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  1. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Who are you to say that this development of Perrin's character isn't as important as Mat marrying the bloody daughter of the nine moons? The difference is that Perrin and Faile suck. ;D Myeah.. I've been thinking of quitting this community for a few days now and it seems the time has come. Too few if any seem to share my views of WoT so I guess my thread doesn't belong in this Pattern along with the threads of y'all. Have fun finishing the series!
  2. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Who are you to say that this development of Perrin's character isn't as important as Mat marrying the bloody daughter of the nine moons?
  3. Perrin is more important to the Pattern than anyone else (excluding Rand[who's the most important] and Mat[who's as important as Perrin]) for the "successful" (i.e. good) outcome of TG. So I find that statement of yours outrageously out of place. (And yes, I am one of those 3 who voted for Perrin if you wonder why your post ticked me off :))
  4. It's like you're talking about the US. ;D ...But enough about politics :) I went with the WT AS, not that I like the Reds or Elaida but I like their traditions, the customs that the WT society has developed - celebrations of holidays, the initiations, the welcoming to a new AS to her new Ajah (we've only seen the Blue but I bet the others have pretty cool stuff too :)), etc. I easily get impressed by the grandeur of various ceremonies in honour of various events. So yeah... thumbs up for crazy ceremonial stuff :) edit: oh, and no offence to any americans, just a well-intentioned joke ;)
  5. In the earlier books it's mentioned that too much channeling gets you more and more addicted to touching the Source and drawing from it, and thus increases the probability of a channeler being tempted into drawing more of the OP than he/she can handle. I can't really dig up quotes at the moment but I recall that novices and accepted are trained to continue to do chores and run errands the normal way without using the OP. I also recall a passage where Moraine was thinking how much easier something could have been done with the OP but then (probably remembering her training) became reconciled doing it without channeling. It was a talk about grabbing a teapot with a weave of Air or something like that.
  6. It is a hazy matter, Tigraine becoming a Wise One. She is a wetlander. Should she be allowed in Rhuidean? Also, Aviendha was allowed to go in search of He Who Comes With the Dawn and remain Far Dareis Mai until The Shadow Rising despite the Wise Ones knowing she has the spark in her. So while I agree (as I said before) that theory 1 is not very good, Tigraine not becoming a Wise One doesn't present a definite flaw in it. Time is also quite the hazy matter in a world where the Wheel turns and time is cyclical. But it doesn't need to work "back" in time. It could work in the present - for instance, in finding Galad a mentor.
  7. Since the BA oaths were mentioned, I'm wondering does the DO have a more powerful ter'angreal to bind them or is he using his own power in some way. This conversation in TAR between Lanfear and Ishy caught my eye during my latest reread: “Have you abandoned your oaths to the Great Lord of the Dark?” For an instant the darkness nearly obliterated him, only the glowing fires showing through. “They are not so easily broken as the oaths to the Light you forsook, proclaiming your new master in the very Hall of the Servants. Your master claims you forever, Lanfear..." (The Dragon Reborn, Ch. 36, Daughter of the Night) And if the oaths to the DO are more binding than the ones in Tar Valon wouldn't that mean that BA have a shorter life span than non-BA sisters?
  8. Trollocs description in TEotW glossary: "Creatures of the Dark One created during the War of the Shadow. Huge in stature, vicious in the extreme, they are a twisted blend of animal and human stock, and kill for the pure pleasure of killing. Sly, deceitful, and treacherous, they can be trusted only by those they fear..." So, really no room for mercy there, wipe 'em furry little rascals. :)
  9. I, for one, would pick the first. It's quite personal. There are people who prefer simple mono- or bi-coloured covers and then there are those who prefer pretty, shiny, sparkly ones. So it really is very specific and varies from person to person. One man's meat is another man's poison... :)
  10. Apparently that is how Malkieri armor(helms, in particular) look like. Don't know if the Seanchan similarity is supposed to hint at something or not (I'm not sure there's a similarity at all as I imagine Seanchan armor rather differently, but that's another topic). However, I believe RJ had a say in how the cover would look and thus was probably satisfied with what he saw. In the New Spring comic books Bukama and Lan are depicted with the same kind of armor so I suppose that is the Malkieri armor. Bukama follows Malkieri customs vert strictly and therefore is likely to wear the traditional armor.
