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  1. I picked up the name of the wind while in the great void between TOM and AMOL, I'll just say i read it in 2 days and then Wise mans fear in about the same time. Should of known you guys would be all over it too :D thanks for the interview!
  2. hooray for a the best answer in these forums. All these shaitan wants to end the world forever posts makes no sense and i am glad to see other people starting to see it too. If you are shaitan it makes complete sense to break the wheel and remake the world as you see fit. Not simply destroy it. Except that the DO is a scorpion crossing a river on a frog, and it is his nature to sting... Might make complete sense to you, being human, to the DO it might make more sense to destroy everything, then let the creator do his thing and have some more fun.
  3. This much is I think almost certain - even if not in the timescale of the books, if the Dragon dies or turns much as the Forsaken (excluding Moridin) did, there's still another Dragon when the Wheel turns again. The Dark One must be getting pretty bored of this by now. The Dragon did die - as LTT. And the DO did not win. Therefore, It needs something other than the Dragon/Reborn's death in order to win. Note further that Ishy did not kill LTT, though he could have done so easily. LTT killed himself, and Ishy wasn't at all happy about it! LTT was the dragon. Rand is the dragon reborn, same soul, but serving different purposes. LTT was never meant to fight the last battle like Rand is, not in his incarnation.
  4. Why are you presenting at that as the only possible risk? Others include the execution of Chesmal, or far, far more likely... an assassination or kidnapping attempt on Elayne herself. She SHOULD have foreseen the possibility of that last bit, and if I need evidence in the face of blatant common sense (such as her being a ruler on the back end of a whole bunch of political gamesmanship), I'll point out the previous attempt on her life. Even if -all- of these were minor chances (and assassination attempts aren't) chance goes totally out of whack with the presence of a ta'veren. When a ta'veren is about, things that are less than likely to happen suddenly become far more likely. Elayne knows and understands this perfectly well, having used Mat to seek the Bowl. There may be risk, but there is always risk and i believe in this case it was minimal. Like others have said it is unlikely that anything would happen for the minute she was there. And for this minimal risk, the rewards could of been far greater. She very nearly had the details on the attack against her city. I am not usually an Elayne fan, but this move by her i agree with, a little bit of personal risk for potentially vital information.
  5. After looking at that map, the land of madmen sort of reminds me of Australia. Just its position and rough shape.
  6. getting back to his roots... and sex with Min.
  7. I think its a city, where the red vieled aiel dwell. I recall that RJ talked about it long into the night, a city with its own culture and all the things that go along with its inhabitants fits that. Clearly those red vieled guys have a strange life.
  8. anyone else think it is impossible to channel in the dream? I mean think about it, we have heard you can only channel spirit while you sleep. I think those that are channeling in the dream are actualy just imagining ite, they just believe they are doing it very strongly, so the dream follows suit.
  9. That's crazy, i would rather be a slave then be dead, at least then you have a chance to live and change your circumstances, no matter how slim.
  10. The DO has forever, he can wait for the next turning, who knows maybe this is not the first pattern he is destroying and he gets bonus points for style I am however of the opinion that it is Rands taveran nature that stops him even trying. None of the forsaken can kill him untill the apointed time because the pattern keeps him alive, twisting chance and forcing certain events. If the DO can turn him before the final battle, all the better. Edit: i used to be partial to what you said, the DO can't destroy the pattern without dark rand, but if rand goes into the last battle solidly on the good side, it would destroy all tension, since the DO at that point couldn't win truly.
  11. They are the super creepy dudes from the city in the blight where all the elite of the dark friends hang. This includes the channelers that have gone to the blight and been turned at the 13x13 party, its just so much fun. Then the fresh new aiel channelers breed with the mortals there maybe prisoners, maybe elite df's, either way dark eyed creepy aiel dudes are made and raised in a sick and twisted culture in the blight, possibly channelers, possibly not, some children just dont have it :( maybe the offspring that dissapoint are turned into swords. Anyway they have lots of channlers in mystery land by now, and they attacked in ToM, damadred commands these people. This is who he is gathering for war, the creepy dudes and the trollocs.
  12. I have never much liked the theory of Fain taking the position of the DO, but does anyone else think this line gives gives it some weight? "all that he is can be seized", all that the DO one is, his power, his position, everything seized by another. :(
  13. Trust me, you don't want to know. 2nded [snip a sadly accurate summary of The Sword of Truth series] The End. Truly inspired. I have to assume the ending is correct, though, because I never did get further than book 6. -- dwn Haha, it was quite accurate, no matter how ridiculous the end may sound, I assure you it is true. I may send this to a friend who has just started the series. I warned him but he continues to press on!
  14. I liked Zen Rand. And i don't think there is any chance of him turning out like Richard Rahl. Rand has no hand, Richard would of regrown it already with a peace of string and the excrement of the native night life while judging the limbless for not regrowing their own by now. The way I see it Rand Sedai is just a lot older now, he has LTT memories fully integrated, he is LTT and Rand, so he really is quite old, hence more experienced, wiser hopefully and more patient. Having 400+ years of memories on Tap will probably change you a fair bit, but I think his own memories are much stronger and that keeps him more or less the Rand we know personality wise.
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