hear it. It was when Verin was to explain about what the girls have done when they did "run away" 3rd book.. She did tell a clear lie to one of the AS before explaining to the Amyrlin, and Egwene did think about it. So..she did realy tell 2 clear lies that is proof for her to be a BA. The first time about Moiraine sending her, and the second time to a sister in the white tower about what the girls have done.
  14. Well, at least Amazon did send my copy of the book a little time ago (2 hours or so), Dispatch estimate:25 Oct 2009 Delivery estimate:4 Nov 2009 :O Will the post delivery swim over to Sweden to deliver it or what? 10 days :(
  15. Ok, now its my turn to tell a spoiler. Here is the cover "Towers of midnight" :D (when i first did see that picture i was like :( but then i did read the name of the book :D )
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