  11. If properly carried out, I'd enjoy a scene from TG. Something like a circle of 13 Aes Sedai and Asha'man with the ancient Aes Sedai symbol on their clothes surrounding Shayol Gul and Ishamael burning up in a pillar of fire at its top, fiery eyes watching in disbelief (in the front, lower left half of the cover). And then in the back a huge mass of men, trollocs, fades, Ogier, wolves fighting under the crazy Shayol Gul sky torn up by lightning and parts of each army being blown off in the air by earth explosion.. But I'm getting dreamy here :)
  12. There are options that Galad doesn't channel and still has an important role. For once, if Gawyn were to die (ye, ye, he has to be with Egwene and all that, but who knows... we could use some sad endings :)), Galad becomes Elayne's First Prince of the Sword and leads the Whitecloak legions to protect the Queen of Andor in TG... All sorts of interesting options, so he doesn't have to be a channeler to be revealed as an important character. :)
  13. I assume you're talking about theory 1. Well, while I was doing my small research I came accross this theory 2-3 times in different WoT communities and was left with the impression it is a main-stream notion. And yes, according to theory 1, Nyn's parents should be at least learners if she's a sparker. That is why I tend to distance myself from this theory - it suggests a much higher number of channelers than we actually see in the books. You could say I put it out there for the sake of completeness :)
  14. Okay this topic really got me excited and I did some research on how likely it is for Galad (and Gawyn, for that matter) to be channelers. First off, here is a small genealogical tree I made, leading down to Rand, Galad, Elayne, and Gawyn. Known channelers are marked. Secondly, the two gene theories - 1. the more common one is that having one copy of the channeling gene makes you a learner, two copies (one from each parent) make you a sparker, and no copies make you all in all a loser. :) 2. the more complex (and more spot-on,imo) theory is presented here and I think it's pretty well explained. A couple of tables I created in analyzing from the perspective of Theory 1 can be found here. Looking at the Morgase+Taringail=Elayne table and knowing that Elayne is a sparker, we can definitively say that both parents should carry a copy of the channeling gene => Taringail has the channeling gene. Looking at the Tigraine+Janduin=Rand table and knowing that Rand is a sparker, we can definitively say that both parents should carry a copy of the channeling gene => Tigraine has the channeling gene. Since both parents have at least one copy of the channeling gene then their son, Galad, has 50% chance of being a learner and 25% of being a sparker (the Tigraine+Taringail=Galad table looks the same way as the other two). This theory also leads to the conclusion that Gawyn has the same odds as Elayne at being a channeler (25%-non-channeler, 50% - learner, 25% - sparker). Thus both Galad and Gawyn tend to have rather big chances of being able to channel (75%). However, I find that theory overly simplified and personally lean towards Theory 2. A couple of tables I created in analyzing from the perspective of Theory 2 can be found here. Knowing that Morgase can channel, we can say that she has the genotype X1X1. Since Elayne is a channeler she also has the genotype X1X1. Therefore, her father Taringail has either X1Y or X1Y1(Fig. 3). Moving to Rand, he is also a channeler and thus has X1Y1 genotype. Therefore, he gets the Y1 from his father and Tigraine has to be the supplier of X1- she is either X1X or XX1 or X1X1. Combining the information about Tigraine and Taringail in one table we get Fig. 5. From that table we see that in 4 outcomes out of the total of 12 (looking only at male offspring) we get a boy that has the potential of channeling. However, even if the boy is X1Y1 he may be DD and therefore still not be able to channel (odds: 25% of 33% or approx 8.5% of being a non-channler). In addition, he has the same probability (8.5%) of being a sparker and another 16.5% of being a learner - much more realistic numbers in my opinion. So there we have it - the odds of Galad being a channeler... and with a ta'veren for a brother this ain't such bad odds. ;) If I left something unexplained or made a mistake somewhere, I'd be happy if you point that out. Oh yes, and I do realize that these theories are just assumptions so I can't argue with a "Hey, you made a false assumption" statement since none of us know if it's false or not. I'm not sure if RJ ever thought about genetics behind channeling but I'm pretty sure he'd proud of theory n.2 :)
  15. Just last night I ran into a passage that says he is about a year younger than Nyneave(TDR), but I didn't know the upper age limit for male sparking - so thanks, Luckers, finally someone answered my question. :) As to the uses of his channeling... well, he doesn't need to be the next Elan Morin in power to be useful in TG. If Galad was to become a channeler maybe he would rethink his view of Rand and reduce the chances of 10k Whitecloaks riding towards TG to kill the Dragon(quite the uneducated bunch, arent they.. :)) So I'll really be looking forward to a Galad PoV having him wonder why he suddenly dropped on the floor and started burning and having chills and all that jazz :)
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