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  1. Who is the most hardcore fantasy character you've come across? I think Logen, the bloody nine, is most definately the most hardcore guy i've read... 8)
  2. I don't think Rand will fight the DO at all. Isn't it impossible to defeat the DO? I'm sure Rand will just have another face-off with Ish. I think Rand will lead a band of channelers (As LTT did) and reseal the DO's prison, but properly this time. He will obviously have to destroy the seals first and Min will figure out why because she reads Herid Fels books all the time. The People Rand takes with will have to face off the forsaken. At the same time, everyone is going to be fighting all around Randland. Thats my best guesse.
  3. A Stare Off Uno VS Mr Ares ;)
  4. Well the finns gave him memories back right, aren't those memories of his past lives? If they are memories of lives he has lived, then he must indeed be tied to the wheel. If he is not tied to the wheel, then that means that normal people can be spun out any number of times and live many lives and then what would be the point of the heroes? They would be the same as everyone else.
  5. I'm not too sure. When Mat sounds the horn, all the heroes know Rand/LTT, but they don't know Mat. On the other hand, if all the heroes tied to the wheel are spun out again and again then it would imply that normal people aren't spun out over and over. Seeing as Mat can remember parts of many past lives, i should think he is tied to the wheel in some way. In TGH Artur Hawkwing says to Rand: I can recall Mat saying much the same later in the series, something about fighting with and against Artur Hawkwing many times.
  6. I really want to see Loil speak to the Ogier at the stump and see them go to war. But this will almost definately happen in other books for obvious reasons.
  7. You failed. Irony is a disparity of expression and intention. When someone says one thing but means another, or when a literal meaning is contrary to its intended effect. An example of this is sarcasm. When i said wow what a coincidence, i meant the opposite. Like i said before, i was being sarcastic. So in what way did i fail? Just because you fail to see what i mean, does not mean i failed.
  8. Odin also had a hat, but none of that is coincidence - RJ "reverse engineered" some of our myths to show what they grew from. We also see examples of their myths, rooted in our time. It's intentional. Yeah i know it's no coincidence, i was being sarcastic =P
  9. I think that they will rediscover the lost songs. The Aiel/ tinkers and ogier will sing together again. But it'll just be an epilogue type thing. Like after TG and everything, they sing to regrow the blight or something like that. That sounds more likely to me...
  10. wow that makes perfect sense... never realised that before. You do know that Odin is not only supposed to be one eyed, but is also associated with ravens and spears. Thats quite a coincidence.
  11. Slayer did not kill either of them. Later in the series we get Slayer's POV, and he reminisces about killing 2 AS in Tear. He said it isn't everyday that he gets to kill AS. So if he had killed Lanfear, wouldn't he be reminiscing about killing one of the Forsaken? That is a much bigger deal than 2 AS...
  12. Oh i c, thats actually really clever... So they were both burnt out or whatever, makes sense. But if they both couldn't channel, how'd Moiraine live and Lanfear die? Did Moiraine make a deal with Finns or something?
  13. Im not actually sure, but i think so... I don't know if we've had any scenes from Moridin's POV after it happened.
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