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  1. Really? I read "The Dragonbone Chair", waaaayyyyy back. I didn't like it very, much. Could just be taste, could just be that I was younger. It was at least 13 years ago. Maybe I'll give it another look. Again. LE Modessitt Jr. - The Saga of Recluce Book #1 - The Magic of Recluce One of Fantasy's best kept secrets!!
  2. We can't discover the One Power 'cause we're too base and corrupt. THe Hadron supercollider will fail to create a singularity. I heard it on TMZ. I defy you to prove them wrong!
  3. I highly recomend the "Saga of Recluce" by L.E. Modessitt Jr. Book 1: The Magic of Recluce Can't remember the sequence of the other books, but start there. Very good to excellent for all ages.
  4. Really? I stopped reading Goodkind after the third book. Wasn't a bad series at all, I might have to re-read it...... if a certain other author dodn't write such a fantastic and fucund series I am re-reading. Be sure to put up a review in the Seanchan board when it comes on. TV loves to do "fantasy" stories dirty, tho.
  5. Rand will bind the Nine Moons to him through Mat. We still don't know what all the "swirling colors" are when each ta'veren think about each other. Ever notice how Rand, Mat and Perrin aren't complete. Each one is always looking to the other for something the other lacks. (eg: How each thinks the other has a way with women) Mat has the connection to Manetheren, old knowledge, and "The Dark One's own luck". Perrin has a connection to the land and compassion. His aversion to violence is in stark contrast of the vulgar displays of power that Rand exercises. Rand is the heart of power. He is the "
  6. @ Liitha I'm in the office most of the day, so no IM, but feel free to get @ me on the E-mail listed in my profile. I've been looking over the forums and I'm gettting a pretty good idea of how y'all do things. I gotta say I'm impressed with the devotion of some people, here I thought I was the only one who had Rand, Mat and Perrin on the barain for the last 15 years. :) @ Loreina Thank you very much for the greeting. I would be humbled to be welcomed by such honoured folk as the Ogier. @ Cadsuane I'm sure you'll be properly impressed eventually. ;) Gimme time lady, gimme tim
  7. @ Liitha I've been checking out the RP section and I gotta say that there are some gifted minds here. Verbal ninjas. I've never participated in any on-line RP, tho I have a well versed history in RPG's. Lemme get my ish together and I'll do a character bio, then Hokus Grey will join in on the fun. *Hokus sets to sharpening his blade to a keen edge* "Blood and bloody ashes!"
  8. Silliness is to be expected. We can't all be as serious as Lan. :D Thanx for the welcome.
  9. I remember first seeing "The Eye of The World" in the library in 1991. I was young, 13 or so. I suppose the very act of picking up the book was a catalyst for what would become a lifetime passion. I didn't know it then. I read of a boy led out of his home and into a world that would make him both loved and feared. His friends that accompanied him, magnetized by their proximity were also thrust into a greater story than they could ever imagine. I went with them from Edmond's Field on their journey. A young man from Canada on a quest with 5 friends from a small town, moving towards an epic strug
  10. Thank you for the warm greetings. I am looking forward to corrosponding with other fans of WOT and exploring the world RJ created. I recently began to put together my collection of hardcover copies of WOT and was reinspired to immerse myself in the rich deatil and vibrant characters I have loved for so many years. Glad to see that I am not alone. Light be with you.
  11. The Belgariad is a good series for someone who requires "kid gloves" in their introduction to the Fantasy genre. I read it first as a youth and again as a young adult. It is just fun, with easy to love characters, gods to solve all the protagonists problems (like time shifting), and battles with enemies that are far from frightening. It always struck me as being very "British" if you will excuse the term. I think I mean traditional. A grat read for the 10-13 age range, but I would stick more to the Pridayne (sp?) Chronicles or The Lord of The Rings personally. Eddings is a fun writer to read t
  12. New to the board, but not the will of the Wheel. Been reading since 1991 and the work has encompassed my life. I was roughly about the same age as Rand, Mat and Perrin when they began their flight from Edmond's Field. I Have grown up with The Author's characters like they were childhood friends. We remain close to this day. I would like to send condolences to all the family and fans, as we all honour the anniversary of James Oliver Rigney's passing. I am looking forward to speaking with many of his friends and fans here, as we share our love of the world he created and how it has changed all o
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