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  1. I presumed the change in pronunciations was due to different areas in Randland actually pronouncing things differently. That may have just been a wishful thought though. I really like the audiobooks, and think they do a good job. It was quite hard for me to get into them at first as it is a foreign accent to me, but I soon got in the groove. My only dislike would be the voices of the Trakands, as they seem over done and annoying.
  2. "The blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul will free mankind from the Shadow." "Twice dawns the day when his blood is shed. Once for mourning, once for birth. Red on black, the Dragon's blood stains the rock of Shayol Ghul. In the Pit of Doom shall his blood free men from the Shadow." I was just wondering what people's thoughts were that Rand's unborn child also has the Dragon Reborn's blood? I've got a few thoughts in my head, but am keen to see what folk think Apologies if this has been covered
  3. our bella wouuldn't let an aneamic, virgin, melonin deficient twat sit on her. i mean rand is ginger, but he has game
  4. i started reading the mistborn trilogy when i heard BS was finishing WOT. I loved the series and don't think I've ever read a more moving scene in a book than when Kelsier meets the lord ruler in the square at the end of the 1st novel. actually had tears in my eyes, half cause it was such a touching event and half cause I know RJ will be able to look down happy when WOT is finished and know it's been finished with heart and skill
  5. i don't think it has anything to do with repairing the bore. what would be the point in that? the last battle either menas the end of the WOT or the dark 1 defeated. I think the 3 in2 1 thing is Rand linking with 2 women on callandor. 1 must be moiraine as she ses she is critical to the success of the last battle. Min had a viewing and always thought it was about Rand's 3 women, but I think it is about the 3 ppl in the 'circle' using callandor. it is now the most powerful angreal after AMOL. I do appreciate the view it could be all 3 powers being used at once, but it wont be to seal the dark 1's prison. the dark 1 will die b4 the end of this series or there was no point in it. the niggest flaw in LOTR was that it talked about this dark lord all and all these magic powers the time, but no1 ever saw them. TWOT will let us see all that and more. I cant wait.
  6. Tom- I've often wondered this, myself. My own theory on it is that Moiraine (who we all know is an evil genius when it comes to cleverly out-manipulating others) actually used the Finn's game of wishes and such to kill Lanfear. It's also possible that Lanfear tried to channel too much and that/the Finns killed her for it. Remember- no channeling in Finnland. I agree with this and expand, I think the Finns had held her soul captive, and the DO took it from them, which is what caused a tear since he stole it from someone who already had it but it wasn't destroyed. (Mashadar) Which is why she is weaker in Cyndane from, although not a lot. i think that lanfear died at the hands of the finns. whats she would have asked for would have got her killed, think of what happened to mat? the DO could only take the souls of those bounf to him so that makes sense. Moiraine was skilled in negotiating and she had the experience of mat to know what to do. she may even have tricked them in2 helping out
  7. i'm not gona be able to quote certain points or be exact on where it happens, but i have a few theories on what BS is eluding to: - Min has a viewing of '3 becoming 1' which she thinks is Rand's 3 women. I think this could be to do with Callandor (especially as it is now the most powerful angreal in the world after AMOL) and the fact it needs to have 2 women linked to make it work - I'm sure at some point it is mentioned that the leader of the seanchan was a woman and she was subserviant to her husband, could this be to do with mat taking charge of their armies? - nynaeve mentions that she believes anything can be healed. is it possible that Rand's prophecy of having to die to save the world will see nynaeve saving him and actually healing his death? anyway, only ideas, am really keen to know what ppl think
  8. I must admit that when I heard the news of Robert Jordan's passing the first thought that popped into my head was 'but the final book hasn't been written!'. I was just so worried that I would never get to read the end of the series which has become so important to me over the years. I felt pretty guilty after this initial reaction, and thought about the reality of the impact his life and death had on people, the loss his family has suffered and that I was being rather selfish. But then i got to thinking about it a bit more; I never had the privilege of getting to meet mr jordan, but his writing means the world to me and has stayed with me for a long time now. I knew Robert Jordan through his writing and his death was a great loss to me, and I feel my initial thoughts of the last book reflect what he meant to me and so many other people. I just couldn't bare the thought that I would not get to read the final installment and find closure on such a major influence on my life. Not many people are able to touch others so much without ever meeting them and it's a testament to the great man himself that so many mourn his death. It is such a great loss to the writing world, but thankfully he will always live on through his books, and that can never be taken away. I think my initial reaction just sums up how much the books mean to me, and made me think about the importance of them to so many. Not many get to leave such a stamp on the world, and I think that what I was feeling was a great sense of loss through the only way I knew how. I hope Mr Jordan's family can take some comfort in the fact that so many of us will pass on the books to our children in the years to come and that he will always be remembered and loved.
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