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  1. I believe the difference is that severing blocks the Source whereas burning out actually removes the ability to channel.
  2. Assuming the dev stays true to the source material? Bioware, maybe Bethesda (but choosing them is a bit worrisome, after TESIV and FO3), or maybe Valve (because...Valve).
  3. I had always assumed that had been done by the Shaido in an act of anger or provocation, given Rand's revelation at the end of TSR.
  4. "Twilight" and "WoT" should never be mentioned in the same sentence (unless, of course, that sentence is either the one I just said, or "WoT is infinitely better than Twilight").
  5. Surely Rand and Perrin could communicate in secret? It shouldn't be challenging in the slightest for a channeler like Rand.
  6. When Sevanna sees the Dragon Banner rise over the slaughter at Dumai's Wells. I attempted drawing it one time, just because of how epic a scene that is, but I didn't like the drawing at all.
  7. I actually think I got it from right here on Dragonmount. Before I registered, I used to do a lot of reading in the 1+ year-old threads. It might have come from there. The second possibility is that it came from a database of WoT maps I once found. It had every map from the books, including the BWB. I unfortunately do not recall the name.
  8. I got through them at about one book per week, but on re-reads I took anywhere from two weeks to two months per book.
  9. As requested: http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/5647/wotannotatedmap.jpg
  10. I'm pretty sure the Dark One has to find bodies for the Forsaken to be reborn into - he doesn't just create them. And I don't think the body has anything to do with the channeling limit of its user, but rather it's their "soul" or whatever life force there is in WOT. As for Cyndane, most people suspect her drop in power is due to what happened on the other side of the ter'angreal doorway.
  11. Mat. Nothing like carousing in taverns.
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