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  1. I actually had a seminary(LDS religious class as an elective) teacher in High school that said something rather interesting, he does not follow "The Golden Rule" He said he has his own "Golden Rule" that actually did sound a lot better. Instead of "Treat others how you wish to be treated." It was "Treat others how THEY wish to be treated." Reason it is interesting and better in a lot of ways, is some days, I just wanna be left the heck alone, now if someone I pass would like someone to talk to, then the Golden Rule would backfire, now if I treat him how THEY want to be treated, I'd stop and talk to them. I know its not meant literal, but I just think its interesting at any rate.
  2. By trinity what do ya mean? Is that what its called with the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ and God all being sepparate or that they're all the same person? I was raised LDS, and they always taught us that they were three sepparate entities, so I'm just confused and wanting clearification :P Anyways, most religions have some view of others, but it does come down to the haughtiness of the individual that starts arguments, and is sad to bash someone else's belief. It is a definate fact that religions are needed, if it weren't for them, why would there be any reason to live by laws and care about anything? If there's nothing after death what's the point? So I have the firm point of view that ALL religions are needed and great, even if I don't believe any any of them.
  3. So, as a person that does not have a religion I am curious about how other religions view each other, I mean ya have the Pope, he's like famous or something, but what about all the other religions?
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