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  1. It is available in hardcover, but right now can only be ordered via the Grim Oak Press website. And it may never go to bookstores.
  2. The name Sakarnen comes from Alan and it means "causer or instrument of greatest punishment" in the OT
  3. I will clarify that some of what I said in the email from me to Luckers that you quoted above is wrong. I was mistaken on a couple points. If Brandon wanted to clarify otherwise, he would. However, you are stating things as fact that are conjecture, and I'll leave it at that.
  4. This is simply your interpretation of what Brandon said.
  5. I know exactly what Brandon is talking about when he says that. But I'm not going to say anything else either. Maybe something more specific will come out someday. I think Brandon would prefer the focus not to be on what was from the notes and what wasn't. But I also think it's perfectly natural for people to want to know.
  6. Currently Shawn says shipping in May. http://grimoakpress.com/2012/08/unfettered-edited-by-shawn-speakman
  7. There's another Fortuna on page 433, Tor. Reported by Jaclyn Hardy Weist, who used to own a bookstore near here.
  8. I'm pretty sure that is an audiobook error. Here is one found by Joel Phillips of book #1 at the midnight release: Tor edition page 831: As the trembling subsided, Logan continued.
  9. Brandon's also said before that the Isam scene in the prologue was written by RJ. And in an interview for City Pages in Minneapolis he said "That last chapter was his chapter—there were only minor tweaks that I put in; there's one scene that I added from a certain character's viewpoint. But basically, that whole ending sequence, the last chapter and the epilogue, are Robert Jordan's."
  10. Actually he wrote THE RITHMTIST way back before Alcatraz 4 and TGS, and he wrote a quarter of STEELHEART years ago and finished the rest before he started writing THE ALLOY OF LAW.
  11. What Brandon was given from RJ specifically on the last three books was 200 manuscript pages containing some finished scenes (including the final scene) and some summaries of other scenes, some lines of dialogue here and there, some "I might do this, or I might do this," etc. It's definitely not the last 120 pages of the book.
  12. My dad must have had the same professor, or his professor learned from the same source.
  13. A piece of trivia I like is that the final Narnia book is named The Last Battle, and that whole book is short than chapter 37.
  14. Pat got a copy after all. He wasn't on the reviewer list Tor sent me, so I assumed he wasn't getting one. My memories of events back in October 2010 gave a more formal spin to things, but checking my old emails, my memory is faulty. Tor never formally said back then that they wouldn't send Pat a copy. Also, Justin was the publicist at the time, and he has since left Tor to go work for Amazon, so the current publicist wouldn't necessarily be aware of what went on then. [EDIT: I should also say that when review copies started going out, I had totally forgotten about Pat's October 19th, 2010 post until someone else mentioned it. And that I now have reason to believe the crap Pat caught for that post was undeserved.]
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