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  1. i stayed in italy for a while. venice is very nice.
  2. i dont know if sanderson is going to be able to fit everything in. i hope there are no more loose ends. or do you suspect sanderson to write another book after it?
  3. jordan has studied a lot of history and has entwined it with the wheel of time. i like how he has used the differences with each culture and how they relate to a cultere here on earth.
  4. when perrin fights with the wolves for the first time when they say they are coming that is an awesome scene. also the build up of what is to come with nynaeve rallying lans kinsmen to aid in the final battle is pretty awesome too.
  5. i dont know i kinda like it when a film is done well of a series. it worked out for harry potter and lord of the rings. i thought beowulf was done good too with the computer animation. with all the potential special effects in the wheel of time series i think it would make for a great film. i hear what you are saying and i hate it when they screw something good up when making it into a movie but i think when it is done well it opens the literature up to a whole new audience.
  6. i hear that they may have a green lantern movie. hal jordan or jon stewart? how about hugo weaving as sinestro?
  7. wow your picture is kick ass.
  8. i hope it doesnt go the way of firefly series. great characters supurbly done series huge fan base and then killed and ruined by the studio executives.
  9. its a shame cuz a lot of great films are being done as tv series. i think hbo would do great or maybe showtime or something. it would allow for some of the more pg13 elements of the book and would allow to tell the story better. i think it would be tough though cuz i already have my own idea what the characters all look like in my head and to see people that look nothing like them would ruin it for me. this didnt happen in lord of the rings but it did in eragon. i didnt think it was that bad a movie but it certainaly was not what i was expecting. i would say i was disappointed.
  10. yes well fact in a book of fiction of couse but yes i see your point. maybe robert jordan has been just pulling our chain all along with taim it seems he liked to do this a lot. make us think maybe about something just to suddenly go a different way on us.
  11. i still think that mazrim taim is not pretending to be demandred i think that he is demandred like rand is lews therin. or maybe mazrim taim hears demandreds voices like rand hears lews therin. can lews thiern exist in the dream world?
  12. yeah they are gonna be hard pressed to find actors that fit the part and one of the worst things about lord of the rings was what they left out of the movie. maybe they will do a tvseries or something and that would do better and you could do more with it.
  13. i almost wouldnt wanna be in sandersons shoes for this book. imagine if it is as bad as phantom menace for star wars?
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