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  1. OOC: And girl. ;) IC: Veria listened to her teacher and When the time was right...she took her stance. She and the rest of the students fanned out and took places of advantage. Veria stepped lightly as Melenis moved around and struck out at different students and even Veria herself. After a few minutes Veria saw an opening and she took it. Melenis was distracted by an other student and Veria thrust with her lathe...but she found herself on her back with the air knocked out of her. Coughing she pushed herself up and then felt the bruise on her stomach coming in. Melenis had seen her
  2. Veria heard a knock at her door so she put down her tea cup. She was relaxing after a hard day of training with Kopair in the warders training yards. He was an amazing athlete and very good with his sword. His hands where not that bad either. She blushed at that thought. What a time to be blushing!! She could not answer her door with her face red like that. With a rueful shake of her head she patted her cheeks and took a few breaths to calm herself. Standing up she walked to the door and opened it. Jade and the other two sitters where standing there. what could they...Oh Yes. This must b
  3. Veria giggled in spite of herself. What a wonderful thing to have this freedom. She spoke her understanding of the Mistress of Novices warning...but her excitement was palpable. She wanted to fly around this world and play with it in every way she could imagine. But she also knew that she had been there to long already and she needed “real”sleep as Corianin Nedeal called it in her notes. Veria imagined herself slipping in to her body and she was there dreaming with a smile. She did not wake until the sun shone in her eyes the next morning. OOC: Thank you sooooooooooo much Elgee!! Thi
  4. Veria's barely kept her mouth from working in irritation. Did the woman think her dim witted? Of course she was Aes Sedai...but as far as she understood it she was addressing a better and was due respect. She would keep all proprieties as she could. And the short and cold answer to her question...it was enough to make her huff...but she did not. This woman was going to try her patience in every way! Was she doing this on purpose or was it just her manner? Giving herself s mental shake Veria focused on what the other woman was saying and forgot about anger for the moment. Rasheta explaine
  5. Veria listened and watched carefully. This was something she was familiar with. Ever accepted swatted a novice with a flow of air from time to time. This did not seem much different. Planting her feet she began to weave. For the first few tries she did it the same at her teacher. Then she began to play with the shape. Making it thinner than thicker, longer and shorter. It was quite fun actually and she enjoyed the sight of a smashed dummy from one of her weaves. She had never seen a true battle...but she knew it was not going to be this clean. She had read accounts that made her shiver
  6. OOC: Ok i'm going to end this fight. lol IC: Veria thrust her lathe as she advanced on her partner. He was defending and backing away. Was he afraid to fight a woman? if so that would cost him in the future. She sped up her advance and swung. She hit his shoulder and he grunted. A look came over his face and he moved like a flash a lightning. He had jumped to her side and swinging his lathe he hit her in the back. Veria fell forward and rolled out of arms reach. She raised her hand. "Start over? I think we would have hacked each other to pieces." She said with a smile. He nodded his
  7. Veria Nodded her acceptance to the graceous invitation. "I would enjoy that Sister. I hope you find everything satisfactory. I will speak to you a few days. that way you are settled in and then we can have tea together." She gave a small bow of her head and continued on her way. She planned to work hard today...Melenis was a slave driver!
  8. Veria woke up early and bounded out of bed. Today was a exciting day! She was starting her training to be a full fledged green sister. She was scrubbing her teeth and paused.... She was doing this class with the same sister who showed her around yesterday. Oh Light!! This might not be as dandy as she thought it was going to be. That sister seemed...distant...and not like most Aes Sedai...Veria could tell there was something wrong with her. Spitting out the salty water as she rinsed her mouth she then washed her face and gave herself a quick wash. As she dressed on her new green silk
  9. Veria was walking along the halls of the Green Ajah quarters enjoying the sun that was shining. She was dressed to work in the Warders Yards..her sword strapped to her back. She found she liked carrying it that way better than on her hip...it felt right there. Her form hugging breeches where comfy well worn in...her favorite. As she came to the entrance of the Green Halls she saw a face she was not familiar with. Curious she walked over to the stranger...Who Veria found, was an sister by the look of her face. "Greetings Sister. Are you in need of any assistance...I am not acquainte
  10. IC: With an other grin Phinn answered "Sure...I'm certain there will be some good stories." Looking at her drink she saw that she was finished. Phinn needed to meet with her teacher for some lessons and to make it on time she would have to move fast. "It has been great meeting you..I hope we can have a drink together or practice again soon. I have to move quick to meet a teacher." She offered her hand.. Once they shook hands and said their goodbyes she trotted off out the door. OOC: well this was fun! We shoudl RP again sometime. *nods*
  11. IC: Veria stood watching and ready. But so did her sparring partner. She did not let anything show in her face but she decided to attack and get this fight moving. She raised her lathe a little and took two quick steps forward...then swung at the others arm...They tried to block but she clipped him on the forearm. She jumped back as her opponent seemed ready to rush forward... She heard a warning from Visar and was ready but she saw the trainee he was sparring with in front of him so she put her concentration back on her fight...
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