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  1. I think they have the new album on their page, check out the old album that has songs like Fiddler on the Green and My Last Sunrise. It combines with the reading due to the melodies on the first album. When I read through all the books, I started with Fiddler on the Green and then left it on repeat. You'd be surprised at how well it matches at least with my tempo of reading. Also, the singer is from a band called Blind Guardian which has written several albums about books like Lord of the Rings Also check out Bards Song, Mordreds song, etc. I love Tool, but these guys are our modern day Bards - my opinion but I think its more fitting for the style of reading. The few WoT fans I have told about Blind Guardian and Demons and Wizards all have said it does add something magical to the reading. Give it a try, won't hurt and so much to gain :)
  2. Greetings everyone! I started a guild on Age of Conan, a new MMORPG that was just recently released. The guild is actually a band name, but will be open for Wheel of Time fans. The Guild is Demons & Wizards on the Hyperborea RP-PvP server. My characters name is Lanfeer and soon we will have people like Tuon and a few others I've ran into throughout leveling in the world. If anyone is interested feel free to send myself or Baen a tell ingame. And if you have never heard of the game, check it out. It has potential to be one of the greatest MMORPG's to date, and I've played them all. Also, the name is from a band called Demons and Wizards which I would recommend everyone to listen to while you read WoT - they really go well together. Cheers, Brent P.s. if you roll on the server, pick a name from one of the Forsaken :)
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