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  1. We've got our wires crossed good and proper, mainly from me misinterpreting your original intent. So i'm just going to explain myself and then crawl out of the hole i've dug myself into. In the post I quoted you said Rand doesn't listen to anyone. Not Logain, Asha'man or Min. You then went on to give an example of Rand not listening to Mins advice when going into the camp. "Rand only listens to her when she want's to come...She said it was a bad idea about the camp he didn't listen etc." My point was that saying he never listens by giving an example of Min advising him out of fear that he'll get hurt isn't really justified. He's the Dragon Reborn he shouldn't be advised not to do something incase he gets hurt and he knows it. I don't hate her. Rand most certainly needs her.
  2. Edit - I see were this went wrong. The usage of the word 'policy' tripped me into thinking of Rand as a governor not of his individual actions in which case I did contradict myself as far as Min adivsing him. My main point still stands however. Min advised him not to go into the camp because she didn't want to see him in danger. It's perfectly understandable for Rand not to take her advice in that case. Just like it was perfectly understandable for him not to take Moiraines advice not to take the Aiel over the Dragonwall. That doesn't mean he doesn't take advice from people. Again taking advice and doing everything someone says is different.
  3. No, it wouldn't be a lie. It IS hot outside. That's not a lie. Verin doesn't say "You fainted from the heat." She says "It's hot outside." You're not picking up on the nuances. Verin isn't responding to "How did I faint?" If she believes all she's doing is stating a true fact there's no need to justify saying it. What Beldeine infers from that is Beldeines problem. That's the way Aes Sedai turn truth on it's head. So above this quote she's justifying feeling lightheaded from being weary from using the one power. In this quote she's justifying how the heat had caused her to be light headed and nearly faint? Pick one please.
  4. Or perhaps you don't understand what a post is. A post isn't a collection of things you've said ranging over 6 pages. I even gave you the post I originally quoted. Usually when someone quotes a specific post they're referring to that specific post not everything you've ever said... ::) My point is that Mins advice didn't stem from being well informed. Mins advice came from not wanting to see Rand in danger. That is NOT a basis on which to inform the Dragon Reborn of what he should and should not be doing. Therefore it's understandable that Rand didn't drop to his knees and praise Min as an all knowing deity. How can you be arguing that Min "doesnt generally advise Rand" when your whole argument is that Rand never listens to her advice? How is he supposed to listen to it if she never gives it? So you can quote 1 of wvlr's posts but I have to quote all of yours? I quoted the post from you that I wanted addressed. If you think i'm going to go through 6 or 7 pages and quote every post you've made you're loco. I don't even see why this is a point of contention. I clearly pointed out what post of yours I was referring to. TWICE.
  5. Well it's also theorized that Taim was taught by Ishamael. His knowledge of how to test if men can channel, knowing that using too much of the power during the testing can harm the man being tested etc. There's more but i've forgotten it. It's certainly viable. So if Ishamael did teach Taim he may well have taught him the weave to change his appearance.
  6. Forgive me I must be going blind in my old age. Please be so kind as to point out where. It's a risky move every time Rand steps out of his bedroom. Hell it's a risky move everytime he steps into his bedroom with Lanfear about. Rand doesn't avoid doing things because it's risky. Min "advised" Rand not to go to the rebel camp because it was dangerous. That was it. She had no vision, had no knowledge of political motivations she was just scared for Rands safety because she loves him. Not the best adviser really. Besides, when has Min ever tried influencing Rands policies? She's a tavern girl and she knows it. Unlike Egwene she doesn't assume she knows whats best for the world just because she's a woman. That's why I like her so much. Like you did to me in this very post? The irony. Me and you are going at it today it seems. Nothing personal :)
  7. I'm glad it happens in the book i'd hate to argue a moot point with you ::) Which ironically this is. Verin isn't justifying saying it's too hot to Beldeine. It IS hot why would she need to justify it? If you re-read the passage again you'll find Verin isn't justifying saying its hot in her thoughts. Infact she's doing quite the opposite. Nowhere in that passage does she justify saying it's hot. Which is what makes the misleading so smart. It isn't a direct response to Beldeines question but Beldeine being in a weak state of mind doesn't pick up on it.
  8. Are you kidding? When does Rand ever listen to Min? Do you have half an hour to list all the visions she's had? Going into the Cairhienin camp is what brought him Darlin and Caroline. Yes he decided to ignore her in this but something good came out of it. Sure something bad happened too but it's not like she advised him not to go in fear of Fain stabbing him. Just like when Rand ignored Moiraine about taking the Aiel over the Dragonwall. If he didn't he wouldn't have an army. There's a difference between listening to peoples advice and doing what they say all the time. Moiraine's a bad choice in this argument anyway because in the early books she doesn't give advice so much as orders. I'm aware you didn't mention Moiraine but others have.
  9. So long as it was a hot day Verin would have no need to justify saying that. Verin wasn't responding to why Beldeine felt faint, she was just stating a fact. This is the problem I have with the oath being so easy to circumvent. Everytime we see an Aes Sedai mislead people it's in a relatively smart fashion. If all you had to do was mutter under your breath surely every Aes Sedai would do that instead of thinking of harder ways to bypass lying..?
  10. Nothing much is noted about Tigraine though. Apart from the obvious, she went missing and she was the daughter heir married to Taringail with a son. Other than that we know little of Tigraines life. Morgase's lack of power is noted because she's an active character in the story, same with Elayne. I wouldn't rule out Tigraine having any ability in the one power just because Dyelin didn't turn around and say "Oh btw she could channel but was very weak."
  11. It all depends on whether or not Lews Therin can take control of the power from Rand whilst Rand is the one holding it. He hasn't been able to thus far but then until KoD he hadn't been able to beat Rand in getting to it. I doubt Rand knows either. I don't think he went there asumming no one was channeling. He admits to either Bashere or Logain that it's likely to be a trap(I think). You just have to understand what Rand has resting on a succesfull negotiation. He needs the Seanchan onside if he's to win Tarmon Gai'don. It wouldn't look good if that was really Tuon, LTT takes the power and he kills her would it?
  12. The Karaethon cycle prophecy (Dragon Reborn) says; The car'a'carn, Aiel, prophecy does say that he'll be born of a maiden also.
  13. Invisible M4s perhaps. Nynaeve and Cadsuane were holding the power but had masked it. There's no evidence that if it was Tuon, she had the means of sensing saidin. Nor even that Semirhage had the ability. Really all of them apart from Rand were holding the power. That said I do disagree with Sabio. LTT taking the power in a negotiation were you need a positive outcome is far too big a risk.
  14. It's already been stated but let's do so again. The prophecy never says the Dragon Reborn will be Aiel. It says "Born of a maiden." The Aiel hadn't been seen since the Aiel war and even then little was known of them. Rand hasn't just been told he looks like an Aiel either. Remember the Caemlyn inn Mat and Rand stayed at? The cook thinks Rand looks like an Andoran prince. If a person from Caemlyn thinks you look like an Andoran prince, there has to be some similarity surely. Not to mention Dyelin. The Two Rivers technically is part of Andor.. I also agree it's unlikely the people from the Two Rivers would have told Moiraine much about Rands birth.
  15. Rhuarc wouldn't say the name. She filled in the blanks more than guessed and this was after Rhuarc showed her the clan chief mark of the dragon which is the same as the one on the banner she gave Rand. I agree with Luckers. It even states she sounds as close to startlement as she ever had.
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