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  1. Remember the Finns told Rand to live he must die.
  2. I was re-reading EotW and during the ending fight between Ishamael and Rand. In this sequence Rand summons a sword, The Sword of the Light. "His sword was in his hand. Not the heron-mark blade, but a blade of light, a blade of the Light. Even as he raised it, a fiery white bolt shot from the point, as if the blade itself reached out." Against The Shadow, Pg 762 I was wondering whether Rand will use this again? I have been trying to remember if he has used it in any of the other books but he hasn't. The only other 2 swords that come close is the fire-wrought sword that Rand summons and Callandor. It isn't the fire-wrought sword as there is a difference of the sword being fiery red and the Sword of the Light being a blade of light. And Callandor, Rand hadn't even thought of touching that. What i am getting to is the point of... Will Rand use this in the Last Battle or was the first use a one time only. Why have Rand use a sword called "The Sword of the Light" if it is a one time only? It seems pretty significant to me. One more thing. There have been threads where people have been discussing the point of since the Shadow has "The True Power", shouldn't the light have a power divined by the Creator? Could this be the power that everyone has been looking for? Could this be the power that destroys the Dark One? What are your thoughts?
  3. For Mat, I think that he is actually King Aemon reborn. In book 3 Mat remembers himself giving orders to the defence of Manetheran which when thinking about it would be Aemon giving orders to the army facing the troloc hordes.
  4. The Dark One has the True Power BECAUSE he alters and disrupts the pattern and the wheel. As we all know this is wrong. If the creator had made Devine Power he would also be interfearing with the pattern which he created. And in Tarwin Gap, EotW the creator says, "It was not Rand's thought, making his skull viabrate. 'I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL.'"
  5. I was thinking about how RJ says that the light isn't in good shape and that the Dark One is winning. What we have been reading in the last couple of books is what RJ wants us to read. What we really have to do is read what he hasn't been telling us or what he casually slips in somewhere. Reading between the lines on what RJ hasn't told us, the Shadow has had ample time to build a force of colossal size. They are throwing 10 000 trollocs about like that amount is nothing. Although when i continue to think about that attack on Rand at the manor. It almost has the feel of a test. As if it was testing Rand and his small force to see how they would do. Re-reading some of the books awhile ago i remember Borderlanders or someone talking about the blight and how far it has retreated. When you think about it, isn't it the best way to confuse or mislead your opponent by pretending to be wounded or dead? Look at what it has done to the bordlands. They had started skirmishes with each other over land in the middle of the books which if i remember hadn't occured since before the trolloc wars. And now a borderland army of ALL 4 NATIONS as moved south away from the border WHICH they have sworn to guard and protect. Literally the Light has no defence at the moment from a sudden invasion by the Shadows forces. Unless Rand can quickly sent his army to the borderlands but that makes him facing the borderlands and his army with the seanchan attacking his back. The tower wouldn't be able to send support against the invasion because they are too busy fussing over there own problems to look beyond what is happening outside the tower around Randland. But then there is al'Lan with his army. Army? Has there been enough time for people to follow him? To hear that he has risen the Golden Crane apart from Nyn and her exploits. I doubt there is more than 1000 even half of that amount. How can he face a trolloc army which has a ratio of 1000 to 1? These figures are extreme but that is one of the ultimate possibilities. From where i am standing the Light is in no condition to face the Shadow. No where NEAR ready for the last battle.
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