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  1. cuendillar hasnt got anything on me thought of another: Hey babe. You could be my fourth girl.
  2. I honestly don't have an idea what any of the prophecy stuff means. I did have an idea a while back, when I first heard about the Rand-Moridin-body-switch theory. I thought that maybe the "red on black, the dragons blood stains the rocks of shayol ghul" was talking about Moridin's red and black clothing, and that the "red on black" was refering to the switch.
  3. He just recognized rand for what he was: An Aiel. And also, I suspect that Gawyn thought Rand looked a little like the royal family. This also was correct.
  4. On the note of Rand becoming a blademaster again, I doubt that it will happen. In my opinion, the whole point of him losing his hand was for him to rely more on the power. However, on the unlikely chance that he does relearn the sword, it would be really awesome if he did something to his stub to help him fight... Like turn it into cuendillar and then use it as a shield :twisted:
  5. My take has always been that we are somewhere near the beginning or end of the cycle. Like the Seventh or First age. That would leave time for channelers to die off, human existance to become extinct, dinosaurs to reign, and then to have humans rise again. But this is my take. Luckers, feel free to correct me.
  6. I started reading them two years ago, and have only had time to read them once, because I always have homework and sports going on during the school year, plus the fact that my teachers want me to read books that I have never read before. I started to reread the series again this summer and got almost to the end of tGH before I had to give up and start reading my summer homework.
  7. Yeah, but the creator made the "wheel" of time. You know. A circle. A hole in the middle. Woah. Maybe I just hit on something. I had never thought of this before, but if the creator is male (he isnt, but if he thinks like one), maybe he just wanted to "screw around" with the wheel and ony had that "one night stand" and then left it. :twisted: And then he was like "Um... Yeah... Last night was great...I'll call you next age..."
  8. I would just like to point out that sleeping with someone that can channel might not be all that much fun... Unless you are into that kinda thing... I am not judging.
  9. First and foremost, Faile. Just for the fact that she is in the story. Without her, Perrin would still be supremely awesome. Then I think that Elaida needs to be slapped for being cocky and annoying. After that, Nynaeve for thinking every man is a child whilst she herself is the true child. Then Rand, for going into hiding instead of doing something useful for the lands he had conquered and for snagging tagging and bagging two of his three women.
  10. I would be a channeler who would randomly Travel in to whoever is being B****y at the moment *cough* faile *cough*and slap them. Then I would Travel off until I was needed once more.
  11. hey all. I was rereading tGH and on page 524-526, I noticed some odd comments from Verin. She says to Rand that he has been transported by portal stone more recently than she had, but later says that all she meant was that she hadnt used the portal stone before and that was why Rands trip was more recent. pg524 To me, this sounds like a very odd way of saying it... Maybe she was saying that for the benefit of the shienarans, but that seems too complicated. I have a theory that is more like unsupported drivel, but maybe she had used a portal stone in the future, and so technically, she coul
  12. I always thought they looked like the Japanese Gakuran (had to look that one up :oops: ) It is the jaanese school uniform for guys.
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