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  1. Which is why in the books the female forsaken mention Lanfear as being one whose true power was often hidden by her. Entirely plausible since we know female characters can do that, and if whatever kind of "greal" she has is small enough so that she's not channeling a ridiculously higher amount then they might be easily mislead on what her real power is if she doesn't use it everytime she channels.
  2. This would make sense to me, Mierin is always described as power hungry, and if she heard about a doorway that takes her to a place she can get 3 wishes, i think shed go there and request to be the most powerful channeller of Saidar. My question then becomes what else did she ask for? I think it would be something along the lines of, strongest female channeler in the world, most beautiful woman in the world, and able to leave safely. this would also explain why she was one of the most powerful people in AoL without earning her third name. I've read on from postings of some of his other interviews (I'll have to go backtrack and find the precise source) where Brandon hints that Lanfear was naturally the most powerful woman and a very beautiful woman but that perhaps her mythical amount of power before her re-birth and her unmatchable beauty might have been enhanced from a ter'angreal/angreal albeit a not too powerful so as not to raise suspicion that they were not natural.
  3. -Kinda surprised no one has remarked on it yet here, but one of the biggest things that struck me was the sul'dam Falendre's mind scheming ways to avert taking the blame for the botched meeting with Rand, and the importance of the fact that she plans to withhold the news of what happened and Rand's message of peace from the higher ups for a while. This is HUGE considering Rand is going to Arad Doman with the intention of stopping Ituralde from completely massacring the Seanchan forces there and unifying the land. Just another example of the problem afflicting Randland of a serious lack of info sharing. Without realizing it, Falendre is furthering the Shadow's goals by allowing the continuation of chaos spreading. -I'm also curious what became of the "two large parties of aiel" moving towards Malden that should have arrived shortly after Perrin's forces fled. I assume Tylee mopped them up as she still has her army with her and was unlikely to leave such a large force unchecked and in her rear. Just would've liked to see a moment’s reflection during her thought process so that we know what happened to them for sure. -I wonder if the “vanishing men” Tylee speaks of are the dead walking or perhaps something else? The dead seem the most likely. -Mishima: sad way to go. Liked the fellow and to have him die sorta off-screen with an arrow through the neck isn't how I envisioned his death. Poor chap never got to face his Trollocs like he seemed so eager to. -Masema/Faile: entirely necessary and it redeems Faile in my eyes somewhat bc you can see from his thoughts he was already planning to take over a new large following down on Almoth Plain. Also, it was eery and VERY cool to see his madness at work in his thoughts. Perring always talked about the razor sharpness of his scent and how it jumps back and forth, and we see this in how he flips back and forth between calling his followers loyal, faithful, loving brothers and darkfriend cowards who deserved to die including his flip flopping opinion of Aram. Simply brilliant psychological insight in a story. The kind that could never be shown effectively in a movie probably. -I like how shortly after Graendal remarks on how Mesaana was a “second rate Chosen” who could never deliver on the large boasts she made, Mesaana goes and says how the Tower and all its channelers will soon be hers. Seems she really does have her pegged as we all can agree that is NOT about to happen. Also that Mesaana STILL believes the Black Ajah is working undetected. -What struck me most in Mesaana’s dialogue though is the bit about Aes Sedai joining her cause, but primarily those who do it “unwittingly.” Thoughts? -Ituralde: Simply brilliant. Beautiful planning and something I hadn’t expected as I was convinced by someone’s theory that he would lead them to an abandoned stedding in southeastern Arad Doman near the lake that’s on the map. I’m curious just how many “workers” he has in the field and how many men in the city. Seems unlikely that the 200k men who are following behind could manage to sneak up behind the Seanchan in time for this battle without having been noticed. So is it then just his 150k who were in the front of them? Also, I’m still having trouble understanding how Arad Doman has an army of 350k men??? The Borderlanders I understand since they’re along the blight and so all men are soldiers essentially, and Andor I can understand as well since it seems to be the largest wetland nation, but how did Arad Doman come to have such a massive force??
