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  1. I have been reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time sieries since I was 17 years and that was 16 years ago.It seems like only yesterday that I picked up The Eye of the World and started reading it and in that first few words I was hooked and since I have read and re-read them more then once.Jordan was to me one of the most talented fantacy writers ever.The way he made the world and the people in that world come to life,sometimes I found myself forgeting that it wasn't a real place,like when I would get excited about or upset about something that had happened and I would start talking about it to my friends and family and they would be like what are you talking about and I would think oh yah,they don't have any idea what I'm saying.It was really funny :D!When I had found out that Jordan had passed away,it was like someone had knocked the wind out of me,at first I couldn't saying anything,then I was like how?what happened? and I was hoping his family was doing well :(.
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