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  1. Here's a hint, the BotRH are awesome. ^^ Anyway, I'm new here also, but it's a friendly place. Nice to see you here!
  2. That's because I am very cool =P I kid, I kid. Thank you all for the fantastic welcomes! @ Corki: I'll check it out, but I want to have another look around first! @ Barmacral: I have finished the published series several times. @ Niamh Sedai: Wow...we sound almost identical, except for the spelling of our names. I'll have to set up a sig and avatar soon. Don't be surprised if they have Russell Howard on them. I'm a bit too obsessed. XD If I ever met hm, he'd run away screaming.
  3. Hello all! I'm actually called Hanna, but most people on another forum where I have the same name tend to call me UV. I got the name from the book I am writing called Shadow's Lair, as it is the name of on of the central female characters. I am by no way new to using forums, as I own one myself, although it is dead =P Well...a bit about me? Besides the fact I'm more than slightly loopy? I'm 19 (almost 20 =O!!!) and am from England...but I'm not pure English, I'm half Scottish. I like to write, and I like to act. And soon I will (hopefully) be auditioning for some work in Butlins. It is my ultimate desie to play Eponine in Les Miserables or Mary Poppins one day on the West End Stage. I am the BIGGEST fan of comedian Russell Howard, and have a strange sort of addiction to watching Mock The Week. Anyway, will be here. I do happen to be more of a lurker than a poster...but I don't desert a forum once I've joined it! xx UV
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