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  1. Ya there pretty awsome in there own way. I havnt read the latest yet but there cool.
  2. Ya Jagen sedai i think her name was Alyivia or something. I always thought she was funny because she still had a mind like a child in somethings and min was always telling her stuff =p
  3. I think id be fine with that lolz or i might have what you meant wrong=p
  4. not intentionly but i do like to listen to music to keep from disstractions from lovly siblings lol =p
  5. I agree with cockta on this. i think if Rand turned out like that it would change some tings. =p
  6. Well i thought it was pretty funny calm down peeps.
  7. I am currently playing Bioshock but I like Halo (all three of them) and Call of Duty 4. Any one else play? And what games do you like?
  8. "Kaznen, I also can not think why buttered onions should be offensive. " It deffinitly wouldnt be very tasty. :-X
  9. I dont know i always accosiated bloody with the F bomb because of how freqently and how diversly its used lol.
  10. "Otherwise, I cannot see a major purpose for Elyas in the story after his initial tutelage of Perrin." Ya i have to agree with you the best thing it seems he has done so far is to tell perrin about failes weird expectations. Maybe Robert Jordan brought him back into the story line for that purpose or maybe he has more stuff to do. Like be perrins only wolf general or something.
  11. Ya that would be pretty interesting to see especially with all his exp with wolves.
  12. Rina Hafden: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Her Warders are Elyas Machera and Waylin. She has been Aes Sedai between twenty and fifty years. She sides with the White Tower and is a Sitter. Adelorna the head of the Green Ajah hand picks Rina as the new Sitter for the Green Ajah. Thanks much dude i was wondering ;D
  13. Does it say it in the books anywere? Because i have always wondered and if its not in there anywere any theorys on who it could be?
  14. I dont know why he did it but i always appreciated it because sometimes there were slow parts in the books and knowing there would be somethign intersting like that made me keep going. ;D
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