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  1. Well, thank you for the recommendations Much appreciated :)
  2. Are we discussing which Malazan series cause im lost? Im looking for an intriguing story, obviously im spoiled with WOT, but what can you do
  3. Malazan pretty good? I was at borders looking at those books actually,they seemed magic oriented, but i guess not?
  4. Alright since I know this community knows fantasy I figure id ask here first. Since I finished KOD, ive been reading a bunch of solo novels and it just isnt doing it for me. I still have to catch up on the mistborn series, but other than that I got nothing. What Im looking for is a fantasy series that has more development of creatures, monters, who knows. I like the whole magic thing(hey who doesnt) but orcs and trollocs, and gollums are more enjoyable to read about it. So what do you all think?
  5. Thanks Hoppy! Ill definitely look into them!
  6. Edit one my post.. Im on page 340 of KOD and we just got a kitten named Sprinkles
  7. Didnt think I was gonna pot a new intro but hey here it goes. I used to be on here as Malerian or something like that Ive read all the Jordan books except for 12, I work at Walgreens and have my own apartment with my girl. I own reptiles and a cat named Trudy, soon to get a kitten.
  8. Cant help ya with that, But I gotta say its a damn shame that all of those wonderful ideas pass with him :( RIP
  9. I was looking at Rice's books how do they add up to my credentials? as In I think part of it is a love story bout do they go a bit in depth about vampires and such?
  10. Got a question for you all learned readers. My girl has been reading the twilight series by Stephanie Myer, and while intersting seems a bit juvenile and romantic for my tastes. The thing is vampire books and movies interest me, so my question is does anyone know of any good vampire books or preferably a series. Only thing is that it to be an adult vampire theme not young adult or anything like that. Also if it has as little romantic mumbo jumbo as possible. Thank you friends!
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