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  1. At the end of the chapter A Stave and a Razor, Mat asks Noal if he's related to Jain Farstrider: The old man's face went still as stone....."A cousin," he said at last, grudgingly." He was my cousin." "He was a fool," Noal said grimly...."He went gallivanting about the world and left a good and loving wife to die of a fever without him there to hold her hand while she died. He let himslef be made into a tool by-" Abruptly Noal's face went blank. Staring through Mat, he rubbed at his forehead as though attempting to recall something. "Jain Farstrider was a great man," Olver said fiercely...."...He captured Cowin Gemallan after Gemallan betrayed Malkier to the Shadow!"...."He did that, boy. That much is to his credit. But what adventure is worth leaving your wife to die alone?" He sounded sad enough to die on the spot himself....[Tuon]"You have a good heart, Master Charin."..."Do I, my Lady?" Noal said, sounding as though he really wanted to hear an answer. Obviously, Noal is much more personal to the situation than a mere cousin should be, and seems to take blame for the death of Jain's wife. He wouldn't be sad if he was an outside, he would most likely be mad, disgusted, upset, any number of emotions other than sadness. I might be mistaken, but I don't think I am, what's everyone's opinion on this?[/i]
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