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  1. i have read alot of fantasy novels, and none of them give you the sense of a familar story that you always enjoyed reading and will read many times like this series does. There are points of the books that ARE frustrating, COT is a tad slow and the whole faile thing, but i would not call them bad books. Just not as good as the rest. There are far worse series out there and the critics are far fewer than the people who love the series. If it was not like that then there would not be 11 books. Also i do agree that if you are now picking up the series for the first time now then you are lucky, because it has been a sllloooooow time getting to book 11 and finally 12
  2. too bad you did not like it. It is very easy to get into the books, but it will get slower. But like every series, there are people that will not like it.
  3. yes but Mat is the general. And he has the luck , besides who would you want to take into battle other than the Band, and soon possiblely the Death Watch Guards, which btw i was realy disappointed w/ not seeing them really in action in KoD, i mean those Oiger sounded badass
  4. hahaha, yeah i use them for passwords at work
  5. he has been her lap dog for a long time, i mean who else would protect her now, she will be at rands side during the last battle, no better place for Lan to be, the heart of the action so to speak, besides it would be fitting that they all start out together and all end up in the last battle together
  6. i dont think he should have married the first either.. i just dont like faile is all.. but the first is much hotter..hehehe
  7. I find Perrin is a whatever character. He is like the old reliable car, he is there , isnt very flashy or fast, but when you need him he is there and gets the job done. a)His going back to the TR and bringing back the men from there will only help rand to remember who he was and what he is fighting for. b) Faile is useless. Nothing but a spoiled PITA. I would like to see her die, like someone mentioned before a "main" character has to die and she has my vote. her dying wish will be to have perrin fight the DO and take glory (she thinks he deserves) for himself. c) The whole saving faile thing was so long winded and tiresome, it became painful to read. by the end of it i did not care what happened to him or her just as long as it freaking well ended
  8. i think rizzo hit the nail on the head, its a classic power struggle and taim will do about anything to make sure he wins. Whether or not he is a dark friend (*shakes the magic 8 ball* and gets "all signs point to yes) will be played out, i am pretty sure he is, or he is working indirectly for them because of his wanting to be better than Rand in any way. Either way, i dont think he is going to "ride his white horse to the recue" as someone stated before.
  9. He had a singular event in his mind, get faile back. its just one more manifestation of the DO, he realises the last battle is coming, and beetles erupting from someone should be the least of his worries for there will be darker things than that happen in the last battle. IIRC they do note that the beetles were just ordinarly run of the mill wood beetles. Mind you that was pretty nasty.
  10. Although the battles really seem like they are an after thoughts, they are more like reality than we would like. Not every battle(minor or not) lasts forever, sometimes there is a slaughter and things are over quickly (ala Mat in KoD and the Windfinders battle against the BA). I was disappointed w/ the whole Turon thing, Matt is my fav character, but unless we wanted to see a whole 2 more books leading up to the Last Battle, then some liberties had to be taken i guess. Rand losing his hand was a gasp event for me, only because of the simple fact that you kind of skim over Mins readings in the first 2 books. On more than one occassion he mentions he will lose a hand, she even goes as far as to tell Elayne that she will have to deal with the losing of a hand, just not her own. That event and Golden Crane of Malkire raising again(not to the "excitement" Tigertoe had) had been shockers to me. all throughout the books it has been made clear that lan would never lead men in a fight against the dark, but bam.. there it is and Ny is all but leading the charge, i guess it was just one of those twists you never see coming until it happens
  11. I was not too impressed w/ "The Great Hunt" audio book. It is ok for when i am traveling to work or have gone out on a walk, but that is as far as i would take it.
  12. i think it may have been a plan on the Do's plate, all the forsaken knew LTT down to the last hair and knew what he would do. What are a few more yrs to a being that has no death, but is death, with the male Aes Sedai gone, the DO thinks he has a better shot now at getting what he wants, to break the wheel and remake it in his idea. Most things have been forgotten now, what was once considered normal is now considered rare and wonderus. What a better time to take over?? When life is at its weakest.
  13. All expect the heros of the horn, when you hear bridgette talking about gaidail cain, she knows him whenever she is reborn, and he her, and they hang out int the world of dreams. yet for as much as the dream walkers go there, there is never any mention of relatives long gone, so are they spun out immediately after death i wonder
  14. Ishy is the only forsaken that touches the True Source, there are many references to the black specs that floats across his eyes and that touching that "power" requires to great of a sacrfice. I think it was then lanfear was reborn that it was mentioned. As well as in KoD. And i do think that Rand cleansed saidin, but there is no real way to tell for sure as they last battle is coming, and i not think many will have time to go even more mad before ti comes. It will all come out in the wash so to speak when the last book comes, because there will very well may be another breaking of the world.
  15. bf has effect on things and the objects they are affecting. For example, when the dark hound attacks the room mat is staying in w/ the maidens of the sprear, it rips through the doors and actually gets mat w/ its deadly venon(drool), but when rand BF's the dark hound, in the next chapter, mat is left w/ nothing but a pink mark where the venom once was.
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