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  1. No, the weaves can be countered. Graendal was just faster than Moghedien and Cyndane. How then do males avoid it. Personally i believe they are only immune while holding the source and thats because of the constant battle they are conducting to maintain control. So a female or a male not holding the source should be able to fight it of if they are ready.
  2. I wasn't aware that Alivia had the rest of Nyneave's gear. Also (and I am not sure if i am making this up or a actually remember it) is it not possible to fight off compulsion. The reason Lanfear and Moghedien succumbed so easily is that they already given there souls to the the dark one. Alivia by comparison has broken the shackles of her damane brainwashing which suggests a formidable will.
  3. I don't think Nynaeve could take Graendal . Moghedien skill is in TAR rather then the power and Graendal is significantly stronger so Nynaeve couldn't use the same tactic she used against Moghedien which was no skill all strength. Alivia had an angreal at the cleansing theres nothing to say she will not gain access to it or another at some time. Rand it seems has a significant stake in ensuring Alivia survives and also that she is as strong as possible.
  4. i think it would be a let down if Grendal was taken down by anyone but Alvia because she is the only one with enough strength to compensate for the large gap in skill between the 3rd age channelers and the forsaken
  5. I think the some of the Aiel (rhuarc is probably on a par with him) and Mat are the only ones who could come close to Lan in terms of martial skill
  6. Lan: for the reasons stated above and his sheer awesomeness Verin: Who despite running interference for Rand has managed to maintain her bookish and oft-underestimated facade.
  7. It id be worth remembering that Thom is extremely dexterous and in close with a fade, which is use to fighting at least an arms distance from the enemy, he probably could have cause serious damage with his shorter and more manoeverable weapons.
  8. Oh its got to be Lan or Rhuarc because all to often RJ draws a comparison between them and Rand with two hands wouldn't be far behind especially if knowledge and skill is passing from LTT, in the stone of tear one of the forsaken claims he and LTT pioneered the current form of fighting so i imagine LTT was pretty formidable. On a slightly different note i was wondering what everyone thought the reason for the graceful stride of blade masters was. I always figured it was due to the fact that they learned to use the correct muscle for every movement.
  9. But there is a direct link between proper nutrition and height and a link between proper nutrition and technological advancement. Soldiers in WW1 rarely topped 5 foot, due to poor nutrition, which by todays standards is short.
  10. Yeah Demandred is the DO greatest general and Mat the lights. Plus id love to see him taken down by some one other then Rand and it seems that Mat and Logain would be the only others capable of doing so. Yes Elayne goes with Egwene and Gawyn. We can call it Dragonmounters Against Gayne or DAG for short.
  11. I agree, although i hate Egwene as well I imagine Mat will lead the lights forces at TG and if the pattern of the last few books is anything to go by he will end up in the thick of it (hopfully with AS by his side) despite his best attempts to avoid just that happening. E.g. Leading the band in a surprise attack when he is ambushed by SH and trollocs pouring out of a portal stone or something and using his awesome battle skill he turns the tide taking down SH in the process. *rubs hand in delight*
  12. You have got to be kidding, the untrained guy would get destroyed. The 90 kilo guy would be so much quicker. I dunno about you but iv fought a trained boxer before and while im not suggesting i can bench press 270 kilo's i got hammered, didnt even hit the guy. Trained boxer have in there head 3 to 5 different combos they can use at any time ready in there head, depending on their skill. Thats like putting Anthony Mundine against ur average body builder. Wouldnt even be a contest.
  13. Perhaps a weave of spirit similar to the shield would be able to break the circle by slicing the link between the members but I imagine he would have to have a very powerful sa'angreal(Callandor, Choedan Kal, unnamed sa'angreal mentioned by lanfear) to achieve this against a large mixed circle. oh and a Lan vs Rand fight would be awesome but i reckon Lan would still win. Lan v Rhuarc or Mat would be more even i rekon, the ultimate clash of the martial masters. also Lan meeting Tam would be cool too me thinks.
  14. Prehaps not i imagine it is a lot harder to submit to saidar and break a shield then it it to take siadin and push through the shield
  15. I can see both Morraine and Cadsuane becoming advisors and possibly (well hopefully) Verin which may shift the balance of power back towards Rand. "Three times as many as for king/queen has"
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