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  1. Why was Moraine so unaffected by Siaun's supposed death? Was it because she knew she faced a good chance of dying? What are your oppinions on them, do you think the will meet in AMOL? If i remember right Moraine still thinks Siaun is dead and Siaun thinks Moraine is dead. Oh and obviously do you think Moraine will even survive to meet Siaun?
  2. Im not 100% sure of this but didnt Min have a vision in the beginning books about Perrin meeting Lanfear. I seem to remember her telling him to run as fast as he could when meeting her. But then she had her body changed and so she is no longer the most beautiful woman. Would anyone mind sharing their thoughts with me??
  3. Quick question. If Egwene was to become Aviendha's sister would this automatically make her Elayne's?
  4. thanks again. this is just what i was looking for.
  5. ya. thanks for the welcome. sorry to be a bother but i typed in Olver in the search bar and it only came up with my topic. Do you know what i should type in? or am i doing something wrong?
  6. I think i prefer Faile. but only by a hair. I think she has let us actually 'see' Perrin for what he is. She also loves him and he loves her. At the moment Tuon married Mat for the good of the Empire. Also Faile isnt the one invading and causing more problems for Rand. but at the same time Mat has now given Rand some leverage of the Seanchan.
  7. What is the purpose of Olver (the boy with Mat). Why is he there. Why ishe so ugly. And will Mat ever realise that olver learns how to act around women from him. And how was it that he seems to get through to all the woman. I know they all have motherly instincts and stuff but the ALL seem to want to look after Olver.
  8. Which one do you think is better. Why? Do you think they are the right people for Mat and Perrin.
  9. ya i agree i guess. but hey the bigger the better ha ha. I think it might be a good way for Egwene to strengthen her relations with Aiel for her self as well as for the tower.
  10. i don't think they would. 1. Rand is the Dragon Reborn and Perrin and Mat aren't entirely sure that saidin has been cleansed of the taint. 2. I think they view eachother more as friends than brothers. 3. None of them have a linkage to the Aiel to have the ritual. The girls hve Aviendha for their link to the Aiel.
  11. Okay. Egwene gave Aviendha a necklace which she treasures greatly. They are near-sisters. Elayne and Aviendha are sisters now. Elayne and Egwene have been friends since they were novices. Does anyone think Aviendha will become Egwene's sister through the Aiel ritual. Does anyone think Egwene and Elayne will go through the same ritual in the last book? Egwene is also admired by the Wise Ones. Oh and there is also Min who is friends with Elayne and Egwene. And is tied in with the whole loving Rand thing with Elayne an Aviendha. What do you guys think of this whole situation?
  12. We have dairy cows. Oh sorry a bunch just means alot. okay thanks i will try and contact those people.
  13. I think Egwene is one of the best and strongest characters in the books. She stands by her beliefs and works at what needs to be done. But that is beside the point. Morgase and Elayne. I think Elayne is not at brat either as she has been thinking and acting as she should considering she has Rands twins. Morgase is a little different. She has been through a great ordeal and is now having to hide it from the people who would probably save her and take her straight to Rand so she can sort out all this confusion with him etc. She also is determined like when she use the small amount of power she h
  14. I know it has been touched on before but I was just wandering if anyone has any theorys as to why noone can actually use the power to fly. Also does anyone think it might be possible but not yet discovered? I ight be wrong but didn't Rand fight Ishaemal in the sky?
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