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  1. That would mean that thousands of Heroes were spun out when Mat blew the Horn. Seems a tad unlikley, does it not? Perhaps I didnt make it clear. We know souls are "reborn" and that Heroes are also "reborn" into the regular world, ie Gladal Cain (sp?). perhaps only "about 100" were in the dream world when the horn was tooted. the rest were already alive and living in Randland as regualr people.
  2. I thought someone would more than likely bring numbers into this... the only (weak) argument I can make is that we know heroes are spun out. The horn can only pull heroes from the dream world.
  3. If the Binder does not effect the soul, how is the oath-taker bound? #2 is a good point... I'll think on this. #3 you can't say the heroes were brave every time they were spun out, let alone during the first Turning of the wheel.
  4. 1:since we know this isnt the first turning of the wheel.... thats a chicken and egg argument. 2:The Criminals during the AOL couldn't have all been channelers. Rod should work on everyone.
  5. Who uses and why: Aes Sedai – current age – After the breaking they started using the Oath rod so people would trust that they were not in peril. Criminals – AOL – insure no deviant behavior What it does: Aes Sedai say they “feel” the oaths taken, ingraining into their being/ soul But how does it work? The persons thread in the pattern has many different possible paths, I believe that the pattern doesn’t give them options that would let them go against the oath Therefore the oath rod (Binder) is a tool of the pattern Pattern controls “souls” and re-spins them out to it
  6. Just for kicks… Is the leader of the white tower named after a chair, or the chair after her? “Hey that’s the Amyrlin(s) seat, you can’t sit there” Why is The Band of the Red Hand, a Band and not an Army? “Mat, we’ve got an army here… (Mat) I’m not a general, we have a Band” Could someone please explain to the Tinkers about Poison Ivy, the Venus Fly trap, or one of the thousands of plants that are deadly? Why do the Asha’man follow the old Aes Sedai Banner, while the Aes Sedai still follow the “flame of Tar Valon**”?(** I imagine the flame is the white of the ying/yang
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