  4. It really is the interesting thing to watch for ain't it? To see just how the marriage manages to work itself out. I know Mat was starting to think to himself that he had fallen in love with her somehow and Karede remarks on it as well, but Tuon seems shocked at the notion of love at this point. Right now they're just on two extremely different planes with differing goals, loyalties, and responsibilities, and they're both people who put those things above personal interests (though I'm sure Mat wishes he didn't). I don't think they can really start to come together as a real husband and wife until Tuon is somehow reconciled with Egwene and Rand, and then she and Mat can actually work together. Its my theory that she and Mat won't truly be united in their matrimony until the outriggers that RJ had planned to right. Nothing brings a husband and wife closer together than fighting to regain and pacify her empire for her. Star crossed lovers indeed!
  5. Except they're not at peace with anyone yet. In fact, some of Mat's last words to Tuon before they part in KoD is that he imagines the next time he sees her will be across the battlefield, and he is careful not to reveal much about his army/technology to the the Deathwatch captain who is with him during that massacre...I mean "battle" he put on the Tarabon-Seanchan army coming after Tuon's head.
  6. Ahh nothing on this one? Man, I was sure SOMEONE had to have a take on this....
  7. Here's the link to the Q&A's if anyone wants/needs it for themselves: http://13depository.blogspot.com/2009/03/tor-questions-of-week.html#elaida
  8. I was just on 13thdepository.com re-reading some of the old Q & A's of Robert Jordan's and came across this quote: Week 5 Question: Will Hurin the Sniffer return in any of the remaining books? Please? We miss him. Could you share some insight as to why you decided not to use him after The Great Hunt? Robert Jordan Answers: He'll turn up again. He hasn't reappeared earlier because the part he had to play was a sidelight to the main story. You should be able to glean some of what he was doing, what effect he and the news he brought was having, from the news that came out of the Borderlands in the books following The Dragon Reborn, though. In The Great Hunt we see Hurin is pretty solidly loyal to Rand when he thinks he's just a nobleman and when he shows the world he's the Dragon Reborn he gains oaths of fealty from all the Shienarans (though I'm not certain if Hurin swears as well). Regardless, it stands to reason that Hurin is even more loyal a follower of Rand following the events of Falme, and based on RJ's answer above, I think the events in the borderlands he's referring to (the news is almost certainly the Dragon is Reborn) is all the skirmishing between Borderlanders that gets mentioned in the following books (sorry I can't remember which ones and by whom, though I know it was Aes Sedai). The fact we should be able "to glean what he's been doing" based on what's occurred leads me to assume that Hurin has started a following of Dragonsworn in the Borderlands, and the reason it has not reached the notoriety of others is because A) he's not a raving lunatic followed be a mob of raving lunatics like Masema and B) Unlike the Domani and Taraboners, his group is not in a land filled with chaos, and due to the nature of the Borderlands probably has not created a following either substantial enough (though I wouldn't discount it) or in anyway threatening towards the State itself to warrant civil war. Much more likely just the skirmishing that is likely to happen between armies of conflicting interests inhabiting the same lands. Now, before the shouts begin this is ALL just wild goose theory and speculation, and I have no justification for it, but nor is there anything to discount it (just because no one has talked of Bordlerland dragonsworn doesn't mean there arent' any. Afterall, Uno and company forswore their old oaths rather quickly). It is simply a stray thought of mine brought on by RJ's answer and the remembrance of Artur Hawkwing's quote to Hurin right before the battle of Falme really kicked off (when Hurin told Rand that he would not retreat to the back and would see it through to the end) that (and I paraphrase) "perhaps they will add more to their number." This most likely was just Hawkwing complimenting Hurin on his courage and steadfastness, but I like Hurin a lot, he is coming back into the story if the above quote is any indication, and if Hawkwing can say that about him perhaps there is more to the little guy afterall. In another wild goose theory aside, perhaps any potential Dragonsworn/Hurin-led army that is in the Borderlands will fall in behind Lan's banner because, frankly, I don't think Hurin is a battle leader or could provide the proper leadership to make something useful out of a large following of Dragonsworn. Then again it has been several books, and years, since we've seen him so maybe he's grown in new ways. Have fun ripping this one apart ;D
