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  1. Which is why in the books the female forsaken mention Lanfear as being one whose true power was often hidden by her. Entirely plausible since we know female characters can do that, and if whatever kind of "greal" she has is small enough so that she's not channeling a ridiculously higher amount then they might be easily mislead on what her real power is if she doesn't use it everytime she channels.
  2. This would make sense to me, Mierin is always described as power hungry, and if she heard about a doorway that takes her to a place she can get 3 wishes, i think shed go there and request to be the most powerful channeller of Saidar. My question then becomes what else did she ask for? I think it would be something along the lines of, strongest female channeler in the world, most beautiful woman in the world, and able to leave safely. this would also explain why she was one of the most powerful people in AoL without earning her third name. I've read on from postings of some
  3. -Kinda surprised no one has remarked on it yet here, but one of the biggest things that struck me was the sul'dam Falendre's mind scheming ways to avert taking the blame for the botched meeting with Rand, and the importance of the fact that she plans to withhold the news of what happened and Rand's message of peace from the higher ups for a while. This is HUGE considering Rand is going to Arad Doman with the intention of stopping Ituralde from completely massacring the Seanchan forces there and unifying the land. Just another example of the problem afflicting Randland of a serious lack of info
  4. It really is the interesting thing to watch for ain't it? To see just how the marriage manages to work itself out. I know Mat was starting to think to himself that he had fallen in love with her somehow and Karede remarks on it as well, but Tuon seems shocked at the notion of love at this point. Right now they're just on two extremely different planes with differing goals, loyalties, and responsibilities, and they're both people who put those things above personal interests (though I'm sure Mat wishes he didn't). I don't think they can really start to come together as a real husband and wife u
  5. Except they're not at peace with anyone yet. In fact, some of Mat's last words to Tuon before they part in KoD is that he imagines the next time he sees her will be across the battlefield, and he is careful not to reveal much about his army/technology to the the Deathwatch captain who is with him during that massacre...I mean "battle" he put on the Tarabon-Seanchan army coming after Tuon's head.
  6. Ahh nothing on this one? Man, I was sure SOMEONE had to have a take on this....
  7. Here's the link to the Q&A's if anyone wants/needs it for themselves: http://13depository.blogspot.com/2009/03/tor-questions-of-week.html#elaida
  8. I was just on 13thdepository.com re-reading some of the old Q & A's of Robert Jordan's and came across this quote: Week 5 Question: Will Hurin the Sniffer return in any of the remaining books? Please? We miss him. Could you share some insight as to why you decided not to use him after The Great Hunt? Robert Jordan Answers: He'll turn up again. He hasn't reappeared earlier because the part he had to play was a sidelight to the main story. You should be able to glean some of what he was doing, what effect he and the news he brought was having, from the news that came out of the Bor
  9. What precisely is the problem with the katana in WoT? It seems that a lot readers are under the assumption that everyone is fighting with a katana which is not true at all. -I've yet to see a single case of one of the Seanchan wielding a katana. By the sound of it they wield something of a scimitar-type of sword. -Andorans I imagine to use something along the lines of a claymore. -Tairens seem to be using something that resembles a scottish broadsword, or at least the nobles do. Shienarans of course would use a katana seeing as they draw such deep samurai/japanese comparis
  10. I've been thinking back on one of RJ's blogs where he discussed his service in Vietnam and how he used to be called Iceman by his squadron. He mentions (and I'm paraphrasing here) how he hated the name, and that that persona was one that had no place in civlization or a world of peace and that it was necessary for him to kill that person beyond resurrection in order for him to survive in the "peace" world. As most people who have studied combat trauma or the pysche of soldiers in wartime know, many soldiers are forced to become someone entirely new or find within themselves an aspect of the
  11. Just was wondering if someone could remind me on which of the female channelers present at the cleansing died? I remember (hopefully correctly) that it was one of the females forming a circle with Verin, but couldn't recall if it was one of the Sea Folk or the Aes Sedai (can't recall either's name right now). Thanks
  12. Thanks shard. My works internet bans google. And wikipedia. And facebook. It's like they want us to do our jobs or something. Lol, if only they knew that it was really Dragonmount that was keeping any work from being done
  13. I'm curiuos to see what Tuon's reaction will be if/when she learns Rand is carrying the greatest remaining artifact of Artur Hawkwing. Pretty sure she won't be best pleased and that it might cause a (additional) bone of contention between them.
  14. The precedent has already been set for kingdoms holding large swaths of land by the Seanchan currently, as Luckers has pointed out, but also in times past during and prior to the trolloc wars or hell even Hawkwing's kingdom. So I agree that Perrin will bring all of those nations into the fold, but the key thing is for how long will it last? Will it be like Hawkwing and last only the length of his lifetime, or will it be like Manetheren and the such who had a lengthy run but for whom it took a massive war that devestated and broke all the nations (more or less). But personally, yes, I think Per
  15. Not sure why it should surprise me, but I remember feeling a heavy dose of disappointment when it started being revealed there were quite a few Aiel darkfriends. Can't help but wonder their reasons for turning since just like Borderlanders they seem to be pledged in an eternal war against the Shadow. Wonder if their reasoning was anything akin to Ingtar's.....
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