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  1. "the Man in Black Fled Across the Desert, and the Gunslinger Followed.”
  2. I think that Rand saw Perrin with a whitecloak, but I don't think it was ever specifically mentioned as Galad. I'm not real sure though. Rand specificaly mentions "When did Galad become a White Cloak?" in his internal dialogue there. Oh and I just want to go on the record saying No way no how does Egwene bond Galad in this or any other life time. Gawyn will be bonded by her right after she forces him to pull his head out of his arse.
  3. That has been on my mind for some time now, Rand, Mat, Perrin all 3 together at SG causeing the pattern to reweave the hole bored into it.
  4. I am kind of sad that I found this out... When i saw the spoilers I thought they were only spoilers for epople who had not read the prolouge and Ch1 and Ch2. I never dreamed that there would be REAL spoilers in here for those us us who had not read the entire book. I think I'll stay away from the forums for a while incase anymore Actual spoilers leak out. Farewell for a few weeks. :( I am really interested in how getting confirmation that the sword is justice will in anyway take away from your reading of the book. Some people over react to the smallest things but I will cut off now
  5. We know Moiraine's bond to Lan snapped, which we have only seen be caused by death and severing, and we know Moiraine isn't dead. We know ter'angreal are dangerous things that can kill or burn out the unwary, and this one was malfunctioning violently. We know Lanfear was held by the Finns for a time, and that she came back in a new body, weaker. We know the Finns can't give a new body. The only thing we know that can cause a drop in strength like that is being Healed by a woman. So they were burnt out by the ter'angreal, held by the Finns, Lanfear died and came back as Cyndane, and was weaker
  6. This would all be nice, but I highly doubt Dain and Perrin will ever be in the same room without one trying to kill the other.
  7. I will keep it in mind during my read through and let you know where i see some referances.
  8. Its mentioned a couple of times in passing, its the same for male or female you need to spend a few hours getting to know the place you travel from before you can open your gateway.
  9. Egwene doesnt really do much for me until KOD.
  10. Well I dont have the books with me but according to http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ " Rand notes that there is now a great chasm in the earth all the way down to the underground ocean. A three-mile lake is forming outside the city."
  11. I look forward to Rand and Mat, in the last few books Perrin has just been killing me.
  12. Definately looking forward to more Rand, but man I am ready for him to get his mojo back it seemed like he was a wreck the whole last book.
  13. I am interested in why its unlikely to happen? Moiraine needs to be rescued, her and mat need to be present at the last battle. I think they both have too much left to do to be a last minute rescue mission. If I had to I would put my money on seeing the rescue this book.
  14. I cant decide between a Mat heading off to the Tower of Ghenjei for the rescue mission, or Cadsuane's questioning Semirhage.
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