  9. What precisely is the problem with the katana in WoT? It seems that a lot readers are under the assumption that everyone is fighting with a katana which is not true at all. -I've yet to see a single case of one of the Seanchan wielding a katana. By the sound of it they wield something of a scimitar-type of sword. -Andorans I imagine to use something along the lines of a claymore. -Tairens seem to be using something that resembles a scottish broadsword, or at least the nobles do. Shienarans of course would use a katana seeing as they draw such deep samurai/japanese comparisons. As for warders, Rand, blademasters, Gawyn, Galad, and just about every master swordsman using a katana makes sense when you consider practically none of them wear armor or use shields, and its a weapon that blends power, speed, and allows for great dexterity and variety in its use. Would you have them using a long sword or broad sword? Perhaps they could use rapiers? (sarcasm) I honestly cannot imagine any sword better suited for the style of fighting they often find themselves in, or for a master swordsman to use and make an art of in its use
  10. I've been thinking back on one of RJ's blogs where he discussed his service in Vietnam and how he used to be called Iceman by his squadron. He mentions (and I'm paraphrasing here) how he hated the name, and that that persona was one that had no place in civlization or a world of peace and that it was necessary for him to kill that person beyond resurrection in order for him to survive in the "peace" world. As most people who have studied combat trauma or the pysche of soldiers in wartime know, many soldiers are forced to become someone entirely new or find within themselves an aspect of their personality that they never had any reason to imagine existed within themselves. They do this in order to survive in the hostile world of combat, and it is just as important that they leave that side of their personality behind when the war is done in order to have a successful reintegration into society, or (as any ptsd book/case will demonstrate) it will cause hell upon them and all those around them. By the tone of RJ's words (at least the tone I read) he detested the Iceman he became in 'Nam: a man who was cool and calm in the face of death, and was emotionally detached from the horrors surrounding him. I see a direct parallel of that in Rand who was progressively (or regressively if you choose to see it that way) withdrawn from humanity, and one of the overriding themes of the series has been what real victory can the world hope for if he doesn't regain it, and what future can he possibly expect for himself if he cannot? On a side note, does anyone know if RJ or anyone in his circle ever said he had his own personal experience in mind when he created this part of Rand's story? I know from what was said in the blog (actually I think it might have been Wilson who wrote that entry and not RJ, so sorry for that mistake earlier) that he was not very forthcoming with what he went through there so perhaps he never drew that comparison publicly. Also, sorry if this topic has been discussed somewhere previously.
  11. Just was wondering if someone could remind me on which of the female channelers present at the cleansing died? I remember (hopefully correctly) that it was one of the females forming a circle with Verin, but couldn't recall if it was one of the Sea Folk or the Aes Sedai (can't recall either's name right now). Thanks
  12. Thanks shard. My works internet bans google. And wikipedia. And facebook. It's like they want us to do our jobs or something. Lol, if only they knew that it was really Dragonmount that was keeping any work from being done
  13. I'm curiuos to see what Tuon's reaction will be if/when she learns Rand is carrying the greatest remaining artifact of Artur Hawkwing. Pretty sure she won't be best pleased and that it might cause a (additional) bone of contention between them.
  14. The precedent has already been set for kingdoms holding large swaths of land by the Seanchan currently, as Luckers has pointed out, but also in times past during and prior to the trolloc wars or hell even Hawkwing's kingdom. So I agree that Perrin will bring all of those nations into the fold, but the key thing is for how long will it last? Will it be like Hawkwing and last only the length of his lifetime, or will it be like Manetheren and the such who had a lengthy run but for whom it took a massive war that devestated and broke all the nations (more or less). But personally, yes, I think Perrin will unite all those lands, as will Elayne, and we'll see a return to a continent full of large nations as opposed to several smaller ones. I'm more interested in will Lan be able to carve out a kingdom in the instance that he in fact survives Tarmon Gaidon and the blight recedes from Malkier, and how Mayenne will do with Galad presumably ruling alongside Berelain (which would make for a very interesting future for the whitecloaks)if Min's vision actually means them marrying and not just her falling for him with a love affair, and also how her interaction with Darlin will play out
  15. Not sure why it should surprise me, but I remember feeling a heavy dose of disappointment when it started being revealed there were quite a few Aiel darkfriends. Can't help but wonder their reasons for turning since just like Borderlanders they seem to be pledged in an eternal war against the Shadow. Wonder if their reasoning was anything akin to Ingtar's.....
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