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  1. For the life of me, I cannot find the quote or reference, but here it goes. When Avienda fled from Rand when he walked in on her bathing, she went to Seanchan. It was night in Rhudien and day in Seanchan. Time zones. Unless the world is flat and two sided, the world must be round. Rand even comments about it after he's done doing his thing in the igloo, thinking that much time couldn't have passed. The reference I am looking for is a letter to robert jordon about if he made a mistake, but he replied that he knows exactly how far seanchan is from the waste. EDIT: Haha, found it T.McCormick: Question 3 In tFoH, in the chapters "The Far Snows" and "A Short Spear," was the timing of events deliberately precalculated by him, or not? If the first is true, I'm not asking for an explanation -- presumably we'll get that in a later book. I'm just asking for a yes or a no. (If he wants to know why the question was put, please just say the two words "time zones.") Robert Jordon: Anwser 3) Yes, the timing was calculated. I know how far to the west Seanchan lies.
  2. I truly hate Faile sometimes. I'm listening to the books for a third time, and I hate her more and more with every reading. She is rude, crass, and downright abusive (physically, remember how she beat the crap out of him in the ways?) to Perrin in TSR. After that, all she seems to want to do is push and manipulate him into the one thing he does not want, which is responsibility and leadership over other people. However, on the flip side, he is Ta'veren, and likely the wheel would weave him into these things with or without Faile. Perhaps she is just a way of facilitating his transition into Lordship as painlessly as possible. I really would like to see him work a forge again though (like in TDR.) Perrin possible has more depth of character and internal struggle than Rand, and seeing him in his element gives us great insight into his personality.
  3. Frivolous questions are punished, and weather it is frivolous or not is partially determined by who asks them. I would speculate that anyone asking questions for another person would be punished on the grounds of frivolity. The only people that would seriously need the answers of questions rand needs to know would be people close to him, i.e. Min, and Rand would never risk sending them in there, because surely anything rand needs to know touches the shadow, and he would not risk allowing anybody he knows to ask a question that may harm them on his behalf. Speculation: The same rules about forbidden objects and such are the same in both the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn domains... are the consequences about frivolousness and the shadow the same as well? If once made a wish regarding the DO, would they be punished, as well as making a wish for another person?
  4. I have very bad eyesight, and can only read large print books. I have therefore listened to all the audiobooks several times, and am eagerly awaiting the release of AMoL. However, I haven't seen any news anywhere about the release of the audiobook for AMoL. Does anyone know if I can expect the audiobook for AMoL or even a large print version to be released around the same time as the book? I don't know how much longer I can wait to hear about Matt going to kick some finn ass, among other things!
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