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  1. That makes sense, except that in that prologue we also learn there is no way to hide that compulsion has been used on anyone no matter how good you are- as long as the delver knows what they're doing. It is difficult for me to believe that Nynaeve would be fooled. The compulsion would not have simply vanished that quickly- it would have dissipated, and there would have been evidence for Nynaeve to find. I think she is definitely dead, and I certainly hope so for Rand's sake- might be tough for him to learn he killed all those people for nothing.
  2. I don't see why what would be an issue.... After all, one swipe from that dagger is all it takes for the corruption to rip a person apart... Like a worm in the root. Mordeth's evil is different in that it does not rely on raw power the way Shaitan must- rather he bores slowly..taking one step at a time. It's like infecting something with a virus. At first glance, it's just a a one celled critter- how dangerous can it be? However, that one celled critter can kill thousands in weeks. That is how Fain is in my mind. I doubt you need more than just the man himself. Just one pebble from Shadar Logo
  3. What you say makes sense archimedes, except for one problem. There is no one for her to tell to use compulsion on that guy. Even if she did have evil channelers around her, I highly doubt she would teach a "primitive" anything so dangerous as compulsion. You forget that "delegating" that responsiblity implies trust- something Graendal wouldn't give to her aged grandmother(Bayle Domon baby!). Secondly, Graendal loves to ruin minds with compulsion- it's like a hobby. To be honest, her demise is mostly the way I pictured it- while she is no coward, only and idiot would challenge Rand face to face
  4. That makes sense. Interestingly... Remember in Winter's Heart, Moridin said that if Rand died it would be ok as long as they got the Choden Kal. Perhaps he thought to do what Rand almost did in TGS? I love how insidious the eveil in this series is. It's not just a bunch of guys dressed in black who don't like people- it's a crazy dude who serves a dark god, and simply wants to break the wheel. But instead of trying to bludgeon the world to destruction, he aims to turn the hero's own hand against the world. Shaitan may be evil, but he does have a poetic soul it seems. Brilliant.
  5. Well, my guess would be that Demandred was getting rewarded a bit for the resounding success at the end of LOC. Although the Ashaman won the day, a permanent wedge was driven between Rand and the Aes Sedai- that was more important than anything else that occurred in the story(aside from the lingering traumatic effects Rand's imprisonment has on him). Demandred definitely is working through Taim, and managed to plant Osangar among the Ashaman. All in all, even Ishamael himself would have been proud at the way Demandred has infiltrated Rand's infrastrcture. In fact, Demandred's schemes are the o
  6. The other one you are thinking of is Balefire I think- as that is detrimental to the pattern- so much so that Morridin tells Rand how to kill the Forsaken for good, just to get him to use it more.
  7. Sorry, wasn't thinking on that one. So used to those idiots who call themselves Aes Sedai ignoring Nynaeve because her nose isn't pointed straight at the sky. I still highly doubt that more than a handful of people actually have the skill to pull off that sort of healing. After all, we're not talking about healing a cut- as we've read before, even members of the yellow Ajah could not master the "new" healing weaves Nynaeve had shown them. I do see your point though- and stand corrected. Anyone have thoughts on that other notion? Using Mordeth to kill Shaitan? Not gollumesque in that it al
  8. I also dont get the Egwene hating- gawyn yes i can understand because he's a moron- but Egwene? What's not to like about her? She literally grew up before our eyes from books 2 to 6. Then, asserted control applying what she had learned from Siuan. Why do you think Ishamael needed her and Nynaeve to be collared and taken across the ocean so badly? He knew what they would become- especially Egwene. Her role in all of this is pivotal- without her unifying force, the Tower falls to the Seanchan in very short order(mostly because the AS are all chicken #### morons), and Rand very well ends up colla
  9. Unless I miss my guess. Lanfear was burned out and possibly killed during her passage through the door- then a new body was found and the severing was healed by Semhirrage- odds are she puzzled out how to do it once Nynaeve had figured it out. That is the only way I can imagine that Cyndane could be Lanfear reincarnated and yet be weaker. That being said, it makes sense then that Moiraine would have been burned out. Stilling can be healed, but only two people living know how to do it(to our knowledge). Nynaeve might do it, but that wouldn't work out too well for Moiraine- and what are the odds
  10. I don't think Moiraine will be there to help that way because I think the terangreal burned her out. Secondlym what do you mean Avhiendha and Elayne didn't contribute to the story? Some of the best parts of the middle books featured Aviendha. Modghedien would not have been a prisoner long enough to teach the wonder girls anything if not for Elayne figuring out the adam. Avi showed us how the Bore is going to be undone- she and alivia will link with Rand through Callandor to unravel it. Elayne's support of Rand also puts a whole country at his back that he doesn't have to conquer. So... which
  11. I don't think the two of them will be restored...and it's because of the other theme of loss and sacrifice that RJ has worked through his books- that's also the reason Rand won't get his hand back, and he may even die. It's also the same reason we won't see Morgase return to the throne. Life just isn't fair, and I like that sometimes bad stuff happens to good people. A far cry from what we see so often in other books of this kind. I love RJ making Sheriam a darkfriend- because I liked her. I also thought it was nice to see someone make a strong decision for once- simply executing them all! Egw
  12. In truth, I believe that the Aes Sedai have accomplished almost nothing over the years. The world fears and hates them for the most part- woith the exception of the Borderlands. How do you go a thousand years and not improve your relationship with the world around you? Morons!!! The only AS who really did things to improve the world, or so it seems were Siuan and Moiraine and Verin before the wonder girls showed up. And, even worse- those three acted against every important law and custom in order to do what they did!!!!! These women are worse than useless and deserve to be collared if you ask
  13. Wow! What's with the Egwene hating? She and Elayne are the best leaders in the book. Egwene was annoying for a while, I will give you that, but I really think she's proved herself in the last few books. As for the Aes Sedai being leashed... most of them deserve it the way they carry on. I agree on that point as I can't stand most of them.
  14. Actually, we know that Ishmael was free during this time in history. Ishamael took credit for turning Hawkwing's distrust of Aes Sedai into open hatred. Also, I believe that Bonwhin was an unwitting pawn of idiocy- much like Elaida- in alienating the Tower from the world. Ishamael manipulated events- and Hawkwing's armies and sons crossed the Aryth Ocean- building a society centered around hatred and distrust of channelers. In time, that blossomed into something even more extreme- seeing them as animals. I believe this was Ishmael's intention- his way of weakening the world for the Day of Retu
  15. It's worrisome because it implies that Egwene might finally cross that line and be willing to sever Rand if necessary. I also would coincide well with a decision to support the Seanchan- the one thing that Rand could do aside from joining the Shadow that Egwene would go ballistic over(and rightfully so). It will be interesting when it does happen to see how she will react. That would be difficult for the Tower then- with every hand turned against them.
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