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  1. I'd like to ask a question because I've been thinking about it and haven't ever seen it posted about. Is it possible The Blight is a sentient being, and Lan could actually win his personal war against it? I mean has anyone ever made their way through the whole of The Blight and survived? Could it be that the Blight has a core that can be killed the same as anything else? Is it possible?
  2. I think he knows that he's basically asking how the ter'angeral knows Rand. The only real answer to that is that the AOL Aes Sedai knew a few things that thirdagers don't Such as the Wards around Callandor Knowing Rand as well.
  3. Yea in the end of NS she's still in the boderlands having just made Lan her warder we have only spotty clues to what happened after that.
  4. I might laugh for about half a second and then stop and think wait that's it???? Then I would get mad
  5. I agree and I have a link to it just for you Magnutz haha here you go http://www.brandonsanderson.com/blog/760/New-Computer--Signing this isn't the exact blog post you'll have to scroll wayyyyy down to find it but that's his blog
  6. No Moarine and the wondergirls had plenty of interaction in the stone questioning the BA granted Moarine wasn't around MUCH but Elyane knows her at least
  7. Sure that would be great. I think someone added me to the user group. Because I can see the Sauras project board. But I didn't see any posts in the board... What is it exactly?
  8. Maybe I'm just being dense (I admit I haven't slept much lately) But DarkJustice statement from R.J. that would make them polar opposites.
  9. True, but a lot of people can be born and brought up to know there heritage too. Yes but that's assumming people are taking time to teach there kids the heritage of a country thats dead and gone
  10. Avi and Perrin haven't met at all unless you count the stone. Really I think Perrins story line has been more isolated than the other main characters what with him spending what three books in the two rivers trying to make it less trolloc friendly and what not.
  11. I think it might be possible except that when Rand fought at Falme remember his battle with the dark one was linked with the heroes of the horn's fight in a way that they only one if he won. I know it probably won't happen this way but I kind of always saw the last battle as Rand fighting the Dark one on the slopes of shoyl Ghuyl The heroes of the horn Mat, the band, and logain and his loyalist and of course Alvia are protecting him from trollocs and dreadlords and forsaken while rand fights a battle against the DO Logain and one other Ahsa'man maybe Narshima will be fighting Moridin and alvia and maybe a few other aes sedi (Cads and the others sworn to him) Will fight off the female forsaken. Mat will beast all over Shiadar Haran and that ties up all the forces of light and darkness. I have no clue how it will play out. Well okay maybe not all the forces of light but all of the forces of darkness are taken care of. Maybe Perrin and Lan are leading the other forces of the light still trying to hold Tarwins Gap. I'm not sure about that part.
  12. I have three favorites I love TDR because of the Mat plot and Rand being loony most of the book :D Also I like TFOH maybe that's just cuz that's the one I'm re reading right now but I remember liking it last time too In the end though it all started at the beginning I love TEOTW best.
  13. agaga

    To the IT savy...

    http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=35407 Follow that program I used it on my computer fixed everything like four huge trojans and lots of malware. GO through all of it though dont just pick and choose it will hurt you in the long run. That should fix everything though. Good Luck hope it helps!
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