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  1. I’m guessing it must be hard to do an ageless look on screen 🤔 Also she’s meant to have a blue stone dangling on her forehead? It’s part of her culture and a hidden Ter’angreal ?
  2. I like the theory someone had earlier that Androl still has a wilder block and that Taim wasn't trully successful in beating it out of him. Androl is like the male version of Nynaeve except his Talent is with gateways. I also re-read The Great Hunt chapter called summoned Suian said to Moiraine that seeing Ta'veren was one of her Talents. Interesting that they can have more than one Talent. Perhaps the others are unaware of other Talents they may have. Egwene has a Talent for Delving not the healing type but the actual Talent from the AoL were the name originated discovered through her ti
  3. Yip the Dark Prophecies that Moridin has were known as early as the Great Hunt when Padain Fain escaped Fal Dara dungeon. Verin was one of the Aes Sedai studying the small part of the prophecy written on the wall in blood but they had no idea who wrote it on the wall. I'm hoping Verin managed to sneak a peek of the prophecy and scribble at least some of it down in that notebook she gave to Egwene.
  4. In the beginning Moiraine said they are vulnerable to being turned to the shadow in their dreams they wouldn't neccessarily need myrdraal.
  5. As for the blank I thought it was a city as well I even mentioned it in a discussion board on facebook. However what if it's a large stedding with it's very own Nym and Aiel followers of the Way of Leaf who with the Ogier know the Song? They could be waiting for the Dragon before they know their efforts against the shadow would be useful?
  6. Well, the best evidence is that Ishamael is the antithesis to the Dragon. And no one else has mentioned your theory because on its face it obviously doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. You can say what you want. IMO there is more evidence that Ishamael was mad than that he is actually the antithesis of the Dragon spun out time and again by the wheel to fight him. And I've said from the beginning that I know this is way out in left field and hugely unlikely.... No need to get snippy. No one is getting snippy, honestly it's just a counter argument part and parcel of a good heal
  7. Something weird is going on remember the confusion over Shadowspawn sent into the ways on Sammael's order after he was supposed to be dead after Mashadar got him. Well I re-read that passage and it doesn't show absolute proof Sammael perished. As Rand's PoV veered off to Leah the abandonned Aeil. Iv heard folk state RJ said Sammael was deffo dead and not coming back, can anyone confirm this? Can being consumed by Mashadar stop the DO from getting your soul?
  8. Not enough explanation as to how he knows so much about the OP since he only declared himself the Dragon Reborn less than 2 years prior to events in ToM. We first hear about him in The Great Hunt, then one book later he is testing other men for the spark and talking to Rand like he has been channelling safely for hundreds of years.
  9. There are very compelling counter arguments for the Taim= Moridin theory, I can see why some of us WoT fans believe he is just a New Age Dreadlord taught by a Forsaken/Channeller. I like to weigh up the pros and cons of an argument before jumping onto the band wagon but so far there are more Pros for Taim being Moridin than there are Cons. 1) Ishmael required a new body after dying in Tear after being stabbed in the heart with Callandor. Has anyone never wondered whose body this once belonged to? Obviously the guy wasn't previously called Moridin so for all intents and purposes this guy used
  10. I also believe there is more to him than meets the eye he is hiding something from the rest of them that much is clear from his PoV. It's weird how everyone assumes that the stronger you are the bigger your Gateway, Androl makes massive Gateways and teeny tiny ones but can barely channel a candle flame. I can't wait for him to tear appart an asha'man bully as Gateways aren't exactly safe, they are a weapon as well. Either that or the evil buggers are going to find themselves sprouting arrows before they can blink.
  11. Let's face it Taim had too much knowledge and obviously had many years of working with the power for a mere wilder, Rand was an idiot for trusting him from the get go. Lews Therin was right even if he sounded mad as a hatter. I could also offer an interesting point for those who believe Taim is just a lacky. Apparently in a Q & A with RJ someone asked if Weaves of the OP could be learned from a book, (I'm assuming they meant a old aes sedai text book with diagrams) RJ answered: oh hehe that's a RAFO! This could be why Taim is so knowledgeable but since his name was never mention
  12. Iv had a re-read of ACOS and the part that is the Watchers PoV intrigues me. How do we know this is Moridin that is watching Graendal and Sammael with the Shaido? What gave this assumption? Easy it's the same gut instincts that give me the assumption Taim isn't the same Taim anymore that Bashere once chased. Im happy to admit that Im in the camp that believes Taim is Moridin and it's not just gut instinct there is alot of foreshadowing around Taim that gives pretty convincing evidence. 1) Taim used the phrase "so-called Aeil" so did the Watcher 2) The Foreshadowing of Taim seeming to
  13. correct he said it can't be reversed without aid as their personality has been changed to such a degree they probably feel normal even though they are now capable of doing evil deeds which they didn't before. 13x13 IMO is what was used to convert Tarna and Mezor, I didn't get the impression they were Zombie like at all, I just got the impression they were different their eyes were darker more menacing but they are perfectly able to hold a conversation. Their morals have been reversed it's simple to deduce that, forget the Mindtrap business, we have seen this used and heard Moghieden's PoV T
  14. That's in memory of Hopper,the Hammer is named after what Hopper first said to Perrin in the Wolfdream, hopefully as Hopper died away from Slayer he avoids being made a Shadowbrother[Darkhound] Consumed also means to eat or to be absorbed/merged makes me shudder that word. The Blight consumed Malkier if you look at it that way, it's not gone or dead, it's changed.
  15. Bashere carries something with a wolf in it, I think it's his sword pommel. And we know he's associated with the 'Broken Crown'. My money is on Bashere being the Broken Wolf. Of course, I believe 'Death' refers to Moridin (since death is capitalized in the prophecy). This implies interesting things if Moridin knows Bashere. I find this to be an interesting point...when we first saw the reincarnation of the 'Gars I'm pretty sure they commented that the bodies were stolen from the Borderland, seeing as Moridin was also a reincarnation, that body could also have come from the borderland. I b
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