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  1. Seriously, why the hell has this only been made possible to buy in the US? I live in the Uk and can't get the latest WOT material-JUST BECAUSE I LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!?!?!I've been a fan of the books for years! Damn, but it's annoying. Rant over, Brandon i hope you read this. *shakes fist*
  2. hi again, thanks for all the friendly comments ;D i'm pretty much only interested in the discussion side of things right now, after all there aint many WoT enthusiasts to talk to around my hometown.
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    Hey guys, i'm Jordan. Although new to dragonmount, i've been reading the books now for years and have read the whole collection countless times already. i'm simply wheel of time mad! i've been lurking around the forums now for a few months and am seriously impressed with all the talk and theorising around the books, i thought it was just me! Anyway, i look foreward to posting and contributing to the discussion wherever and whenever i can. see you soon!
  4. There is a bit in tGS where Rand is talking with LTT, and they discuss about something having to "bridge the gap" and touch the Dark One when the bore was being re-sealed, LTT states that that thing was Saidin and thats why it became corrupted after the DO's backlash. What if rand was to replace Saidin With the True power when(if) he re-seals the bore at TG, could he possibly avoid a backlash and another tainting on saidin, and instead the DO would "taint his own power" by having TP on TP contact? Any thoughts?
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