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  1. It could be that the speaker is the one who is dying/leaving in some way. If anyone hasn't said that yet. (EDIT: Like the post above mine pretty much says...)
  2. Holy wow, I shivered reading that. I really want that to happen now!
  3. Ok I was wondering if there are any threads or conversations going on about the idea that Cadsuane and her sisters will be involved in the Black tower plot? I was recently reading something that made me think that maybe Cads and Co will help save the BT and in doing so teach them to laugh,cry, etc. I searched a bit but did not see much.
  4. I just have to say that everyone here amazes me. The things people pick up, and the theories people spin out are beyond my brain apparently. I also thank you all for giving me something to do while in class, i'm completely lost in Intro to Programming and its all thanks to you guys!
  5. Although not new to the forum, I've always lurked sporadically, and on this most recent spat of lurking I too am surprised and dismayed to see almost every thread infected with anti-Brandon posts. Of course in a thread like this or Thisguy's thread it makes sense to post negative feeling about BS; but in a thread discussing what might happen or this or that prophecy do we really need to throw in how BS sucked at _____? (unless of course it directly relates to the theorizing).
  6. Okay, If Randland held an election for president similar to this years election in the U.S; who would be the presidential/vice presidential canidates, who would you vote for, what political parties would there be, what kind of scandals would come out, etc. etc. I would love to see an attack ad against Rand and his plan to break the seals funded by Egwene, or the press conference where Rand has to explain his three women, stuff like that.
  7. Okay I was re-reading Winter's Heart and in one of the first chapters (perhaps the first) we find out Rand is asking about Shara in Rhuidean. Do we find out why? Does it come up later in the book and I just forgot?
  8. I don't necessarily mean specific events, but is there some battle, fight, or one-power usage that you want to see? For example, I want to see: 1.) Due to Lan dying or being in grave danger, Nynaeve unleashes hell on a horde of shadowspawn and kicks some a$$. 2.)Someone close to Rand (hopefully Elayne, since she's so sure she will be fine because of Min's viewings about the twins) dies, and Rand loses it and starts blasting the crap out of whoever. 3.) Some sort of huge battle between Dreadlords and Aes Sedai/Ashaman. 4.) Bella dies and its the saddest part of the series. So I
  9. I looked around a bit and did not see anything. In LoC Mat and the Band find a bunch of slain Tinkers, and one of them wrote "Tell the Dragon Reborn" in his blood. is this explained in the books anywhere? I'm in the middle of a re-read and I have forgoten alot so maybe I just have'nt gotten to it yet.
  10. I think it is amazing what Brandon Sanderson has done. To abandon your own work and try to finish someone else's huge series is insane. No matter what there are going to be issues, sure BS may have read the books and all of RJ's notes, but he doesn’t have everything that RJ had in his head. I've read a lot that an author's characters are based on themselves or people they know in many ways, thus BS is going to have major issues replicating any characters perfectly. I think for the most part the problems with the last two books are unavoidable, and no matter who was chose there would be just as
  11. Mistborn starts great and gets greater. I highly recomend all of BS's adult novels. Elantris and Warbreaker are also awesome.
  12. The Malazan Book Of The Fallen by Stephen Erikson is amazing, and he goes out of his way (but in a good way)to be non cliche. I must warn that he throws you right into the middle of his world and story, so Gardens of the Moon (the 1st book)can be difficult to really understand fully, but imo it makes it even better. Also, Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker by BS are awesome books, def worth the read.
  13. I don't know If I'd necessarily say that things like "dreamwalker" and " i see you" are necessarily stolen from WoT.Dreamwalkers are found in lots of other media and cultures, so he could have pulled from those. As far as "I see you",I don't know, I guess that could be, but IMHO I'm not so sure. I do agree there definitely was alot of borrowing in the movie; the plot is basically the exact same as Pocahontas. I liked it though.
  14. Do you think that because of this Rand might somehow tap into the true power? Also, how do you think this whole situation will play out in AMOL, and how will it be dealt with?
  15. Any ideas why a crossing of balefires would cause this to occur, and what this will mean to the story?
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