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  1. Braxen opened his eyes with a start, then relaxed as memory caught up with reflexes. "Still in the barn" he muttered to himself. Sometime during the night, the spider that fascinated him closed up and retreated back into the shadows of the eaves above the barn door. As Braxen sat up from his makeshift pallet of hay and cloth, he took in his surroundings with a more experienced eye. The barn was well made, he noticed someone who cared about the work he .. or she, he reminded himself, put forth. He approved of this, better to do something right and true if you are going to do a thing. Braxen n
  2. If Perrin is not seen by the rest of randlands nobility as a noble/Lord then he will not be taken seriously by those who actually have the power - in order to accomplish that, He must act like he was born to it, faile is just hastening the process. I have faith RJ wrote her character that way for a reason. I do enjoy discussing this with you folks though :).
  3. sorry - that was a bad attempt at gamer humor - anyway - what I am attempting to say is yes - she saw an opportunity for her husband, the TR folk en tire way of looking at life and how to live it changed drastically with the whitecloaks and trollocs descending upon thier small piece of earth. If Perrin is not the one to be made Lord, then someone not so altruistic will fill the void, thier independence and isolationism is something that will not be regained so yes - she set clear rules and set up ettiquette regarding Lord Perrin, these people were going to be ruled one way or another, so she m
  4. chuckles - my 2 cents worth - GRRM writes in a way and style that makes everyone human, in all our glorious goodness and our dastardly wickedness, he has a way to make you "feel" for certain characters even though we know they are not nice people overall, and - he gives things in a realistic way - the good guy you root for doesnt always win through. truth be told - we all knew very early on that rand,mat, and perrin are going to be at TG so we were safe to "feel" and immerse ourselves into thier world whereas in ASoIaF the death of the young wolf literally kno
  5. Hate to burst peoples bubbles - but in the words of eq2 gm's - faile is working as intended. what I am saying is - Mr. Jordan meant for her to be the way she is. and lets be honest - women have been manipulating men since adam and eve (if you believe) All through the series, the gals have been manipulating the boys - even Lan was not immune as Nyneave interpreted her promise to be something completely different than what Lan had wanted or intended. it is a mans fate to have his strings pulled - its a mark of his pride as to how few strings he allows.
  6. Wow - some good reads listed here!! let me start off by saying a Song of Ice series is prolly one of the best series I have ever read and I am also concerned with the lengthy time between books for that series, George is not a young man. David Eddings Belgariad and Mallorean was a fun read, but too me seemed a bit adolescent, started to read the Ellenium but Sparhawk just annoyed me. The Deryni series by Katharine Kurtz was an enjoyable time as well. The Morgaine books (there are 4 not just the three in the omnibus) and the Fortress series by CJ Cherryh is an awsome read
  7. I like faile - she is strong willed, dominant, has set goals and intends to achieve those goals, and is very independant. Qualities I look for in women , who wants a brainless fluff needing a man to do everything for them??? As for Perrin, you folks need to remember he is about 20 years of age and has NO experience with women so yes - the one thing he loves most in life is threatened and its obvious the rest of the world can go to the dark lord for all he cares - dont blame the wife, blame Perrins character flaw. My marriage is a contest of wills for every major decision and I cherish my wife
  8. Im pretty sure this has been asked and answered but im at work and dont really have time to research this question, but what is the time frame from when Moraine enters Emmonds Field until present, I ask this because the time frame is relevant, If its only been a year or so from beginning to now then quite a few POV's and occurrences could have happened prior to whatever Rand has done even though we as the readers are aware of it. kinda like reading a chapter about Min, then the next chapter is about Egwene but the chapter about Min is 2 weeks further than Egwenes. Im not saying that a POV can
  9. is it me - or - there seems to be an awful lot of loose ends that need to be tied up before the final battle, Matt giving away half the world to shadow, the split tower, Morgase ( the deposed Queen of Andor), Elaines two brothers, the seanchan, Padan fain, the dream tower thingie, Mazrim and Logain, Lanfear, and the dude using the true source not to mention Rand still having to unite the lands, mayhap iI will need to reread the 11 books again but im almost positive these questions are still unanswered and im pretty sure one book will not satisfy all of them adequately. it took one book to br
  10. Perrins fight with the axe he soo hates and it coming a hairslength away from killing Faile at the end of the battle. I know I am on the shortside of perrin/faile fans but I am also a sappy bugger and believe in the power of "love". also when Perrin and Davram have thier talk ( found it hilarious that Perrin crushed his cup). Everytime the dice stop rolling - period!!! and finally, rands slow but steady loss of compassion - Cadsuane really needs to work with that boy or we will end up trading one shadow for another.
  11. Hmmm - Favorite Character, I would have to say Matt, because I believe Siuan ( is that correct?) was correct in her assesment of him - he would go into a burning home repeatedly to save the children even if its his death that results. favorite book thats a tough one, as almost all have a highlight for me as well as some letdowns, but I guess I will go out on a limb and say the one that ends with him having Aes Sedai swear fealty to him and truly breaks the tower, IMHO the white tower meddled way to much, tied too many strings and became not the servants of all as they should be but conniving m
  12. Wouldnt the fall of the Stone and Callandor be part of those "impossible" tasks that rand was supposed to do?
  13. Hello everyone, I have read all the books numerous times (usually start the whole series over about 4-6 weeks prior to the next release) but its been a while understandably since I have reread them. just want to say I look forward to our future discussions,predictions, and general discourse involving this wonderful series.
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