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  1. Without the Dagger, none of the others would have happened. I think it's the key to his whole thread.
  2. Owen, his nephew, is in the past so it shouldn't be that. I'd go with what Kadere said, it's likely Mat and the reference to being a Warder.
  3. I still like simple answers. If they took a channeler, the price for the bargain would have been higher. The price had to be "half the light of the world". That price was based on Mat, Thom, Noal and Moiraine. And, of course, the pattern needed Noal to die at this time. :)
  4. Though really the simplest reason the female one didn't survive and the male one did was because the female one was still buried with only the sphere free while the male one was no longer buried. So the excess heat used while wielding that much power was able to dissipate for the male one and wasn't able to for the female one. So you ended up with Slag for that one.
  5. Moiraine had the door uncovered and moved the angreal to the correct wagon the night before the confrontation. Up until that point, the angreal was being kept safe near the seals. She placed the angreal there to lure Lanfear onto the wagon so that she could push her through the door. She knew that this would happen the morning after Rand found out about Morgase. She knew, based on the knowledge from the rings, that there was no other way to stop Lanfear.
  6. Did the CCG go through Red Eagle or was that produced prior to Red Eagle getting involved with WOT?
  7. And Thom recently got a blanket pardon for whatever he may have done in Andor or Cairhien. I have no doubts that Thom did both deeds....
  8. 18? It's been 22 years since tEofW first hit the shelves.
  9. And if you're going to read them using the above suggestion, stay off the board until you finish everything. I'd personally put it after The Great Hunt the first time through the books. And first on the second or more pass through.
  10. Or the a'dams have more differences than the missing leash.
  11. In the Lord of Chaos: She was working in the middle of a crowd of women. I can't imagine that she wouldn't be told to fetch something occasionally or get some more clothes to do etc. And there are other differences like here... Joline didn't make it two steps. Certainly not a dozen paces. The two a'dam are a bit different.
  12. The not forthcoming part had to do with not cooperating. I'll concede that point, I remembered it wrong. The exactly the same part would have meant that Marigan (Moghedien) would have been constantly sick. There was a point when they were wearing the bracelet very infrequently and Marigan seemed to always to able to do her assigned jobs no matter were they were in Salidar. Joline didn't make it two steps. It seems to me that Marigan wouldn't have been able to do anything while the bracelet was off unless the a'dam didn't quite work the same way as an original. BTW, I see no straws her
  13. Where did you get that from? When Min did a viewing on Birgitte, she thought it was very strange since there seemed to be an older man and a younger man associated with her. I always took that to mean she was seeing the future in multiple lives for Birgette. And that would mean your statement isn't correct.
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