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  1. Three Becomes One. Lews Therin Telamon Rand al'Thor Moridin/Ishamael LTT and Rand are already joined, and it's made clear that Moridin's and Rand's souls are connected. To live you must die. With them joining together, the individuals "die" as they become one. Alivia helping Rand to die, she probably somehow assists with them joining together. Maybe by wounding Moridin. Logain stepping over Rand's body.. I could agree with that being symbolic of him taking lead with the male channelers. More than likely though it's going to be something really simple. Rand trips, and logain has to jump over him to keep from tripping himself.
  2. Ahhh, Durinax you posted while I was typing. I got ninja'd. :P
  3. It's possible that the "Broken Wolf" is Boundless, aka Noam. During the last portion when Perrin is talking with him inside the Wolf Dream, and he asks Boundless what he thought of the human world, death and pain was a fairly consistent theme. He is obviously 'broken' in a sense, even if Perrin came to realize that that was a personal choice made by Noam. So he's a wolf, that's broken and who has known Death.
  4. I know I'm jumping into this discussion a little delayed, but I was about to start a thread about the Kindle before I decided to do a search. I've owned a Kindle since the begining of June, and I love it. Just like haack909 said, you really do forget that it's not an actual book. Especially if you use the cover, then you have something to hold like you would a normal book. Unfortunately, I'm not able to use the wireless capabilities since I'm stationed overseas. But being overseas is also exactly why I got it. Being able to carry all of my books with me from country to country, as I change duty stations, is great. It has been a pain in some senses, seeing as how they really don't have my favorite author's for it yet. But at the same, it's made me read new one's and my "favorite authors list" has grown quite a bit over the last 3 and half months. But anyway, I can't say enough about the Kindle. When I first started reading on it, I really did miss the actual book, but after about 2 hours I got used to it. I've read 10-11 books on it (all between 600-900 pages) in the last 3 months, now, and it's been great. Really helps me get through my night shifts and my days off when I don't have anything else to do! As for the lack of WoT for the Kindle. I think we can remedy this, if everyone goes to Amazon and searches for the WoT books, there is a link in the book profiles that said "I'd like to read this on Kindle" and perhaps the more requests we put up, the faster they'll put them out!
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    Ah yes, that would definitely explain why you know about it. 8)
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    Captain Lasica... I don't recognize the name. I can ask some of the other military here who would have been the one's to work with her. What time are frame are we talking? I haven't been in Baku long, but others have. Anyway, finding someone who was familiar with my job, let alone where I'm at is fairly surprising! I'd imagine that you have/had some connection with DoS?
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    Oh, also, any other Kindle owners out there? I got mine so that I could take a lot of books with me, and not have the weight and take up space, as I'll be in several countries each year. Anyway. Why aren't any of WoT books available for kindle? (if I should start a new thread for this somewhere, I'll gladly do it. Just let me know where ;) )
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    Hey, how's everyone doing? I've actually been coming to DM for about 5 years now, but had never really considered to join the forums. ::) Anyway, I started reading WoT probably about 8 years ago when I was in high school. I'm a US Marine now, 23, and currently I'm stationed in Baku, Azerbaijan as a guard for the US Embassy there. I'm currently a solo-artist, for acoustic rock, so if anyone cares to take a listen, let me know I always appreciate people opinions. ;) Furthermore, As I'm sure the majority of those on this site, I'm flipping back and forth between different ideas for novels, and my brother and I are actually planning on co-authoring a series, based loosely on several characters that we had created when we were young and carried them through all the different campaign worlds we came up with as we were growing up. I have very high hopes for AMoL, as Brandon Sanderson is an extremely talented writer. Of course it won't be the same as if RJ had finished it, but I was relieved after the announcement came out and I read his books (Elantris, and Mistborn Tri) to get a feel for him. Don't be strangers, I get pretty bored out here and always enjoy talking about WoT.
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