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  1. I picked up The Lost Fleet, its a great story. I would have picked up malazan however I cannot find mp3s of the audio books in any online store.
  2. Her own thoughts at the Cleansing indicate she was held by the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn. Therefore we can rule out any thoery that involves her being dead on arrival, or killed as soon as she arrived. I am listening to the series again on audio book. Almost to the cleaning of the taint. Will pay attention to her thoughts.
  3. All this theory needs is sharks with lazer beams on their heads.
  4. Majsju I don't remember anything giving us info about how much time lanfear spent with the foxes. Just that the great lord of the dark put her soul into a new body and ishy now has her as a slave. The delay from her death to reappearance could just be the great lord waiting for a body.
  5. I think none but robert jordan knew enough about both the aelfinn or eelfinn to figure this out. However going by the details we know from the books and guessing that the restrictions about the shadow effect both aelfinn and eelfinn. I am going to guess that the foxes killed Lanfear on the basis that she is so connected to the shadow that they wanted her gone from their little pocket plane of existance. One sniff of her life experiences and they killed her.
  6. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading for all 11 books shocked me. They are both top notch.
  7. Igrift the do might also be able to recruit more channelers from the island of mad men. Shara as well could supply some dread lords. Both places have male and female channelers.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe most of the full asha'man are tiams pets and do not support rand 100%. We saw in the last book that at least 100 asha'man are darkfriends if tiams statement about letting the lord of chaos rule implies he supports the great lord of the dark. I would also guess that many more of the white tower women are black adja then we have been lead to believe. Remember 20 years ago they felt strong enough to put one of their own on the amyerlin seat. sorry for the spelling errors in a rush atm
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