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  1. Pretty certain. There are still deadlines to be met by Brandon, of course, but all the pieces are in place for Nov. 2 to happen. The writing is done so it's just editing left. Unfortunately it's probably more likely at this point that we'll see a less polished Nov. 2 release than another release date change. I'm not too worried about it though.
  2. Not an expert here, no quotes or anything. The main difference I see is that with Rand and Egwene, they are just making copies of the same weave. Cadsuane is doing two completely different things. I imagine it would be sort of like playing the drums with each limb going at a different tempo.
  3. Personally: Mistborn - 9/10 Warbreaker - 8/10 Elantris - 7/10 ASoIaF - 9/10 for the first 3 books. 4th - 8ish. GRRM has been working on book 5 for 5 years and I think he's about as close to finishing it as he was 3 years ago. Definitely give Mistborn a try though. Warbreaker can be obtained free online on his website so you might also wanna check that one out. Also the first few chapters of his next book(1st book in a large WoT size series) is up on tor right now.
  4. From a BS blog a couple years ago(http://www.brandonsanderson.com/blog/743?m=1&y=2012&d=8): Alcatraz/Evil Librarians 60,400 New Spring 121,815 Elantris 202,765 The Final Empire 214,752 The Path of Daggers 226,687 Warbreaker 236,301 Winter's Heart 238,789 Hero of Ages 244,201 The Dragon Reborn 251,392 The Well of Ascension 252,739 The Great Hunt 267,078 Crossroads of Twilight 271,632 A Crown of Swords 295,028 The Eye of the World 305,902 Knife of Dreams 315,163 The Fires of Heaven 354,109 Lord of Chaos 389,264 The Shadow Rising 393,823 —-A MEMORY OF LIGHT 408k So Far!—- The Stand: 464,218 Lord of the Rings: 470,000 Les Miserables (French): 513,000 War and Peace (English): 560,000 Ten copies of Alcatraz: 604,000 Atlas Shrugged: 645,000 Entire Mistborn Trilogy: 711,692
  5. Also a new Way of Kings final draft progress bar(I might be just a little bit excited for that as well). ;D
  6. Not much new for most of us, but I stumbled upon a story about Brandon and WoT in the local newspaper today. Enjoy. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705347607/Fantasy-is-reality-for-BYU-professor.html
  7. I honestly didn't notice any more of this than in previous books, not that I kept count. It certainly wasn't enough to draw me out of the story, and nowhere near the amazing skill that Terry Goodkind has developed(I'm currently reading book 8 of SoT, aka Reader's Digest version of books 1-7 + an entire culture of retards that TG has created for the sole purpose of spouting more Ayn Rand). I'm inclined to agree here. The one moment that stuck out to me was the fulfilling of the Siuan and Gareth sticking together viewing. I don't think Jordan would have added the dialogue that they had about fulfilling the prophecy, rather let us figure out that the prophecy had been fulfilled. I hate that I'm focusing a bit too much on the negative though, as there were so many things that he got right. I thought that he nailed both Rand and Egwene's story lines. I couldn't have been happier with how they both progressed. As for Mat, I am a little worried about ToM from what we saw in TGS. Personally I think BS should write Lightsong(Warbreaker) and then once he's done replace all instances of the word Lightsong with Mat and add in a few Matish curses. The two aren't exactly the same, but I think Lightsong is much closer to Jordan's Mat than is Brandon's Mat.
  8. .............really? People are complaining about "Bloody Ashes"? I'm pretty sure that not using a word or phrase not used in a previous book in the series is not a requisite for writing a good sequel. Who cares if BS threw in a phrase that's slightly different from ones that have been used previously. Both fit in perfectly with the world that Robert Jordan created. *sigh* edit: I do agree with you about mat being a bit off in general though. Those just aren't the examples I would've used.
  9. Its not that I think Graedal is craftier than Rand... its that if they were going to kill her off, there would have been a Graedal PoV that showed her dying like "She was walking and all off a sudden a bright light came towards her and then she died" with more detail obviously. RJ/BS wouldn't leave a way out if she wasn't still alive. On top of that I seriously doubt that they would kill off two of the remaining Forsaken with two more books left. Plus Graendal is the forsaken with which we have more PoV's than any other. Graendal is alive not because it would make sense in a real life situation. She's not dead because it makes 0 sense plot wise. It makes plenty of plot sense(The bad guy dies). There are plenty of forsaken left for two more books if you include those that have been reborn. And though Graendal has more PoV's than many other forsaken, it's still not very many. She didn't make it all the way to TG, but there really isn't much left from Rand's PoV to go. Also, remember that the last two books are really just the last 2/3s of the last book.
  10. Min and Cadsuane talk about this prophesy and point us towards Callandor, which needs 3 people to operate correctly. I have no idea what that will entail but it didn't seem like RJ/BS were just trying to throw us off. Edit: Chapter 48(pg.742-745) is the conversation.
  11. I thought Saidared was pretty ok and fits with the sort of guy Mat is - he's the one who knows absolutely nothing about the One Power and really doesn't want to know. Pretty much every other POV we have is knee-deep in channeling even if they can't do it themselves. Saidared didn't really bother me at all either, but I do agree that his entire dialogue was a little off. Overall, Mat's dialogue was the only place, aside from a word here and there, where the difference between authors was obvious to me. And while Brandon's Mat isn't as good as RJ's Mat, I still enjoyed the Mat chapters. For the rest of the book the differences were small enough that it didn't pull me out of the story.
  12. I could see a reference to the towers of midnight in the book. Or perhaps a short, but important(rand/sanchean truce or something of the sort), scene appearing there. I also agree that it probably has somewhat to do with the other towers that have already been mentioned. In my mind I'd prefer it be both rather than one and not the other. edit: I just saw your post Luckers and that makes sense.
  13. Where are you getting this exactly? I'm not saying your wrong necessarily, it just seems that the only real thing we have to go on is Graendal: "So, it was the deep northeastern Blight. It had been some time since she’d been here ... Soldiers were necessary to fight off attacks from the various Shadowspawn that inhabited the lands this deep within the blight. Those creatures obeyed no master save for the Great Lord himself. What was Moridin doing all the way out here?" Hmmm....?? I just really haven't seen anything that would make me think that Graendal is wrong here. BS does have a way of turning things around though.
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